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Trying to decorate the interior of your home or apartment is a monumental task that has to be broken down room by room, if not further. Looking at tons of pictures is the fastest way to figure out what you like and even find ideas you can simply copy. We’ve got that, and article discussions, below to help you make decisions faster.

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What Kind of Screws for Subfloor Installation are Best? (3 Choices)

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Tripping over squeaky floorboards is a common problem that can get on anyone's nerves. Why does it happen? It is often due to the use of incorrect or […]

luxury fitted sheet

Why a Luxury Fitted Sheet Matters for a Good Night’s Sleep

Updated: | Categories: Bedroom

A good mattress is vital for a restful night’s sleep. But what about the often-overlooked fitted sheet? Nestled between you and your mattress, this simple piece of fabric […]

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Pros & Cons of Plywood Floors Plus How to Choose Your Materials

Updated: | Categories: Garage, Interiors

Are you in the midst of a home renovation and baffled about whether to use plywood for flooring or not? Given its cost-effective appeal, plywood floors are increasingly […]

choosing and installing new windows

The Ultimate Guide to Choosing & Installing New Windows

Updated: | Categories: Interiors

Windows are not just architectural features; they are the soul of your home. They bring in natural light, offer ventilation, and provide a glimpse of the world outside. […]

Why is Granite Used in the Kitchen?

Updated: | Categories: Kitchen

Granite is an extremely popular choice for kitchen countertops due to its long-lasting durability. Moreover, it offers versatility and beauty thanks to its wide range of colors and […]

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Soaking Wet Clothes in the Dryer? Don't Damage Your Appliances

Updated: | Categories: Appliances, Laundry Room

Ever tried to speed up laundry day by putting soaking wet clothes in the dryer? Unfortunately, contrary to common sense, this quick fix could cost you more than […]

How to Hang a Horseshoe for Good Luck in Your House

Updated: | Categories: Exteriors, Interiors

Hanging a horseshoe has been a time-honored tradition for centuries, symbolizing luck, protection, and good fortune to those who display them. While the origins of this practice might […]

Black Mold in Your Toilet? Here's How to Safely Eradicate It

Updated: | Categories: Bathroom, Tub & Toilet

Black mold in your toilet is a common household issue that not only looks extremely unsightly but can also pose potential health risks. This pesky fungus thrives in […]

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How to Vent a Dryer in the Middle of the House

Updated: | Categories: Appliances, Laundry Room

Proper dryer ventilation is crucial for safety and efficiency, yet homeowners face the challenge of venting a dryer located in the middle of their house. Finding a solution […]

Why You Should Move To Maryland Today

Updated: | Categories: Interiors

What makes Maryland, my home state, so great that it tops the list of one of the best states to live in? If you're thinking about the rich […]

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Will Bleach Kill Drain Flies? (Kind Of, But Try This Instead)

Updated: | Categories: Bathroom, Cleaning, Kitchen, Sink, Tub & Toilet

Dealing with pesky drain flies can be a daunting task for any homeowner. These little insects not only cause discomfort but can also indicate underlying plumbing or sanitation […]

How to End Backsplash on an Open Wall in an Attractive Way

Updated: | Categories: Kitchen

Creating a stunning and functional kitchen requires attention to detail, especially when it comes to the often-overlooked finishing touches like backsplash installation on open walls. But how to […]

Can You Use Exterior Paint Inside? Yes, But Should You?

Updated: | Categories: Interiors

When it comes to selecting the right paint for your home, making an informed decision is crucial. Many people often wonder: can you use exterior paint inside? The […]

Can I Glue a Tub Surround Over Existing Tile? Yes & Here's How

Updated: | Categories: Bathroom, Do-It-Yourself, Tub & Toilet

Are you considering a bathroom upgrade but don't want to deal with the hassle of removing your existing tile? You're asking "can I glue a tub surround over […]

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Wet Room Bathroom: The Benefits & Beauty of Full Waterproofing

Updated: | Categories: Bathroom

Are you looking to elevate your bathroom experience with a luxurious and modern touch? A wet room bathroom might be just what you need! With an open layout, […]

types of countertop materials

8 Types of Countertop Materials to Consider for Your Kitchen

Updated: | Categories: Kitchen

The kitchen is a special place in most people’s homes since it’s where we cook for our family and spend quite a bit of time every day. When […]

