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Not everything needs to be purchased. Not only can we save some of our hard earned cash by doing it ourselves, but we’ll enjoy the finished product or project way more than if we hired it out. Earning with sweat equity and elbow grease means a lot to a lot of people, and this is where we keep our articles that help you enjoy that.

Can I Glue a Tub Surround Over Existing Tile? Yes & Here's How

Updated: | Categories: Bathroom, Do-It-Yourself, Tub & Toilet

Are you considering a bathroom upgrade but don't want to deal with the hassle of removing your existing tile? You're asking "can I glue a tub surround over […]

toilet leaking from the tank bolts thumbnail

Toilet Leaking From the Tank Bolts? Why, the Fix, & Prevention

Updated: | Categories: Bathroom, Do-It-Yourself, Tub & Toilet

Toilet leaks are annoying, wasteful, and potentially damaging to your bathroom floor. One common culprit behind such leaks is the toilet tank bolts, which can lead to water […]

how to get spray paint off concrete thumbnail

How to Get Spray Paint Off Concrete? 8 Methods That Work

Updated: | Categories: Cleaning, Do-It-Yourself, Exteriors

Whether you're dealing with accidental spills, graffiti, or a DIY project gone awry, removing spray paint from concrete can seem like an impossible task. However, don't lose hope […]

How to Snake a Shower Drain to Fully Clear a Blockage

Updated: | Categories: Bathroom, Do-It-Yourself, Tub & Toilet

A clogged shower drain can be a frustrating and messy problem to deal with, but fear not! With the right tools and know-how, snaking your shower drain can […]

How to Turn Off Water to a Toilet (Shut-Off Valve Location & Usage)

Updated: | Categories: Bathroom, Do-It-Yourself

Knowing how to turn off water to a toilet is essential for every homeowner. It can prevent water damage and save you money on costly repairs, but it's […]

How to Unclog a Toilet When Nothing Works

Updated: | Categories: Bathroom, Do-It-Yourself

There's nothing more frustrating than dealing with a stubborn toilet clog that refuses to budge, no matter what you try. If you're tired of reaching for the plunger […]

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Microwave Turns On When the Door Opens?

Updated: | Categories: Appliances, Do-It-Yourself

Microwaves, like all home appliances, can behave erratically from time to time. If your microwave turns on or keeps running when you open the door – it's a […]

how long does it take to install a water heater thumbnail

How Long Does It Take to Install a Water Heater?

Updated: | Categories: Do-It-Yourself

When the water heater goes, it means no hot water for the shower, dishwasher, or washing machine. It's amazing how much we take hot water for granted until […]

how to make a toilet flush better thumbnail

How to Make a Toilet Flush Better? (5 Simple Steps)

Updated: | Categories: Bathroom, Do-It-Yourself, Tub & Toilet

Are you flushing the toilet multiple times to clear it? That can be a sign of bigger problems in your plumbing system, or more often you just need […]

Fixing a Leaking Flexible Hose Under a Sink Quickly

Updated: | Categories: Do-It-Yourself, Sink

You stand at the sink, brushing your teeth, ready for bed. Suddenly, you notice your feet feel wet. You haven't showered or bathed, so why is there water […]

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Water Not Coming Out of Your Shower Head?

Updated: | Categories: Bathroom, Do-It-Yourself, Tub & Toilet

You step into the shower to start your morning routine, and the showerhead doesn't want to play ball. It stutters and stops delivering water, with a weak stream […]

How to Fix Low Water Pressure in a Bathroom Sink

Updated: | Categories: Bathroom, Do-It-Yourself

Is the water dribbling out of your faucet when it should be a raging torrent? Chances are the pressure in the pipes is low. What causes low water […]

How to Make Shower Water Hotter (Simple Solution)

Updated: | Categories: Bathroom, Do-It-Yourself, Tub & Toilet

Most of us enjoy a warm shower when we wake up. It washes away the haze and prepares us for the day ahead. Or maybe you like a […]

how to remove a stripped allen screw thumbnail

How to Remove a Stripped Allen Screw or Bolt

Updated: | Categories: Do-It-Yourself, Garage

Many of us have been in the midst of a DIY project or repair, and suddenly we are faced with a stripped Allen screw or bolt, bringing our […]

how to keep bugs away from your porch light thumbnail

How to Keep Bugs Away From Your Porch Light

Updated: | Categories: Do-It-Yourself, Patio

Are you tired of buzzing and itchy encounters with bugs spoiling your relaxing evenings on the porch? You are not alone. Learning how to keep bugs away from […]

SharkBite Fitting Leaking? Here's Why & The Fix

Updated: | Categories: Do-It-Yourself, Garage

If you have ever used SharkBite fittings in your plumbing projects, you know how convenient and easy they are to install. They are push-to-connect fittings that save you […]

painting over polyurethane thumbnail

Painting Over Polyurethane the Right Way

Updated: | Categories: Do-It-Yourself, Garage

With the correct tools and techniques, you can achieve a professional-looking finish that will endure for years by painting over polyurethane. To help you achieve a professional-looking finish […]

polyurethane over paint thumbnail

Polyurethane Over Paint the Right Way

Updated: | Categories: Do-It-Yourself, Garage

A coating of polyurethane over paint, a popular choice among amateurs and experts alike, is often used to preserve the look of painted surfaces. This advanced guide will […]

Is Your Garbage Disposal Leaking From the Bottom?

