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Whether in your kitchen, bathroom, washroom, or anywhere else, a sink is an essential part of hygiene and cleanliness. It’s not just the size and quality of the build that matters, though. The decorative aspect is equally important, and for that reason we’ve curated countless ideas and food for thought to help you find the perfect sink.

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Will Bleach Kill Drain Flies? (Kind Of, But Try This Instead)

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Dealing with pesky drain flies can be a daunting task for any homeowner. These little insects not only cause discomfort but can also indicate underlying plumbing or sanitation […]

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7 Sink Sprayer Connection Types & What to Consider

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A kitchen sink sprayer is a handy tool that makes everyday cleaning tasks easier and more efficient. However, not all sink sprayers are created equal - they come […]

Fixing a Leaking Flexible Hose Under a Sink Quickly

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You stand at the sink, brushing your teeth, ready for bed. Suddenly, you notice your feet feel wet. You haven't showered or bathed, so why is there water […]

Is Your Garbage Disposal Leaking From the Bottom?

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If you've discovered your garbage disposal leaking from the bottom, it's essential to address the issue promptly to prevent further damage and maintain a hygienic kitchen environment. This […]

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Will Drano Kill Drain Flies? What About the Larvae?

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Oh no. Drain flies are buzzing around the garbage disposal again. It seems every time summer arrives and the weather gets warm, these little annoyances appear out of […]

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How to Fix a Leaking P-Trap (Easiest Repair Ever)

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Is there water leaking from the kitchen cabinets under the sink? How annoying! You could be dealing with a leaky P-trap. It's a frustrating experience to get a […]

How to Insulate PEX Pipe Effectively for All Seasons

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PEX piping is a type of plastic piping that is commonly used in residential and commercial plumbing systems. It's highly flexible and durable, making it a popular choice […]

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12 Types of Kitchen Faucets to Revitalize Your Sink

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It's not really until you become a home owner or renter that you begin to appreciate things like choosing from the different types of kitchen faucets available to […]

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11 Types of Bathroom Sinks for You to Wash Up in Style

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We've all strolled through an appliance store and looked at all the types of bathroom sinks and imagined how nice it would be to upgrade to something fancier […]

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28 Kitchen Sink Ideas to Impress While Best Utilizing Your Space

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Trying to choose a sink for your kitchen is tough. You go to the store and see a bunch of displays that are mounted in countertops that are […]