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Toilet Leaking From the Tank Bolts? Why, the Fix, & Prevention

Updated: | Categories: Bathroom, Do-It-Yourself, Tub & Toilet

Toilet leaks are annoying, wasteful, and potentially damaging to your bathroom floor. One common culprit behind such leaks is the toilet tank bolts, which can lead to water […]

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The Correct Toilet Flange Height & Adjusting Your Way There

Updated: | Categories: Bathroom, Tub & Toilet

Toilet flange height may not be the most glamorous topic, but it is vital in ensuring your bathroom remains leak-free and functional. An improperly installed toilet flange can […]

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7 Sink Sprayer Connection Types & What to Consider

Updated: | Categories: Interiors, Sink

A kitchen sink sprayer is a handy tool that makes everyday cleaning tasks easier and more efficient. However, not all sink sprayers are created equal - they come […]

No Water in Your House Suddenly? 5 Causes & 5 Fixes

Updated: | Categories: Interiors

Imagine stepping into the shower only to find there's no water in your house suddenly... now your daily routine is disrupted and panic sets in. Why is my […]

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Joint Compound vs. Spackle: The Difference & When to Use Each

Updated: | Categories: Garage, Interiors

When it comes to home improvement projects and wall repairs, the age-old debate of joint compound vs. spackle often arises. These two materials are essential for drywall repair, […]

How Long Does Dry Cleaning Take? (Fabric, Size, & Treatments)

Updated: | Categories: Laundry Room

If you’ve ever had a wardrobe emergency while traveling on a business trip, you might have asked yourself, “How long does dry cleaning take?” Do you have time […]

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How to Hang Curtains on an Arched Window the Clever Way

Updated: | Categories: Interiors

Arched windows can instantly elevate the sophistication of any room, but knowing hanging curtains on them can be a bit daunting. Finding the right hardware and exploring different […]

How to Snake a Shower Drain to Fully Clear a Blockage

Updated: | Categories: Bathroom, Do-It-Yourself, Tub & Toilet

A clogged shower drain can be a frustrating and messy problem to deal with, but fear not! With the right tools and know-how, snaking your shower drain can […]

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Garbage Disposal Humming? How to Fix & Prevent It

Updated: | Categories: Appliances, Kitchen

Nobody wants to hear the sound of their garbage disposal humming right when they have just dumped some moldy leftovers into the sink, especially if the noise comes […]

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Is Your Refrigerator Freezing Food? Here's Why & the Fix

Updated: | Categories: Appliances, Kitchen

Are you tired of discovering frozen lettuce, icy milk, or rock-hard eggs in your refrigerator? If so, you're not alone. Many people deal with the frustrating problem of […]

Does Nylon Shrink in the Dryer? Not Usually, But...

Updated: | Categories: Cleaning, Laundry Room

Nylon, a popular synthetic fabric known for its strength, durability, and versatility, often raises questions regarding its care and maintenance, one of the most common being, "Does nylon […]

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Standard Bathroom Size of the Average Shaped Room

Updated: | Categories: Bathroom

Are you looking to design or renovate your bathroom? Having a good understanding of the standard bathroom size can greatly influence the comfort and functionality of the space. […]

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How Many Gallons in a Bathtub? (Size & Shape Considerations)

Updated: | Categories: Bathroom, Tub & Toilet

Have you ever wondered how many gallons in a bathtub there are? This seemingly simple question has a more complex answer than you’d think, as bathtubs come in […]

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The Standard Hallway Width From Side Wall to Wall

Updated: | Categories: Interiors

Hallways are more than just passageways that link rooms together; they also help create a smooth and harmonious vibe in your home. But how do you know what […]

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The Standard Ceiling Height Found in Most Residential Homes

Updated: | Categories: Interiors

Have you ever wondered why most ceilings are 9 feet high these days? It wasn't always like that. Back in the day, 8 feet was the standard ceiling […]

How to Turn Off Water to a Toilet (Shut-Off Valve Location & Usage)

Updated: | Categories: Bathroom, Do-It-Yourself

Knowing how to turn off water to a toilet is essential for every homeowner. It can prevent water damage and save you money on costly repairs, but it's […]

what is a loft in a house thumbnail

What Is a Loft in a House? (As Opposed to a Finished Attic)

