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Many years ago my wife and I, collectively known as the Worst's, had been aggressively saving monthly to amass a down payment for a home. We weren't worried about being able to do it, but we wanted the time to pass faster. Of course, we filled this time with lots of fantasizing about what our home would look like, how we'd decorate it, what features each room would have... we kept it realistic but pretended money wasn't an issue too.

Michelle was already a scrapbooker and vision board creator, so she started making a scrapbook of ideas we'd run into online. We quickly realized that was impossible and we both started using Pinterest but soon ran into the limitations of it too. They don't want you pinning too much, we learned.


I, Rick, have been building websites since high school, maintaining a semi-steady stream of clients throughout college and now into my career (which funnily enough isn't web design). Michelle eventually said "Why don't you make us a website to pin stuff?" And as you all know, if momma ain't happy...

We figured there was a chance our website might be useful to other people so we decided to get real organized with it as we moved our idea collections from folders on our desktop and out of Pinterest over to the site. That's when things got interesting.


We ultimately did buy a house. It wasn't everything exactly as we imagined, mainly because we let our fantasies run wild, but it was close enough that we realized we can get it the rest of the way ourselves through decoration and even some construction and remodeling.

And you know what that meant... We kept collecting ideas, this time on furniture, appliances, patios, and more. And so we kept adding posts to this site and it started getting pretty big. Between Pinterest and Google our site eventually got a decent amount of traffic. That's when I told Michelle we should put some ads on it, because why not.

And that's how this hobby and personal project of a website became something a bit more involved. We still post to it myself and even have hired freelancers to help out in the past during the time period when we got more excited about the website itself than the ideas it contained.


We're off that high now and we're looking at this site realistically now. We do want to keep collecting ideas and sharing information through the written word. It's sort of become a ritual now that we do while sitting on the couch watching TV, and we feel we have an obligation to ourselves and to others since tons of people are finding our work useful.

Who'd have thought people would rather see a reasonable number of curated ideas rather than ten million random and crappy ones on Pinterest? Who'd have thought two normal homebuyers could make it easier for the next generation to make their decisions? There's so much we've learned while preparing to buy, buying, and working on our own home that we might as well share it and see if people enjoy and can get some value from it. So far, so good!

About the Worst's

Michelle is the idea behind this operation and Rick is the "make it happen" guy, as far as the technical side of the website goes. We both add posts as frequently as we can, though it's largely the domain of Rick now.

Michelle studied and is climbing the ranks through the counseling world, starting off as a residential treatment counselor for young people and moving on to being a school counselor. She's thinking about pursuing a doctorate and joining a co-op, eventually starting her own practice.

Rick works in finance and hates it. I should have studied my true love of computer science, networking, web design, and all of that information technology that I was already into. But I got some bad advice before college and while I'd like to blame them, it's my fault. It's not too late to change and it's something Michelle and I talk about. I may make the leap soon.

Even now I'm thinking about interior design more seriously than internet technologies. I've done several consultation gigs locally here in Knoxville now and hope to continue to do more and even picking up a degree, though it's not necessary. You're either good at the art or you aren't. I'm not so bad if I do say so, myself.

Strangely enough, we never though this website would get any serious attention. It was really just for us though we did know we'd share it with friends and family. It is what it is now and I hope you're getting some good use out of it!

Get Started

If you're new to Worst Room, you probably would like to see some of our more interesting content to get an idea for what we do. Here are a handful of great posts to start with:

Thanks for stopping by. Let us know if there are any topics you'd like to see covered and we'll do our best to make it happen.

Rick Worst Headshot Rick is a home design consultant and enthusiast, whose life is consumed by all things home and garden. Started as a hobby, Worst Room has grown into an information and inspiration wheelhouse for professionals and home owners alike. Rick serves as owner and editor for our many content contributors. Learn more about operation here.