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A huge part of curb appeal and appraisal is your home’s roof. Roofing is the core defense against rain and water damage throughout your house. Everyone knows to look at your roof and ask about the age of it, especially when it was last shingled. When buying a house, this is where you can win or lose a negotiation. Let’s talk all about it!

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What is Fascia on a House? (As Opposed to Trim)

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Your home's exterior is crucial for aesthetic appeal and protection from outside elements. One commonly overlooked but essential component of this exterior is the fascia. But what is […]

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What Are Eaves on a House & The 3 Sub-Types Explained

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Have you ever wondered about those overhanging edges on a house's roof and their purpose? They're eaves, but what are eaves on a house? These architectural features, known […]

Jerkinhead Roof: Pros, Cons, Types, & Aesthetic

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Do you know what a jerkinhead roof is? Seriously, we're not jerking you around here. It's a traditional style of gable roofing system used in many modern home […]

How to Get Rid of a Bird's Nest in Your Gutter

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Sitting on the porch on a late summer afternoon, watching the sun go down while you hear the birds merrily chirping away, is a satisfying experience. However, it's […]

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Should a Roof Vent Pipe Be Covered? Pros & Risks

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Do you have plumbing vents on your roof? They keep the sewer gases out of your home, and you'll notice that some installations have caps and others don't. […]

Skillion Roof: Pros, Cons, Types, & Their Aesthetics

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When it comes to roofing, many materials and construction techniques can be used. One such option is skillion roofs. What is a skillion roof? A skillion roof is […]

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33 Parts of a Roof: Diagrammed to Understand

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When it comes to constructing a house, we know the importance of a solid foundation, as it gives the housing the base and the strength to keep standing. […]

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Clerestory Roof: The Many Windowed Wonder

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Who doesn't want to build a home with exceptional street appeal and an aesthetic vibe inside and out? If you want your home to stand out from the […]

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11 Types of Roof Vents to Exhaust Heat Effectively

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You might think that all the different types of roof vents are unnecessary features to add to your house, but then, you’d be wrong. Ventilation is a highly […]

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10 Types of Chimneys That are Safe, Effective, & Attractive

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If you have a fireplace inside your home, you definitely know about the importance of a decent chimney. In the majority of the houses, we can observe all […]

13 Types of Gutters to Carry Rainwater Safely Away

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If you live in an area with extreme weather conditions, a gutter is a given. But having the right types of gutters is the difference between success or […]

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19 Types of Trusses We Trust to Hold Up Our Roofs

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Also called trussed rafters, all of the various roof types of trusses are essentially prefabricated structures that help to support the roof on a building. Roof trusses are […]

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Mansard Roof: The Elegance of Upward Expansion

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The mansard roof has been around since the 16th century, and it's named after the 17th-century French architect Francois Mansart. However, he didn't invent the style. But he […]

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Hip Roof: The Ultimate in Modern Roof Design

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A hip roof or hipped roof is the latest in the modern design of home roofs. They're engineered in a way that makes them resemble a pyramid. The […]

gambrel roof

Gambrel Roof: An Architectural Wonder That Still Impresses Today

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The gambrel roof is an outdated style of architecture that still impresses when seen today. It's not seen in modern houses; this roof is found only in Old […]

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8 Gutter Alternatives That Work as Well and Look Better

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Gutter alternatives are a great choice when you either don't have any gutters or are looking to replace your existing ones. You don't have to follow the typical […]