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Over 4,000 years ago the Chinese began developing ways to layout their buildings and rooms in a way that matched their cosmology. This quickly turned into promises of […]

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So you want to know how to make a cutting board. As we tend to do, my brother and I were hanging out in his garage last Sunday […]

How to Remove Rust From Tools

Another season has arrived and you head to the garage to find your gardening tools only to find they've gathered rust, and not just a little bit. It's […]

Worst Apartments Ever Rented

Everyone thinks they live in the worst apartment ever created. "Boo hoo, I could only get in the half renovated floor plan and I don't have a garbage […]

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types of mattresses

11 Types of Mattresses to Get You the Perfect Night's Sleep

Updated: | Categories: Bedroom, Furniture

Buying any types of mattresses can be a trying task. Not only do you have to contend with pervasive salesmen, you usually have to decide on the spot […]

types of hedges

15 Types of Hedges That Form the Perfect Lawn Boundary

Updated: | Categories: Garden

If you own a garden, you must have considered creating any types of hedges at one point if you have not already. Hedges have a variety of uses […]

types of boxwood shrubs

14 Types of Boxwood Shrubs to Spruce Up Your Lawn & Garden

Updated: | Categories: Garden

All the types of boxwood shrubs have an eternal artistic appeal that perfectly represents nature, whether for room divider or door wreaths. They elevate the beauty of any […]

types of grapes thumbnail

21 Types of Grapes to Surprise Your Taste Buds

Updated: | Categories: Kitchen

Grapes are among the most popular fruits out there. Different types of grapes are available throughout the year and are easy to eat. However, what's fascinating are the […]

types of oysters thumbnail

10 Types of Oysters to Explore & Expand Your Horizons

Updated: | Categories: Kitchen

You either love oysters, or you hate them - there's no middle ground when it comes to these shellfishes! The types of oysters are one of the most […]

types of spices

18 Types of Spices That are Essential to Your Kitchen

Updated: | Categories: Interiors

Spices and herbs have been an integral part of cooking for thousands of years. The whole culinary culture of Asia is built on the use of different spices. […]

types of hibiscus thumbnail

24 Types of Hibiscus to Get That Tropical Feel at Home

Updated: | Categories: Garden

The different types of hibiscus flowers are one of the most abundantly found flowers across the earth. But you must know that China Rose isn’t the only type […]

types of tulips thumbnail

15 Main Types of Tulips to Reinvigorate Your Flower Bed

Updated: | Categories: Garden

Any of the types of tulips can enhance the beauty of a garden by their mere presence. The vibrant colors can make any garden go from mediocre to […]

types of termites thumbnail

15 Types of Termites to Identify & Fight to Preserve Your Wood

Updated: | Categories: Exteriors

Termites need no introduction no matter which part of the world you live in. Now, it so happens that various types of termites can be quite different and […]

types of geraniums thumbnail

8 Types of Geraniums to Pop Color in Your Flower Bed

Updated: | Categories: Garden

If you have some knowledge of plants, you must have come across various types of geraniums often. And if you are an avid gardener, then you definitely own […]

16 Types of Basil to Splash Some Color in Your Herb Garden

Updated: | Categories: Garden

When we're talking about culinary herbs, the first that often comes to mind is one of the types of basil. Although it originated from the Indian subcontinent, basil […]

types of septic systems thumbnail

15 Types of Septic Systems to Treat & Get Rid of Wastewater

Updated: | Categories: Garage

For the new homeowners, choosing one of the types of septic systems is far from easy. You have to consider its benefits, installation cost, longevity, and size. Then […]

types of window treatments thumbnail

19 Types of Window Treatments to Spruce Up Your Decor

Updated: | Categories: Interiors, Lighting

All of the types of window treatments are an excellent way to redecorate your old house with minimal effort. But that’s not all, a proper window treatment will […]

types of springs thumbnail

10 Types of Springs & Their Specific Design Uses

Updated: | Categories: Garage

Almost anything that contains some mechanism around you has at least one of the types of springs – from small consumer products such as TV remotes to larger […]

types of irises thumbnail

22 Types of Irises to Beautify Your Flower Garden

Updated: | Categories: Garden

The various types of irises has long been famous as a source of herbal medicines and perfume ingredients. Over 300 species of this plant are spread worldwide, and […]

types of dahlias thumbnail

11 Main Types of Dahlias & the Colorful Varieties Within

Updated: | Categories: Garden

What’s a wedding without dahlias? These exotic flowers have been an automatic choice for weddings in almost every corner of the world. The vivid color and eclectic texture […]

types of vacuums thumbnail

13 Types of Vacuums for Every Carpet, Fabric, & Purpose

Updated: | Categories: Appliances

When it comes to cleaning your home, the vacuum cleaner does it the best. No other tool can compare to its efficiency. Based on the purpose they're being […]

types of dogwood trees thumbnail

15 Types of Dogwood Trees To Bring Flowering Beauty to Your Lawn

Updated: | Categories: Lawn & Garden

Dogwood trees can enhance the beauty of your garden by great lengths. There are a total of 17 types of dogwood trees that are native to North America. […]

types of lavender thumbnail

20 Types of Lavender to Beautify Your Flower Bed & Garden

Updated: | Categories: Garden

 Lavender is a sun-loving plant and is pretty popular for landscaping gardens, lawns, and yards. So, if you were thinking, "How many types of lavender are there," the […]

types of staircases thumbnail

15 Types of Staircases to Fit Your Decor Style Perfectly

Updated: | Categories: Interiors

Are you working on the floor plan of your new home and just thinking- "What types of staircases are right for my house?" Then welcome aboard! It doesn't […]

types of carrots thumbnail

16 Types of Carrots to Invigorate Your Garden & Dishes

Updated: | Categories: Garden

When we think of any types of carrots, the bright orange-colored ones come to mind because that's really all most of us know. But that's not the only […]

types of begonias thumbnail

15 Types of Begonias to Bring Beauty to Your Home

Updated: | Categories: Garden

The various types of begonias are beautiful flowering plants that are blessed with various colors, so they're one of the must-have plants when it comes to decorating your […]

types of peonies thumbnail

19 Types of Peonies to Make Your Garden Explode with Color

Updated: | Categories: Garden

The different types of peonies are a rare creation of nature (or hybridized in a nursery). They're beautiful, fragrant, and delicate, but will most probably outlive you if […]

types of lamps thumbnail

23 Types of Lamps to Really Spruce Up Your Home Decor

Updated: | Categories: Interiors, Lighting

The various types of lamps are a crucial part of the modern household decor, and putting a suitable lamp in the right corner can enhance the aesthetics of […]

types of jasmine flowers thumbnail

15 Types of Jasmine Flowers & Their Gorgeous Color Varieties

Updated: | Categories: Garden

Did you know that there are many different types of jasmine flowers? All of them come from the genus Jasminum, and there are 200 different species under it. […]

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