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It’s funny how often the first room we take a serious attempt at decorating is the baby nursery even though they can’t really appreciate until much later in life. Our love for our young ones is that great, and we’re here to help you design and make this room efficient and comfortable, not only for the child but for the parents.

How to Get Rid of Static on Blankets in 10 Ways

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Have you ever shocked yourself with a crackling spark of static electricity? We all played those games as kids where we rubbed or socked feet on the carpet […]

6 High Chair Alternatives That Can Look & Perform Better

Updated: | Categories: Dining Room, Nursery

Teaching your children basic motor functions from an early age is vital, and dining in a high chair is a great way to start. However, this infant furniture […]

5 Alternatives to Crib Bumpers for Safe & Sound Sleeping

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You're here so you're likely aware that the yearly rate of injury related to crib bumpers has almost increased 3 times in the last 3 decades. This is […]

changing table alternatives

9 Changing Table Alternatives for Convenient Diaper Changes

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Changing table alternatives usually pull double duty, serving multiple purposes and thus saving you some space in your room and some money in your wallet. A changing table […]