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Trying to decorate the interior of your home or apartment is a monumental task that has to be broken down room by room, if not further. Looking at tons of pictures is the fastest way to figure out what you like and even find ideas you can simply copy. We’ve got that, and article discussions, below to help you make decisions faster.

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How Long After Painting Can I Sleep in the Room?

Updated: | Categories: Bedroom

Are you painting your bedroom? A fresh coat of paint can bring life to the room, but it can also cost you your health if you spend too […]

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What Is the Standard Baseboard Height? It's a Range

Updated: | Categories: Interiors

Are you looking for a way to enhance the look of the hallway, bedroom, or lounge renovation? Baseboards are a great addition to any room, giving an air […]

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Will Drano Kill Drain Flies? What About the Larvae?

Updated: | Categories: Bathroom, Do-It-Yourself, Sink, Tub & Toilet

Oh no. Drain flies are buzzing around the garbage disposal again. It seems every time summer arrives and the weather gets warm, these little annoyances appear out of […]

How to Fix Bubbled Drywall Tape & Repair the Paint

Updated: | Categories: Do-It-Yourself, Interiors

There's nothing as frustrating for a homeowner than to step back to admire your drywalling project, only to notice bubbles in the tape. Fortunately, it's not as challenging […]

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Does Toilet Paper Expire & Degrade in Storage?

Updated: | Categories: Bathroom

One of the strangest aspects of the the recent global health escapade and the panic it caused in much of the world was people's mad rush to hoard […]

Can Mold in a Basement Affect Upstairs Rooms?

Updated: | Categories: Basement

Do you have mold growing in your basement? Get rid of it now before it causes huge health problems in your household. Can mold in a basement affect […]

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8 Basement Mold Types to Eradicate on Sight

Updated: | Categories: Basement, Cleaning

Do you have a basement in your home? When did you last look around to see what was going on down there? Basements can be cold, dark, and […]

What Color to Paint Ceiling Beams? 8 Fancy Options

Updated: | Categories: Do-It-Yourself, Interiors

Are you struggling with deciding on what color to paint ceiling beams in various rooms? You'll have to live with your decision for years, so you better get […]

Can You Dry Lights & Darks Together? Can I Mix Colors?

Updated: | Categories: Laundry Room

We all know the laundry hazards of washing lights and darks together in the same load. But what about drying them together? Can you dry lights and darks […]

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Can You Paint a Toilet? How to Paint One in 6 Steps

Updated: | Categories: Bathroom, Do-It-Yourself, Tub & Toilet

Are you considering remodeling your bathroom? If you want a quick and easy way to change the visual aesthetic of the space, consider painting the toilet. But can […]

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Can a Bathroom Fan Vent Into an Attic? No & Why

Updated: | Categories: Bathroom, HVAC

Walking into a hot, humid bathroom after someone's taken a shower or bath isn't a comfy sensation. The air feels clammy, and moisture clings to your skin. Wouldn't […]

How to Shim a Toilet Successfully in 6 Easy Steps

Updated: | Categories: Bathroom, Do-It-Yourself, Tub & Toilet

Your guest comes out of the bathroom with a shocked look on her face. You already know what's wrong. That wobbly toilet is a real doozy and a […]

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Is a Squeaky Dryer Dangerous to Keep Using?

Updated: | Categories: Appliances, Laundry Room

Is your dryer making a squeaking sound during operation? Bad news, this could be a sign of an internal issue with the machine. Is a squeaky dryer dangerous? […]

Where to Put a Mirror in Your Bedroom (Feng Shui Tips)

Updated: | Categories: Bedroom

Are you trying to figure out where to hang your new bedroom mirror? You can't just put it anywhere you want. Well, you could, but that wouldn't be […]

Can Ceiling Paint Be Used on Walls? Yes, If You Like It

Updated: | Categories: Do-It-Yourself, Interiors

You've decided to paint the living room walls in your home. As you rummage through the cans of paint in your garage, you realize you don't have any […]

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Corner Shower Dimensions by Code & for Comfort

Updated: | Categories: Bathroom, Tub & Toilet

Are you looking at shower designs for your bathroom remodel? You have plenty of options in terms of designs and sizes. Corner shower dimensions allow you to save […]

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Can You Clean Bathroom Tiles With Bleach? Well...

