How Long Does Weed & Feed Take to Work?

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how long does weed and feed take to work

Is your lawn looking a little lackluster? If weeds are popping up, bare patches or crabgrass is growing in the greenery, it’s time to whip it into shape with a weed and feed application. But how long does weed and feed take to work?

Lawn maintenance is a big deal for homeowners. A perfectly green, consistent, manicured lawn is a sought-after prize and a sign of a homeowner who takes pride in their property. This guide gives you everything you need to know about how to apply a weed and feed product to your lawn, how it works, and how long it takes to work.

How Long Does Weed & Feed Take to Work?

Scott’s Weed & Feed and other similar products from other brands are all high-quality lawn care products. You’ll see results anywhere from four days to a month, depending on the type of grass you have in your yard and its condition. Severely nutrient-deprived grass will take longer to respond, but regardless of the state of your lawn, a weed and feed product will sort it out eventually.

When Do I Apply Weed & Feed for the Best Results?

when do i apply weed & feed for the best results?

Scott’s offers gardeners two different weed and feed products. You have “Scotts Lawn Turf Builder Weed & Feed” and “Scott’s Super Bonus S Weed & Feed.” The Plus product is suitable for use twice during the summer, and you apply it when the weeds like dandelions start popping up.

The Super Bonus product is suitable for multiple applications during the growing season, and you can use it whenever you notice weeds getting out of control. The products aren’t ideal for all types of grass, so read the manufacturer’s instructions before applying them to your lawn.

And again, many products by other brands work similarly by design and necessity. Many, as you may guess, are trying to mimic the Scott’s brand, which is fine too, as they’ll all be very effective for you.

The timing involved with applying these products is the most crucial aspect of using Scott’s Weed & Feed. If you apply weed and feed at the wrong time, it won’t have the same effect. For instance, it’s ineffective if the weather is too cold or hot.

The product labels indicate you’ll get the best results with weed and feed by using it in the early or late fall and early or late spring. When applying the weed and feed to your lawn, follow these tips for the best results with your application.

  • Spray weed and feed on the lawn when temperatures range between 60°and 85° F for optimal results.
  • Don’t apply weed and feed on windy days because it dries it out, hindering absorption into the lawn.
  • Don’t mow for at least 48 hours after applying weed and feed, or you’ll interfere with absorption.
  • Don’t apply weed and feed if the weather forecast says it’s going to rain in the next 24 hours. The rain dissipates the active ingredients, interfering with their absorption into the soil.
  • Ensure your grass is trimmed to 3” to 5” in height, so it’s best to mow the day before you intend to apply weed and feed. Collect and dispose of the grass clippings.
  • Apply weed and feed in the early morning when it’s cool, giving it a day to absorb.

I can’t stress it enough that not only is following the directions important to maximize your benefits but also the timing regarding temperatures and also incoming rainfall. Don't use this to get rid of weeds in your driveway or anything off label, either.

How Do I Know Weed & Feed is Working on My Lawn?

how do i know weed & feed is working on my lawn? and when to water lawn after applying weed and feed, follow through the article to learn details!

People want to know how long does weed and feed take to work but the right question to ask is what it is you'll see visually to confirm that it's working at all. You’ll notice the grass starts growing faster and thicker during the first week after application to the lawn.

The weeds in your lawn start dying after the first week, and you can verify this by looking for signs of yellowing in the weeds meaning they’re being starved of nutrients and killed.

Most of the weeds in the lawn will turn brown and die around two weeks after application. You can remove them easily by hand after they die. Approximately four to five weeks after application, you’ll notice the lawn becomes lush and green.

Weed and feed is suitable for use on most grass varieties. However, it’s unsuitable for ornamental grasses, and don’t use it as an all-purpose fertilizer in your flowerbeds or vegetable garden. While you’re not supposed to water the lawn for a day or so after application, we recommend watering it the evening before you intend to spray the grass.

How Does Weed & Feed Work?

Scott’s Weed & Feed consists of a two-part formula. The fertilizer in the product emits nitrogen and other minerals into the soil, giving the grass the food it needs to grow thick and lush. The herbicide component of weed and feed specifically targets weeds without damaging the grass.

The targeted formulation kills 50 weed varieties, including dandelions, clovers, spurge, and plantains. It releases the herbicide into the soil, where it starves the roots of oxygen and makes the weed unable to absorb nutrients. Eventually, the weed can’t get the sustenance it needs to survive and dies.

Scott’s Weed & Feed is an effective product, killing most varieties of broadleaf weed species. It'll kill things you didn't realize were weeds, like the weeds with purple flowers that are so pretty. It also kills problematic grass species, like crabgrass, allowing your lawn to take back growing space from this invasive grass.

