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Worst Room is a collection of ideas and information for current and future homeowners, providing inspiration for decoration, remodeling, arranging furniture, cleaning, appliance selection, yard and garden management, and much more. We help you transform your worst room into your best room.

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Mentioned In

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Above are just a handful of high-quality publications that have made reference to our content. We're happy to be useful!

Meet the Team

Rick Worst - Author & Web Designer

Rick Worst Headshot Rick is a home design consultant and enthusiast, whose life is consumed by all things home and garden. His consumption of books, magazines, websites, and TV shows on the topic is extraordinary. Rick serves as founder, author, manager, and web designer for our editorial team and website at large. Learn more on .

Omar Alonso - Author & Editor

Omar Alonso Headshot Omar has over twenty years of experience as a professional handyman and electrician, with an emphasis in HVAC, general maintenance and repairs, and interior and exterior construction. He shares this knowledge with us as a write on these topics. He is also voracious reader. Omar serves as editor for our editorial team, author, and as a source of endless information for our researchers. Learn more on .

Jen Worst - Author, Reviewer & Researcher

Jen Worst Headshot Jen works professionally as a frontline counselor, engaging the youth in vocational work related to gardening. She displays this same passion at home, tending to the vegetable garden and flower beds, as well as to the interior decor and cleaning. Jen serves as reviewer and researcher for our editorial team and author in her areas of expertise. Learn more on .

Chris Miller - Author, Reviewer & Reseacher

Chris Miller Headshot Chris has over a decade of experience in the lawn care and maintenance industry. His intricate understanding of the procedures and tools required knows no bounds. Chris serves as reviewer and researcher for our editorial team and as an author in his areas of expertise. Learn more on .

Anne Cowart - Author

Anne Cowart Headshot Anne is a full-time homemaker, spending the past 17 years mastering the arts of cleaning and cooking. Now that her children are older and leaving the nest, she's sharing her expertise with others online who are entering this journey. Anne serves as an author in these two areas, where her experiences, tips, and techniques have proven an invaluable resource to our readership. Learn more on .

As time has passed, we've grown from a team of two to four trusted friends who's professional expertise and personal passions all contribute something unique to the project. And now we've appreciated even more new members joining us for the adventure.

Praise From Our Readers

Occasionally our wonderful readers write in to share their thoughts and let us know what use they had for our articles. Here's a few of our earliest emails that we hold near and dear to our hearts.

"Thank you for all of your 'types' articles! Any time I want to know what my options are I know that Worst Room most likely has written about it. It's such a time saver."

~ Margaret from Alabama

"I shared your article with my friend group and we're currently all concocting our own detergents with natural ingredients now, using your blog as guidance. We're having fun together. Your cleaning tips have helped me more than once, too. Thanks!"

~ Linda from California

"I followed your guide on making cutting boards and now I have Christmas presents ready for the whole family, and am considering opening up an Esty store. Thank you for the full series of pictures and explaining all of the details. I usually have questions but you answered them before they arose."

~ Liam from Minnesota

We thank everyone for taking the time out of their day to say nice things! It helps keep us motivated for sure. Keep them coming!

Contact Us

Feel free to reach out to the Worst Room team for any reason. We offer multiple means of contact for you to choose from below. We read and listen to all contact, though we may not have the time or desire to respond to every piece of outreach due to the volume we receive. We have a convenient email form on our contact page, too.

Mailing Address

Worst Room
721 Walker Springs Rd. L-1
Knoxville, TN 37923
United States

Phone & Email

Social Media

Please don't hesitate to contact us on any of the platforms above, though email is certainly the preferred and quickest option for us.

Who Is Worst Room For?

Worst Room is for everyone. Whether younger or older, renter or buyer... we all need help with something around our homes. Anything we know, we learned for the first time somewhere. We seek to be that source of information to anyone that needs the help.

We don't all have green thumbs and a knack for home repairs. Many of us weren't familiarized with the tools and procedures that go along with using and maintaining garage and lawn tools. Some of us are more mechanically oriented but have no artistic bone in our body and need huge help with decorating our homes and laying out a flower bed design.

