Author: Chris Miller

Chris Miller acts as a reviewer, researcher, and as an author for our editorial team at Worst Room. He authors most of our content related to lawn care and tools as well as any yard-related articles.


  • Over 10 years of professional experience in lawn maintenance and landscaping in both residential and commercial settings, year round.
  • His knowledge of any and all types of tools is endless, including impressive tasks such as small engine repair, born out of experience and hard study.
  • Having once been given a chance to join a crew and being taught how to be a professional, which changed his life, he now values "paying it forward" to the next generations.


Chris' father was a workaholic when it came to yard work, which meant every weekend as the neighborhood kids were playing, Chris and his brother were doing upwards to 12 hours of outdoor chores per day. If they weren't mowing the lawn, they were clearing out brush, cutting down trees, cleaning tools, pressure washing, cleaning the pool, and so on.

This was a source of stress which led to some acting out as he became a teenager, though he is thankful for it now. It was later when a church member that owned a lawn care business offered to take Chris on for a trial period to teach him some structure and discipline, that Chris realized all his father had taught him.

Chris became a star member of the team, easily outworking and outshining those with seniority thanks to his already vast experience. But that crew taught him much more, which was how to clean up his act, conduct himself professionally, and become an honorable man. Ten years later, Chris joined the Worst Room team to share his knowledge with any young people who are hungry for it and will put it to good use.

Most Memorable Home & Garden Moment

I remember to this day one when my father bought his first professional-level riding lawn mower with the removable deck to manage our 5 acres of wild weeds (and a bit of grass!). Before I was to set out with the wheelbarrow to pick up sticks and weed eat around the trees, it was time to learn the day's lesson.

These were such simple tasks but profoundly affected the trajectory of my life. My father took the time, with extreme patience, to finally teach me how to (and allow me to) mix a gallon of gas with the right type of oil for our two-stroke string trimmer.

But what really excited me was after climbing all over the new tractor, he taught me what a grease gun was, how to install a new canister in it, and how to pump grease into all the injection points on the new tractor. I remember it clear as day, pumping the grease with two weak little hands just until we saw it squeezing out of certain joints. That's how we knew it was good and lubricated. It's no wonder that I became a professional landscape artist. Thank you, dad.

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