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A fence serves many purposes. It establishes a mental boundary for you on the inside and all of those outside as to where your property line begins. And that implies a lot that goes unsaid but respected. Backyard fences bring privacy and security for you and your family, including your pets. Everything you need to know about fences and endless inspiration can be found here.

10 Ways to Block a Neighbor's View to Regain Privacy

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Imagine having a party in your backyard and your neighbors uninvitedly taking part by peeking at your property. Doesn't it seem awkward? You can either tell them to […]

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14 Types of Wood Fences for Great Privacy & Curb Appeal

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There's a saying that goes, "A good fence makes great neighbors." And I say, "good types of wood fences look great and are easily maintainable, too." And we […]

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11 Gate Latch Types to Perfect Your Fence & Security

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No matter how open the plan of your house or how much you like to entertain guests, it does not literally have to mean that your door is […]

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14 Types of Barbed Wire To Secure Your Area Effectively

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All types of barbed wire are the same: steel wire that has pointed edges attached to the wire at even intervals. But it's not that simple, only perhaps […]

types of wire fencing

14 Types of Wire Fencing Perfect for Your Yard or Field

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While types of wire fencing are often associated with ranches and suburban houses, you will find that there are a lot of fencing options that can help with […]

living fence

8 Living Fence Examples & 8 Reasons for Natural Fencing

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A living fence brings forth thoughts of fantasy landscapes, eco-conscious livelihood, and is simply awesome to look at once they're in place and mature. From the time man […]

wattle fence

The DIY Wattle Fence Guide - How to Build & Preserve

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Knowing how to build a wattle fence is a small hurdle between you and a beautiful and natural DIY barrier whenever you'd like it to be. Do you […]

fence alternatives

5 Fence Alternatives That Innovate on the Traditional Style

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People look for fence alternatives typically for the same reasons. Mainly we want something a bit more creative and less plain around the boundary of our property. This […]

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31 Fence Ideas for Privacy, Boundaries, & Unique Designs

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Executing on the right yard fence ideas is the key to establishing the boundaries of your property, creating privacy if desired, and having a complementary fence design that […]