Anyone in need of inspiration or information is welcome here. We are the home and garden hub you can count on.

Mission Statement

Worst Room is an expert-curated collection of information and inspiration for current and future homeowners designed to be instructive and accessible to all, aiming to ease the burdens and increase the excitement of all home and garden related improvements and chores.

Core Values

Worst Room holds the following core values as our utmost guiding principals:

  • Honesty
  • Accuracy
  • Transparency
  • Accountability
  • Trustworthiness
  • Dedication
  • Quality
  • Professionalism
  • Teamwork
  • Enthusiasm
  • Positivity
  • Learning

These are our commitment to ourselves, to each other, and to you, our readership. They are the beacons that keep us on the helpful path.

Editorial Policy

The beacon that we follow guides us to value, above all else, the following: accuracy, breadth and depth of expert knowledge, credibility and trust, and enjoyment for our readers. We seek to create engaging content that is helpful with no in-built bias. We want the reader to find what they're looking for and more. We always and will always go above and beyond. Reach the editorial team by emailing editorial@worstroom.com.

Content Integrity & Impartiality

In our mission to produce content that is of the highest quality, packed with expert information yet presented in a way that is accessible to all, that can be trusted. We put our readers needs first and will never break that trust. When someone seeks an answer, our mission is to provide the useful and complete answer. Comprehensiveness matters.

We do this through rigorous fact checking, constant reviews for accuracy where we roll out corrections if needed and note that they have been made in a transparent fashion by updating our "Last Updated" date, and we cite our sources, frequently checking them to make sure the information found off-site remains family-friendly and true.

We also operate independently. Our commitment to impartiality is built into our seriousness about non-biased content, which is guided by our high standards of honesty. We do not accept content on behalf of advertisers, period, nor are we influenced by our existing relationships. The only people that receive preferential treatment at Worst Room are our readers. In this way, we never have any conflicts of interest.

Fact Checking

Worst Room is committed to maintaining the highest levels of content integrity. Two of our team members are dedicated to reviewing and researching the facts provided by our writers, which also must pass through our dedicated editor, all of which have extensive experience and knowledge in their collective fields. Every fact passes through four people and thus four sets of scrutiny before being published.

Accuracy & Corrections

We regularly review our content, including factual statements, citations, and publicly display time-stamps showing this has been done while also listing the people involved in the process. This routine is tedious but is a part of our promise to the reader.

Part of this review process includes visiting the other experts we have cited to ensure their webpages remain live and in the state they existed in when we first made reference to them. We ensure they continue to be owned by the same experts and remain family-friendly and trusted.

If at any time a reader finds a factual error, we ask them to contact us at corrections@worstroom.com to notify us so that we can issue a correction. If preferred, you can send us a letter by mail to: Worst Room, 721 Walker Springs Rd. L-1, Knoxville TN 37923.

Citing Sources

In addition, we cite our sources for any fact that is not already accepted as common knowledge or is very particular, such as referring to specific numbers (temperatures, weights, statistics, etc.). We are careful regarding which group we trust with our fact gathering, citing only governmental organizations, education institutions, or the most authoritative members of an industry.

Our sources are cited with outbound hyperlinks that open in a new tab when clicked, so any reader can quickly verify the statement being made and assess where the information is coming from, and then return to our original content.

We routinely revisit all of our content with an eye for detail, ensuring all of the information remains factual, up-to-date with the industry's best standards and advancements, and that our cited sources' websites remain accurate and family-friendly. Quality, accuracy, and integrity are our guiding principals in our content reviews.

Product Mentions

Worst Room has not and will not ever exchange favors for or be dishonest when choosing our product mentions. Any mention of a product means that product has been personally used by one of our team members who can vouch for the quality of the product and the satisfaction in its appropriate, label-recommended usage.

We have tested these products personally. Any product mention that links the reader to Amazon.com using the text "Amazon" will earn us a small commission if a purchase is made. This does not influence our selection. We suggest only products we trust and have used personally. Honesty is the guiding principal in our product mentions.

You can learn more on our Privacy Policy & Terms of Service page about the unethical practices we do not and will not engage in, as well as more transparency regarding our advertisements and product mentions.