Updated: | Categories: Bathroom, Cleaning, Tub & Toilet

Are your bathroom tiles and grout looking grimy? You might be wondering if you can blast them clean using the power of bleach. After all, it works well […]

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How to Keep Doors from Closing by Themselves

Updated: | Categories: Do-It-Yourself, Interiors

Does one of the doors in your home seem to magically close by itself? Relax, you don't have a ghost haunting your house; it's probably something else. Let's […]

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Bathtub Peeling: Should I Refurbish or Replace It?

Updated: | Categories: Bathroom, Do-It-Yourself, Tub & Toilet

It's annoying when your bathtub liner starts peeling, right? Not only does it look ghastly, but if it's peeling on the bottom, it feels horrible against your feet […]

Can You Put a Mattress & Box Spring on the Floor?

Updated: | Categories: Bedroom, Cleaning

It's common for people to spend more on their mattresses and box spring, leaving them with nothing left in their budget for a frame. So, can you place […]

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How to Make a Daybed Look Like a Couch?

Updated: | Categories: Bedroom, Furniture, Living Room

Are you looking for ways to improve the visual aesthetic of your living room by learning how to make a daybed look like a couch? You've come to […]

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What Grit Sandpaper for Drywall? Plus Tools & Tips

Updated: | Categories: Do-It-Yourself, Interiors

Sandpaper is essential for any drywall project, but can you get away without using it? Is skipping this step a mistake? And if is, what grit sandpaper for […]

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9 Toilet Colors & Shade Ranges for Your Personality

Updated: | Categories: Bathroom, Tub & Toilet

Toilets are home essentials. While not the most glamorous fixture in the house, the toilet provides the necessary service. Because toilets are obligatory instead of optional, we settle […]

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Fabuloso in a Toilet Tank Long-Term is a Bad Idea

Updated: | Categories: Bathroom, Cleaning, Tub & Toilet

Have you seen how people are putting Fabuloso in their toilet tank? This powerful cleaning agent has been used for decades, but it sometimes needs to be clarified […]

Can You Flush the Toilet When the Power Is Out?

Updated: | Categories: Bathroom, Tub & Toilet

Imagine this; you finished doing your business inside the toilet, and the lights went out. You realize there is a power outage and is now faced with a […]

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How to Fix a Running Toilet Without a Ball Float

Updated: | Categories: Bathroom, Do-It-Yourself, Tub & Toilet

Are you tired of dealing with a running toilet and wondering if there's any way to fix it without having to buy and install some other system like […]

Washer & Dryer Dimensions: Standard, Stacked, & Compact

Updated: | Categories: Appliances, Laundry Room

Washer and dryer dimensions tell you the size of the appliance, usually measured in inches. When choosing a unit, you need to know the specifications to see if […]

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5 Washing Machine Drainage Options: Easy & Fast

Updated: | Categories: Appliances, Laundry Room

Did you just bring home your new appliance and are now considering the various washing machine drainage options available for your laundry room? Let's dive into the world […]

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4 Toilet Venting Options for Reduced Lingering Odor

Updated: | Categories: Bathroom, HVAC, Tub & Toilet

You've realized you need to know what the various toilet venting options are. Toilet venting is a bathroom installation that must be installed correctly to ensure proper airflow. […]

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How Many Coats of Primer on New Drywall?

Updated: | Categories: Do-It-Yourself, Interiors

When painting a new piece of drywall, the number of coats of primer to be applied is an important consideration for optimal coverage and protection from moisture damage. […]

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How to Store Blankets in Comfy & Decorative Ways

Updated: | Categories: Bedroom, Cleaning, Living Room

Blankets keep you cozy and add to your decor. While their bulk can be a benefit, when you are not using them, it can be tough to know […]

how to dress a window without curtains thumbnail

How to Dress a Window Without Curtains: 16 Ideas

Updated: | Categories: Interiors

Curtains are a common way of dressing windows in the home. They lend privacy and contribute to the overall aesthetic value of a space. However, curtains are not […]

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Why Do Pillows Turn Yellow? 5 Reasons They Stain

Updated: | Categories: Bedroom, Cleaning

A clean pillow is essential to good sleep, so you must ensure it stays clean and fresh. Not keeping pillows clean can negatively impact your rest and health […]

How to Deodorize a Microwave [Prep, Clean, & Deo!]