Updated: | Categories: Do-It-Yourself, Sink

If you've discovered your garbage disposal leaking from the bottom, it's essential to address the issue promptly to prevent further damage and maintain a hygienic kitchen environment. This […]

No Power to Thermostat? Here's the 4 Solutions

Updated: | Categories: Do-It-Yourself, HVAC

Discovering that your thermostat is not supplying electricity can be a perplexing and irritating experience. However, you can save time and money with a proper diagnosis of the […]

The Garage Door Sensor Yellow Light Solved

Updated: | Categories: Do-It-Yourself, Garage

When dealing with a garage door sensor yellow light, it's essential to understand the underlying causes and how to address them effectively. In this guide, we will delve […]

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How to Fix the Thermopile Voltage Low Error

Updated: | Categories: Appliances, Do-It-Yourself

If you've encountered a thermopile voltage low error in your heating appliance, it's crucial to understand the underlying cause and how to fix it. This comprehensive guide will […]

Why is My Ceiling Fan Clicking? Fix Common Issues

Updated: | Categories: Do-It-Yourself, HVAC

If you've noticed your ceiling fan clicking, it's essential to identify and address the root cause promptly. A clicking ceiling fan can be bothersome and may signify a […]

How to Get Rid of a Bird's Nest in Your Gutter

Updated: | Categories: Do-It-Yourself, Pests, Roof

Sitting on the porch on a late summer afternoon, watching the sun go down while you hear the birds merrily chirping away, is a satisfying experience. However, it's […]

how to get a drawer unstuck thumbnail

How to Get a Drawer Unstuck & Sliding Again

Updated: | Categories: Cleaning, Do-It-Yourself

Is the kitchen drawer stuck again? What a hassle. Stuck drawers are challenging to open and close and cause a headache for anyone. Trying to jiggle the drawer […]

how to get rid of a gas smell in your house thumbnail

How to Get Rid of a Gas Smell in Your House [4 Ways]

Updated: | Categories: Do-It-Yourself, Garage

Have you spilled gasoline in your home? Maybe you were carrying it to fuel the generator outside and accidentally spilled some on the carpet. Great. Now the whole […]

Where Is the Breaker Box in My House? (Location List)

Updated: | Categories: Do-It-Yourself, Garage

Moving into a new house is a thrilling experience until the power goes out and you think for the first time "where is the breaker box in my […]

how to tell if a valve is open or closed thumbnail

How to Tell if a Valve is Open or Closed (Simple Trick)

Updated: | Categories: Do-It-Yourself

If you had to shut off the water valve to your toilet, would you know how to do it? It's a simple task, but many homeowners have no […]

home remedies for backed up septic tanks thumbnail

2 DIY Home Remedies for Backed Up Septic Tanks

Updated: | Categories: Do-It-Yourself

Is your septic tank backing up? That's a downright dirty situation no homeowner wants on their hands, quite literally. When things go wrong with the septic tank, they […]

Where to Recharge a Fire Extinguisher & Prep Tips

Updated: | Categories: Do-It-Yourself, Security

Imagine the scenario. A fire starts in the kitchen while you’re pan-frying a rib eye. You manage to collect your wits and reach under the sink to grab […]

how to build a rock drainage ditch thumbnail

How to Build a Rock Drainage Ditch Like a Pro

Updated: | Categories: Do-It-Yourself, Lawn Care

A drainage ditch is a common feature in rural areas. It serves the purpose of directing water away from locations in the yard or fields where it might […]

how to notch a tree thumbnail

How to Notch a Tree for Safe & Proper Felling

Updated: | Categories: Do-It-Yourself, Lawn Care

Do you have a tree in your yard looming menacingly over your home? One strong wind storm and the tree might fall over onto the roof, causing thousands […]

will drano kill drain flies thumbnail

Will Drano Kill Drain Flies? What About the Larvae?