The Story Behind Worst Room

Worst Room, founded on May 24th, 2013, has a very natural and inevitable origin story. This is the story of how two excitable and hopeful future homeowners funneled their time, energy, and creativity into creating a place to organize their own desires and wealth of knowledge, ultimately achieving their dreams in the process.


Many years ago Jen and I (Rick), collectively known as the Worst's, had been aggressively saving monthly to amass a down payment for a home. We weren't worried about being able to do it, but we wanted the time to pass faster. Of course, we filled this time with lots of fantasizing about what our home would look like, how we'd decorate it, what features each room would have... we kept it realistic but pretended money wasn't an issue too.

Jen was already a scrapbooker and vision board creator, so she started making a scrapbook of ideas we'd run into online. We quickly realized that was impossible and we both started using Pinterest but soon ran into the limitations of it too. They don't want you pinning too much and too fast, we learned.


I, Rick, have been building websites since high school, maintaining a semi-steady stream of clients throughout college and now into my career (which funnily enough isn't web design). Jen eventually said "Why don't you make us a website to pin stuff?" And as you all know, if momma ain't happy...

We figured there was a chance our website might be useful to other people so we decided to get real organized with it as we moved our inspiration collections from folders on our desktop and out of Pinterest over to the site. That's when things got interesting.


We ultimately did buy a house. It wasn't everything exactly as we imagined, mainly because we let our fantasies run wild, but it was close enough that we realized we can get it the rest of the way ourselves through decoration and even some construction and remodeling.

And you know what that meant... We kept collecting ideas, this time on furniture, appliances, patios, and more. And so we kept adding posts to this site and it started getting pretty big. Between Pinterest and Google our site eventually began receiving a decent amount of fans. That's when I told Jen we should put some ads on it, because why not. 

And that's how this hobby and personal project of a website became something a bit more involved. We still post to it ourselves and even have hired freelancers to help out in the past during the time period when we got more excited about the website itself than the ideas it contained.

Now we're run mainly by a team of four friends who all are passionate about different sectors of the home and garden lifestyle. Each of us not only brings something unique to the table professionally but our outside interests even aid us in bringing the best content to our readers.


We're off that excitement high now and we're looking at this site realistically now. We do want to keep collecting ideas and sharing information through the written word. It's sort of become a ritual now that I do all day and then continue while we sit on the couch watching TV, and we feel we have an obligation to ourselves and to others since tons of people are finding our work useful.

Who'd have thought people would rather see a reasonable number of curated ideas and useful information rather than ten million random and crappy ones on Pinterest? Who'd have thought two normal homebuyers could make it easier for the next generation to make their decisions? There's so much we've learned while preparing to buy, buying, and working on our own home that we might as well share it and see if people enjoy and can get some value from it. So far, so good!

About the Worst's

Jen is the idea behind this operation and Rick is the "make it happen" guy, as far as the technical side of the website goes. We both add articles as frequently as we can, though it's largely the domain of Rick now along side the rest of the team.

Jen studied and is climbing the ranks through the counseling world, starting off as a residential treatment counselor for young people and studying to move on to being a school counselor. She's thinking about pursuing a doctorate and joining a co-op, eventually starting her own practice.

Rick works in manufacturing and hates it. I should have studied my true love of computer science, networking, web design, and all of that information technology that I was already into. But I got some bad advice before college and while I'd like to blame them, it's my fault. It's not too late to change and it's something Jen and I talk about. I may make the leap soon. 

Even now I'm thinking about interior design more seriously than internet technologies. I've done many consultation gigs locally here in town now and hope to continue to do more and even picking up a degree, though it's not necessary. You're either good at the art or you aren't. I'm not so bad if I do say so, myself. 

Strangely enough, we never considered that this website might get any serious attention. It was really just for us though we did know we'd share it with friends and family. It is what it is now and I hope you're getting some good use out of it!

Get Started

If you're new to Worst Room, you probably would like to see some of our more interesting content to get an idea for what we do. Here are a handful of great posts to start with:

Thanks for stopping by. Let us know if there are any topics you'd like to see covered and we'll do our best to make it happen.