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If there’s any room in a home where we host guests, show our class and effort in impressing them, it would be the dining room. The dining room is our opportunity to show our respect to our friends and families, showing them a good time, use our finest china and cutlery, and bring people together.

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What's the Proper Dinner Plate Size Per Occasion?

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Are you hosting a dinner party for friends on the weekend? You're probably wondering what is the correct dinner plate size. After all, you don't want to look […]

What to Do With an Unused Dining Room? 22 Ideas

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Modern families don't gather around the dinner table for their evening meal like old-fashioned families. The changes in people's schedules led to the phasing out of this tradition. […]

The Standard Size of a Placemat in All Shapes & Sizes

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Are you thinking about sewing some placements for your next haberdashery project? Custom, homemade placemats are a great addition to dining decor at your next dinner party. But […]

Flatware vs Silverware: The Differences Explained

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Although many of us use the terms interchangeably, silverware and flatware are two different things. In our flatware vs silverware guide, you'll get to know the unique features […]

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16 Types of Dining Chairs to Perfectly Enhance Your Decor

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A beautiful dining room with the right types of dining chairs can always make the home feel special. To make your dining room a well-decorated space, you will […]

6 High Chair Alternatives That Can Look & Perform Better

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Teaching your children basic motor functions from an early age is vital, and dining in a high chair is a great way to start. However, this infant furniture […]

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14 Types of Forks to Impress & Enhance Any Meal

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Most people go all their lives using one type of fork for all the dishes they have. However, you will notice that certain types of forks are well-catered […]

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21 Types of Bowls to Serve Any Dish in Style

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There are as many different types of bowls as there are meals meant to go in them. You'd think they're all the same, but you'd be wrong! The […]

19 Types of Wine Glasses to Boost Your Enjoyment & Sophistication

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For all the types of wine glasses, there are equally as many people that say, “beer is made by man, wine by God”. Maybe a glass of fine […]

35 Different Types of Drinking Glasses & Their Uses

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Drinking is not just about the drink in your hand, but also the experience that comes with it. If you want to relish your enjoyment to the fullest, […]

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5 Clever Tips for Staging a Dining Room

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When you’re staging a home, there are a number of different philosophies and strategies that will come into play, and staging a dining room is no different. When […]

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61 Different Types of Spoons & Their Uses

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Over time, humans have perfected very few things. One of those rare occurrences are the various spoon types for every possible use. It's easy to understand why since […]