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When we talk about houses, we’re referring to stand-alone structures (as opposed to condominiums or townhouses). From the styles of architecture to the types of layouts, this is all about the house as a whole and our consideration of the structure, floor plan, construction materials, and any other big picture concerns.

16 Types of Mansions We Can All Aspire to Move Into

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Depending on where you live and where you come from, a mansion could mean something different, but the generally accepted definition is of a gigantic, fancy house... You […]

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35 Types of Rooms in a House You May Have or Can Create

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Whether purchasing a new house, modifying an old house, or constructing a new one, it is good to know about the different types of rooms in a house […]

the types of castles

9 Types of Castles From History Till Now & Why They Were Built

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Over the ages, the designs of the types of castles have changed because of the advancements of technology over time and also because of the changes in the […]

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11 Underground Homes & Why Subterranean Houses Are Up Next

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Underground homes are growing in popularity for a lot of reasons. They're environmentally conscious living solutions that are also cost effective. And they're cool to look at. Land […]

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13 Different Types of Houses: Which Do You Live In (or Want)?

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Different types of houses exist to meet the unique housing needs and desires of people all around the world. I’ve covered all of the major types of homes […]

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16 Mega Mansions That are Outrageously Nice (& Priced!)

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Mega mansions aren't for you or me. They aren't even for the Hollywood elite or Silicon Valley giants. They're for the absolute richest people in the world, the […]