How Long Does It Take My Lawn to Absorb Weed & Feed?

how long does it take weed and feed to work? here you can learn when your lawn can absorb weed & feed

It takes weed and feed around 24 hours to absorb into the soil, where it starts working on the weeds and your lawn. That’s why it’s important to avoid mowing for at least a day after application. When people ask how long does weed and feed take to work, that includes this 24 hour wait period, too.

 As mentioned, we recommend spraying the lawn the day after mowing when the grass is at the optimal height recommended by the manufacturer. It takes time for the active ingredients to penetrate the soil and start working, so have some patience.

How Often Do I Need to Apply Weed & Feed?

Apply Scott’s Turf Builder Weed & Feed twice a season. Use it once in the early or late spring and again in the early or late fall for the best results. You can use “Scott’s Super Bonus S Weed and Feed” frequently during the growing season when you notice weeds emerge in your lawn.

However, we recommend taking a minimum gap of three months (if not four) between “Scott’s Super Bonus S Weed and Feed” applications to allow the soil to recover. Overdoing it won’t give you any better results than if you wait two months between spraying.

You can use the “Scott’s Super Bonus S Weed and Feed” in spot applications around the lawn if you notice crops of crabgrass or weeds like dandelions popping up. Remember to adhere to the watering and mowing rules with all applications.

Can You Water the Lawn After Using Weed & Feed?

Don’t spray weed and feed if there’s a chance it could rain in the next two days. The manufacturing instructions recommend waiting at least 24 hours before watering in weed and feed to your lawn. Waiting gives the product time to dry on the grass blades and thatching.

So, when you water the lawn, it gradually releases the product into the soil, killing the weeds while fertilizing the lawn. If you water too early, all it’s going to do is cause the weed and feed to run off with the water, and it won’t embed itself in the soil.

FAQ’s Regarding Weed & Feed Product Usage

here are faq's regarding weed & feed product usage and how long does weed and feed take to work

Let's dig into some more details. You may have these common questions arising in your mind as you read through this, so let's cover them now. We didn't say it elsewhere so I'll say it now. Don't apply a weed and feed product before or after seeding your lawn!

Should I Apply Weed & Feed Before or After I Mow the Lawn?

We recommend applying weed and feed the day after mowing your lawn. Your grass should be between 3 and 5 inches to get the best results from your application. Don’t mow the lawn for 48 hours after applying weed and feed.

What’s the Best Time of Day to Apply Weed & Feed to My Lawn?

We recommend applying weed and feed in the early morning before the heat of the day arrives. This strategy gives the product the time it needs to penetrate the grass and dry before the midday heat starts to warm things up.

What Happens to My Lawn if I Don’t Water in Weed & Feed?

You’ll need to water in weed and feed to get it into the soil. Watering it in gives it a chance to be absorbed by the grass and the weeds. How long does weed and feed take to work at this point? Typically, you’ll notice results from the application of weed and feed in two to four weeks after application, depending on the state of your lawn and your location in the United States.

How Long Does it Take Weed & Feed to Work?

Allow three to four days to notice a positive effect on your grass, in terms of a boost in growth speed and a darker coloration. Allow two weeks for weeds to begin yellowing and wilting. Both of these processes will continue as time goes on.

When to Water the Lawn After Applying Weed & Feed?

If using liquid weed and feed you need to wait 24 hours to allow the product to soak into the grass and weeds and become water-resistant. If using the pellets that soak into the soil, you can water as soon as you want (but not so much that you run off the product into unwanted areas of the lawn) or allow for a natural rainfall to take care of it for you. Even then, you may consider waiting 24 hours. Overnight dew can help the pellets dissolve and adhere to the soil.

Key Takeaways Regarding Scott’s Weed & Feed & Similar Products

key takeaways regarding scott’s weed & feed & similar products

Let’s summarize what we’ve learned above to re-emphasize the main points.

  • Scott’s Weed & Feed comes in two different products; select the right one for your application.
  • Use can use the “Scotts Turf Builder Weed & Feed” product twice a season and the “Scott’s Super Bonus S Weed and Feed” product frequently throughout the summer whenever you notice weeds popping up.
  • Don’t mow your lawn for 48 hours after application.
  • Water in the product 24 hours after application.
  • Scott’s Weed & Feed kills 50 varieties of weeds, including crabgrass.
  • Don’t Use weed and feed in vegetable gardens, flowerbeds, or on exotic or ornamental grasses.
  • Apply weed and feed when the daytime temperatures are between 60°and 85° F.
  • You’ll notice the product working on your lawn after the first week.
  • The weeds start dying after two weeks and are dead four weeks after applying weed and feed.
  • Follow the manufacturer’s instructions for the best results.

Again, always follow the instructions when it comes to watering and temperature timings.

So, How Long Does Weed & Feed Take to Work?

You may notice changes in the health (through the coloration) and speed of growth of your grass within a few days. You should expect around two weeks before you notice weeds begin to show discoloration and to begin wilting. How long does weed and feed take to work? That’s the answer for the nutrition side and the weed killing side as well. Be patient, it’s working!

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