Author: Omar Alonso

Omar Alonso acts as editor and as an author for our editorial team at Worst Room. Omar authors most of our content related to topics such as appliances, construction, roofing, painting, and repairs.


  • Over 20 years of professional experience as a handyman, there is no household project Omar hasn't successfully completed to full satisfaction.
  • Though nothing is out of his reach, Omar's expertise lies in HVAC repair, general appliance maintenance, and interior and exterior construction jobs.
  • Omar's "golden touch" didn't form out of thin air. He is a natural, but his endless studies and experience as an adult and from a young age tinkering as an apprentice for his father turned him into a master.


Omar's story begins as young as he can remember, sitting in the garage playing with his dad's tools, to growing enough to learn and help. It's no surprise that he turned this into his profession, continuing to offer his handyman services for over twenty years.

He can fix and build anything you need, from framing walls and floors, putting up drywall and putting down flooring, to painting, installing and configuring custom entertainment systems, all the way to repairing HVAC systems, dishwashers, refrigerators... you name it!

To this day his studies continue. As all of these industries evolve and as technology becomes more complex, you either grow and evolve with the times or get left behind. Omar has done so as evidenced by his healthy set of regular clientele and referrals, more than enough to keep him busy. And yet still he finds time to share his boundless knowledge with us here at Worst Room.

Most Memorable Home & Garden Moment

I remember being tiny and seeing my father come home covered in soot and sweat. Eventually when I was old enough to bother asking, he explained what he did for a living, which was working on a home construction crew, framing out the building and working on the roof laying shingle and what not.

We all have those memories that are so vivid for no real reason other than we were so young and curious about the world. This is how it is for me with my father showing me how to frame out a wall. That wasn't particularly hard, which is why my eyes lit up when he showed me how to frame a corner (we were building a giant shelving unit in the garage to store all of the holiday decorations and wreaths). While that's not a challenge to me now, it showed me how engaging, captivating, and fun working with my hands could be. Eventually he was teaching me to shingle our house's roof and the shed.

Fast forward to a job I had on a construction crew as a young man. Our boss brought us out to his incredible three-story house and needed one of us to go out and tar around a leaking roof vent on the third floor. I was cocky and confident as I had experience so I was the first to volunteer (so I thought). My boss led me to a bathroom dormer window where I could climb out of and onto the roof. I got one leg out the window before I froze. Turns out that I'm scared of heights past a certain point (two stories are fine but three was too much).

I broke out into a sweat and was trembling and everyone made fun of me, only to later admit that everyone on the crew, including the boss, had refused to do it for the same reason, and we, as a construction crew, had to bring in someone from the outside to complete a simple task for us! It's a funny memory that still makes me nervous thinking about it.

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