Updated: | Categories: Interiors

Lofts have become increasingly popular in recent years, transforming how homeowners and renters utilize their living spaces. But what is a loft in a house, and why has […]

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What Is a Den in a House? (Versus a Family or Living Room)

Updated: | Categories: Living Room

Have you ever wondered about the tucked-away room in your house called a den? You're in luck! In this article, we'll explore the captivating world of dens as […]

Where to Get Quarters for Laundry (7 Places & Prep Tips)

Updated: | Categories: Laundry Room

Do you find yourself in need of quarters for laundry day? Physical change can be hard to come by in today's digital age. Here we'll provide helpful insights […]

How to Unclog a Toilet When Nothing Works

Updated: | Categories: Bathroom, Do-It-Yourself

There's nothing more frustrating than dealing with a stubborn toilet clog that refuses to budge, no matter what you try. If you're tired of reaching for the plunger […]

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How Many Steps in a Flight of Stairs on Average?

Updated: | Categories: Exteriors, Interiors

Have you ever found yourself climbing a set of stairs and wondered, "How many stairs are in a flight?" You're not alone! The number of steps in a […]

Install Vinyl Flooring Over Tile the Correct Way

Updated: | Categories: Interiors

Tiles are cold and unforgiving. It's time to make a change to the flooring system in your home. Vinyl floors are warm and come in as many design […]

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Get Rid of the Fish Smell in Your House Quickly

Updated: | Categories: Kitchen

Did that fried cod taste delicious? Of course, it did. But now there's a fish smell in your house that reeks beyond belief. It almost makes the meal […]

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Particle Board Subfloor - Too Many Negatives

Updated: | Categories: Interiors

Are you planning on installing new flooring? The project is a great way to spruce up your home and its appeal to guests or buyers. Whether you're installing […]

can you tile over drywall thumbnail

Can You Tile Over Drywall? In Most Cases, Yes

Updated: | Categories: Bathroom, Kitchen, Laundry Room

You finish installing the drywall, and it looks great. Now, the next task is to hang the tiles. But can you tile over drywall? Or will the tiles […]

where to put your bed in a room with windows thumbnail

Where to Put Your Bed in a Room With Windows

Updated: | Categories: Bedroom

Are you getting enough rest from your sleep? If you wake up tired, it might have something to do with how you positioned your bed in the room. […]

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Standard Toe Kick Dimensions for Cabinets

Updated: | Categories: Bathroom, Kitchen

Are you renovating the kitchen? Installing a new island and cabinets is a great way to increase the value of your home. The kitchen is one of the […]

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What's the Proper Dinner Plate Size Per Occasion?

Updated: | Categories: Dining Room, Kitchen

Are you hosting a dinner party for friends on the weekend? You're probably wondering what is the correct dinner plate size. After all, you don't want to look […]

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6 Leaking Basement Floor Causes & Solutions

Updated: | Categories: Basement

Did you go down into the basement after a heavy rain storm to find water pooling on the floor? It's an unfortunate occurrence and requires immediate attention. But […]

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Bad Smell Coming From One Vent in the House?

Updated: | Categories: Cleaning, HVAC, Interiors

Is there a bad smell coming from one vent in the house? It might be coming from one specific vent in the house, but there could be several […]

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How to Make a Toilet Flush Better? (5 Simple Steps)

Updated: | Categories: Bathroom, Do-It-Yourself, Tub & Toilet

Are you flushing the toilet multiple times to clear it? That can be a sign of bigger problems in your plumbing system, or more often you just need […]

how to keep food warm without electricity thumbnail

How to Keep Food Warm Without Electricity (8 Ways)

Updated: | Categories: Interiors

You finish cooking your meal, and suddenly, you don't have any appetite. You know you'll be hungry later, but the food will be cold by then. Now the […]

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Water Not Coming Out of Your Shower Head?

Updated: | Categories: Bathroom, Do-It-Yourself, Tub & Toilet

You step into the shower to start your morning routine, and the showerhead doesn't want to play ball. It stutters and stops delivering water, with a weak stream […]

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The Best Paint Colors for East Facing Rooms

Updated: | Categories: Interiors

Are you painting an east-facing room in your home? Your choice of paint color should complement the natural light entering the room. When considering your color options, you […]