Updated: | Categories: Appliances, Cleaning, Kitchen

Is your microwave a bit on the stinky side? If you put in a chicken hot pocket and it comes out smelling like guacamole, there’s a problem. It’s […]

Why Your Fridge Smells Bad Even After Cleaning

Updated: | Categories: Appliances, Cleaning, Kitchen

Have you opened the fridge door to find a honking stench coming from the appliance? It's time to get to work and clean it to remove the smell. […]

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How to Store Sweaters Safely Until the Next Season

Updated: | Categories: Bedroom, Cleaning, Laundry Room

Winter is out of the door and summer is on its way in. It's time to pack away all those sweaters and trade them for T-shirts and blouses. […]

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Organizing Socks & Underwear in 10 Unique Ways

Updated: | Categories: Bedroom, Cleaning

Do you have a messy sock drawer? If you're tired of the clutter, it's time to do something about it. If you're new to organizing socks and underwear, […]

Can You Use Laundry Detergent in Carpet Cleaner?

Updated: | Categories: Cleaning, Laundry Room

Do your carpets look filthy? It's time to clean them and return them to their former glory. Everyone loves the feeling of a clean, fluffy carpet underfoot, but […]

Is Carpet in Kitchen Areas Always a Bad Idea?

Updated: | Categories: Kitchen

How much time do you spend in the kitchen? How do your floors look? If you have tile, laminate, or vinyl floors, how’s that working out for you? […]

The Standard Size of a Placemat in All Shapes & Sizes

Updated: | Categories: Craft Room, Dining Room

Are you thinking about sewing some placements for your next haberdashery project? Custom, homemade placemats are a great addition to dining decor at your next dinner party. But […]

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13 Types of Benches for Interior & Outdoor Design

Updated: | Categories: Exteriors, Furniture, Garden, Interiors

Are you looking for a bench for your garden or home? You have plenty of options for materials, seating configurations, and functional applications in any environment and to […]

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7 Disadvantages of a Dehumidifier: Deal Breakers?

Updated: | Categories: Appliances, Interiors

Do you have a humid room in your home? A dehumidifier can resolve this issue, pulling the moisture out of the air to return it to a stable […]

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Can You Use Mineral Oil on Leather? You Shouldn't

Updated: | Categories: Cleaning, Laundry Room

Are your old leather couches looking worse for wear? If they look like they could use a bit of maintenance, you might wonder if you can use mineral […]

windex on stainless steel thumbnail

Can I Use Windex on Stainless Steel? No & Why

Updated: | Categories: Appliances, Cleaning, Kitchen

Do you have a stainless steel fridge? If you accidentally spilled something on the door and it dried and stained, you might find it challenging to remove it. […]

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Is Stainless Steel Waterproof? Yes, With Caveats

Updated: | Categories: Appliances, Kitchen

Do you own stainless steel appliances in your home? Do you have stainless steel outdoor future? Is stainless steel waterproof? Let's find out. Some homeowners worry that stainless […]

Can You Add a Basement to a House After It's Built?

Updated: | Categories: Basement, Houses

Does your home have a basement? Do you wish it did? Can you add a basement to a house? A basement is a valuable part of a home, […]

how to remove a pocket door thumbnail

How to Remove a Pocket Door From Its Track Easily

Updated: | Categories: Do-It-Yourself, Interiors

Do you have a pocket door in your home? It's a common feature providing a compact entrance to a closet, bathroom, or area of the house where a […]

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How to Tile Inside Corners to Get a Pro Pattern Build

Updated: | Categories: Bathroom, Do-It-Yourself, Kitchen

Are you renovating your bathroom or kitchen? Tiles provide the best finish for these areas around the home due to the water usage. Tiling is a reasonably easy […]

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14 Types of Wall Paneling to Design Your Decor Style

Updated: | Categories: Interiors

Did you know the original purpose of siding panels was to insulate the building? Today, that’s not so much the issue with modern insulating materials taking care of […]

How to Remove a Shower Head Flow Restrictor

Updated: | Categories: Bathroom, Do-It-Yourself, Tub & Toilet

Is your shower acting up? If it's blasting high pressure one day and dribbling the next, it might have to do with the flow restrictor in the shower […]