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Your basement is easily the most versatile area in you house. Will you finish it and turn it into a livable space? Perhaps a recreation or relaxation room? Many choose to keep it rough and use it as a workshop or garage. The choice is yours and we’re here to talk about all of the options and how to get them done so you can save time and get on with life.

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6 Leaking Basement Floor Causes & Solutions

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Did you go down into the basement after a heavy rain storm to find water pooling on the floor? It's an unfortunate occurrence and requires immediate attention. But […]

What is a Finished Basement? Exactly What Qualifies

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Do you want to increase your property value and add more living space to your home? Consider adding a finished basement. What is a finished basement? A finished […]

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How To Make a Dark Basement Look Brighter

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Transforming a dark basement with no windows into a bright, inviting space can be challenging. However, with the right techniques and design choices, you can make your basement […]

Can Mold in a Basement Affect Upstairs Rooms?

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Do you have mold growing in your basement? Get rid of it now before it causes huge health problems in your household. Can mold in a basement affect […]

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8 Basement Mold Types to Eradicate on Sight

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Do you have a basement in your home? When did you last look around to see what was going on down there? Basements can be cold, dark, and […]

Can You Add a Basement to a House After It's Built?

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Does your home have a basement? Do you wish it did? Can you add a basement to a house? A basement is a valuable part of a home, […]

Securing Basement Windows With 10 Easy Methods

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Do you have a basement in your home? What are you doing to secure it? Securing basement windows is a problem you can't ignore. With the economy in […]

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What Color To Paint a Basement Ceiling? 7 Tips

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You might wonder what color to paint a basement ceiling as you're renovating and decorating. It’s one step you don’t want to rush through. The paint you choose […]

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How Often Should a Sump Pump Run?

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The best way to avoid flooding in the basement is to use a sump pump. It's a device that helps to extract the extra water and flush it […]

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11 Types of Basements & the Pros & Cons of Each

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How varied can the many types of basements be, right? After all, it’s just a space under your house that’s the stuff of childhood horror stories and home […]

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8 Types of Silverfish You'll Find in Moist Environments

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Have you ever encountered any types of silverfish in your life? I am guessing you have already seen these primitive creatures but might not have given them much […]

10 Types of Treadmills for Unique & Comfy Workouts

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So finally, you’ve decided to give your TV and burgers a break and are thinking about doing some cardio. Now, you’ll definitely need at least one of the […]

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Growing Mushrooms in Your Basement is Easier Than You Think

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Growing mushrooms in your basement is so easy that some people find it happening by accident and become alarmed by it. But when you set out to do […]