Author: Jen Worst

Jen Worst acts as an author, reviewer, and researcher on the editorial team for Worst Room and is a founding member of the team. She authors most of our gardening content as well as anything related to furniture, clothing, and some interior design articles.


  • Over 8 years of professional experience teaching gardening & outdoorsmanship in a youth vocational program.
  • Over 8 years of experience as a homemaker focused on cleaning, cooking, vegetable gardening, and flower bed design.
  • A life-long passion for interior design, including repairing and upcycling discarded antiques.


Jen's work in the youth vocational program is largely with females, where the focus is largely on flower and vegetable gardening during the warm seasons and on felling trees and cutting firewood in the cool seasons. They also venture the campus repairing fences, cabins, and some interior projects.

She has acted as a homemaker since living on her own and eventually with Rick, with her share of the chores including (but not limited to!) a thorough management of the cleaning, cooking, and caring for the vegetable garden and flower beds.

Jen, like Rick, has a deep passion for interior design and has put this into real practice throughout a decade of renting five apartments and finally owning their home. Her special interest is in scouring for discarded and inexpensive antiques to repair and upcycle for their home. This means she's even in the garage sanding, staining, and finishing wood!

Most Memorable Home & Garden Moment

Stories like these are scary in the moment but become a funny oddity as time passes. Once, in the vocational program, I had the girls chopping firewood with a hatchet. These were small pieces of wood so we were very careful to make sure everyone held the wood from the side so their hands were clear from any sharp edges being swung.

While we were absorbed in our focus of keeping everyone safe there, two girls were goofing off with a hammer, playing chicken by a fence. One girl was swinging the claw end of the hammer into the fence post while another was sticking her hand under and pulling it away just in time.

As you can imagine, we did end up having to postpone our scheduled activities for a major boo-boo, but luckily that fingertip was able to be reattached! Safety always comes first, but unfortunately two adults only have four eyes and none of those are on the back of their head.

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