Updated: | Categories: Bathroom, Do-It-Yourself, Sink, Tub & Toilet

Oh no. Drain flies are buzzing around the garbage disposal again. It seems every time summer arrives and the weather gets warm, these little annoyances appear out of […]

How to Fix Bubbled Drywall Tape & Repair the Paint

Updated: | Categories: Do-It-Yourself, Interiors

There's nothing as frustrating for a homeowner than to step back to admire your drywalling project, only to notice bubbles in the tape. Fortunately, it's not as challenging […]

how to strip a wire thumbnail

How to Strip a Wire of its Insulation Sheathing Easily

Updated: | Categories: Do-It-Yourself, Garage

Are you fixing something electrical in your home? Chances are you'll have to strip some wires for the job. If you've never stripped wires before – don't stress; […]

doorbell buzzing thumbnail

Why Is My Doorbell Buzzing? Likely the Transformer

Updated: | Categories: Do-It-Yourself

Do you have problems with your doorbell buzzing? It's annoying, isn't it? Hearing that droning buzzing sound all day and night eats away at your subconscious and drives […]

What Color to Paint Ceiling Beams? 8 Fancy Options

Updated: | Categories: Do-It-Yourself, Interiors

Are you struggling with deciding on what color to paint ceiling beams in various rooms? You'll have to live with your decision for years, so you better get […]

can you paint a toilet thumbnail

Can You Paint a Toilet? How to Paint One in 6 Steps

Updated: | Categories: Bathroom, Do-It-Yourself, Tub & Toilet

Are you considering remodeling your bathroom? If you want a quick and easy way to change the visual aesthetic of the space, consider painting the toilet. But can […]

How to Shim a Toilet Successfully in 6 Easy Steps

Updated: | Categories: Bathroom, Do-It-Yourself, Tub & Toilet

Your guest comes out of the bathroom with a shocked look on her face. You already know what's wrong. That wobbly toilet is a real doozy and a […]

garage door only opens a few inches thumbnail

Garage Door Only Opens a Few Inches? Why & Fixes

Updated: | Categories: Do-It-Yourself, Garage

You step out onto the driveway on a cold winter morning and climb into the car to drive to work. The thought of starting the engine and running […]

Can Ceiling Paint Be Used on Walls? Yes, If You Like It

Updated: | Categories: Do-It-Yourself, Interiors

You've decided to paint the living room walls in your home. As you rummage through the cans of paint in your garage, you realize you don't have any […]

how to keep doors from closing thumbnail

How to Keep Doors from Closing by Themselves

Updated: | Categories: Do-It-Yourself, Interiors

Does one of the doors in your home seem to magically close by itself? Relax, you don't have a ghost haunting your house; it's probably something else. Let's […]

bathtub peeling thumbnail

Bathtub Peeling: Should I Refurbish or Replace It?

Updated: | Categories: Bathroom, Do-It-Yourself, Tub & Toilet

It's annoying when your bathtub liner starts peeling, right? Not only does it look ghastly, but if it's peeling on the bottom, it feels horrible against your feet […]

how to fix a leaking p-trap thumbnail

How to Fix a Leaking P-Trap (Easiest Repair Ever)

Updated: | Categories: Do-It-Yourself, Sink

Is there water leaking from the kitchen cabinets under the sink? How annoying! You could be dealing with a leaky P-trap. It's a frustrating experience to get a […]

how wide should deck stairs be thumbnail

How Wide Should Deck Stairs Be? Deck Stair Width by Code

Updated: | Categories: Do-It-Yourself, Patio

Are you designing a porch or deck landing for your new home? How wide should deck stairs be? Deck stairs come in various designs and configurations, with hardwoods […]

what grit sandpaper for drywall thumbnail

What Grit Sandpaper for Drywall? Plus Tools & Tips

Updated: | Categories: Do-It-Yourself, Interiors

Sandpaper is essential for any drywall project, but can you get away without using it? Is skipping this step a mistake? And if is, what grit sandpaper for […]

finishing cornhole boards thumbnail

Finishing Cornhole Boards for a Smooth Surface

Updated: | Categories: Do-It-Yourself

Cornhole is a great game for people of all ages. It gets you outside, and it can provide hours of gentle exercise and entertainment. If you built a […]

how to fix a running toilet without a ball float thumbnail

How to Fix a Running Toilet Without a Ball Float

Updated: | Categories: Bathroom, Do-It-Yourself, Tub & Toilet

Are you tired of dealing with a running toilet and wondering if there's any way to fix it without having to buy and install some other system like […]

how many coats of primer on new drywall thumbnail

How Many Coats of Primer on New Drywall?

Updated: | Categories: Do-It-Yourself, Interiors

When painting a new piece of drywall, the number of coats of primer to be applied is an important consideration for optimal coverage and protection from moisture damage. […]

How To Get Scratches Out of Stainless Steel

Updated: | Categories: Cleaning, Do-It-Yourself

Regarding appliance coatings, stainless steel is by far the most popular option. It’s fashionable, exquisite, practical, and long-lasting. But despite its durability, steel might develop unattractive scratches due […]