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Worst Room is a member of several advertising and affiliate programs that enable us to earn fees for either referring interested buyers to products or through displaying advertisements site-wide.

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Advertising Disclosures

Please read below for more information regarding our advertising partners, ours and their employed technologies, and our relation to the internet at large.


All of our advertising partners use cookies. These allow them to track the data that allows Worst Room to receive credit for our referred sales. Cookies are extremely small amounts of data stored in your browser that helps it remember your past activities. These cookies only collect the relevant data needed and this data is only sent to the respective advertising partner. We do not allow cookies that contain malware, viruses, or any detrimental code to your computer or privacy. Your cookies may be deleted at any time through your browser's settings. These are not harmful and are used by nearly every website in existence.


Most links on simply lead to another web URL. In some cases, we link to other websites that contain information helpful to you that is relevant to the article within which the link is contained. When we create a link, we have personally visited the destination URL and confirmed it is safe and family-appropriate. We do not control these pages, though, and they may be changed at any time. If you find that a link leading to an external webpage not located on has become inappropriate, please contact us so we can fix it immediately.

Target Demographic

Worst Room is not created for or directed at children under the age of 13. We do not knowingly collect any information from those under 13 years of age nor do we permit our advertising partners to do so. If you are not 13 years old or older, you are not allowed to use this website nor send information about yourself to us in any form.

Advertising Partners

Our list of advertising partners does not change often and the information below will always be up-to-date.

Worst Room is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to

Google Adsense

We allow Google, through the use of their DoubleClick cookie, to serve ads on Worst Room based on your interests. This data informs Google of the type of family-friendly websites you've enjoyed in the past so their Adsense display ad program can cater to your specific interests. You may opt-out of interest-based ads through Google by visiting their Ad Settings page.

Advertising Opportunities

Please consult the following information regarding our advertising policies before contacting us.

Special Notice

Worst Room does not participate in any of the following activities:

  • Accept money or favors for dishonest and disingenuous product reviews or product mentions.
  • Sell or purchase hyperlinks in order to manipulate Google's search rankings.
  • Allow user-generated content of any kind to appear on the site, including comments or guest posts.
  • Allow guest author contributions for the sake of search engine manipulation schemes.

Worst Room respects the laws set forth by the state in which we reside and the federal laws of the United States of America. We also abide by the guidelines and parameters as required by the companies that provide the technological infrastructure that make this all possible, including our domain registrar, website hosting, and our advertising partners. In addition, we publish only what we believe is considered family-friendly by society, the internet at large, and our general readership.

Company Advertising

Worst Room provides methods for high-quality and trusted companies to place fully-disclosed advertisements within our content. Please contact us for further information concerning traffic and demographic data. Please disclose your personal and company identity and your advertising goals upon initial contact. We do not respond to anonymous inquiries.

Guest Authors

Worst Room fields requests from authors from all walks of life that seek to publish unique and exclusive content on our website. We do not accept authors seeking to engage in search engine manipulation. We do not attribute content to specific authors currently, but are happy to do so on our social media channels. We reserve the right to alter, add, or subtract from any submitted content before publishing, but we will not alter the meaning of your words. We scrutinize every hyperlink suggested and cannot guarantee they will appear in the final product.


Please abide by the wishes expressed below as you reference content as a source for your own work.

Copyright & Reprinting

The featured content on is written by Worst Room or exclusively for Worst Room and is protected by copyright.

In Entirety

Under no circumstances may you reproduce any of our content in full in print. Reproduction in whole online may only occur under specific circumstances using the proper canonical tags. Please contact us for more information if this is your wish.

In Portions

Portions of our content may be reproduced only after explicit permission is obtained from Worst Room. This is contingent upon the proper attribution text being used stating the original source. Online usage must contain a hyperlink back to the original article within this attribution. Please include the following citation, or a very similar citation, within your content:

Reprinted with permission from the original article published by


Our content is written in the English language. It may be translated into other languages without prior permission or notice, as long as:

  • Your translated version is offered free of charge. You may not sell translations of Worst Room content.
  • Your translation is faithful to the original meaning and tone of voice. You may not add to, subtract from, or alter our original meaning.
  • You must provide a written (in print) or hyperlinked (online) citation back to the original article. See our citation template below.

Include the following or a very similar reference back to our original article:

Translated from the original article published by


The images appearing on this website are either free-to-use from the public domain, used as explanatory devices under fair use protection, have been licensed, or permission has been granted to use them. Because we do not designate which are which, we ask that you do not reprint, either in print or online, any of the images included in our content in order to protect the intellectual property of the original photographers and graphic designers.

In return, if you find that we have mistakenly used any image material belonging to you without proper permission or license, please contact us so that we may remove the material immediately.

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