Author: Rick Worst

Rick Worst acts as owner, author, and manager for our editorial team, and web designer for Worst Room and is the founder of the company. He authors most of our interior and exterior design content though branches out wherever he is needed.


  • Operates the home design consultation side of Worst Room, which, while a fledgling, has grown to tens of satisfied clients thus far.
  • A lifelong enthusiasm for interior design and home decor in general. He's consumed more books, magazines, articles, and television programs on the topic than should be humanly possible.
  • As a web designer, he's built dozens of custom "from scratch" websites for restaurants, governmental contractors, video game companies, magazines, and countless others.


As mentioned, Rick has been obsessed with interior design and all of the tangentially related disciplines such as real estate since high school thanks to TV channels, programs, and websites such as HGTV, This Old House, and all of the countless others we all know and love.

Besides founding Worst Room as a website, it has also spawned a new branch where Rick acts as a home design consultant in Knoxville, TN and the surrounding areas.

Rick refuses to hire out any task around the house (much to Jen's displeasure, as if we don't have enough going on) without trying it himself first and typically succeeding. Who needs outside help when you have friends like Omar and Chris to get advice and help from?

His earliest passion was electronics and hardware, which naturally led to software when his family purchased their first dial-up modem and internet subscription in 1996. His coding, web design, and user experience background naturally helped lead to the creation of this very website.

Most Memorable Home & Garden Moment

This may not be a particularly captivating story with some intense excitement going on. It's one of those "you had to be there" kind of memories. I once had the chance to help build a set of six outdoor urinals under a pavilion in the wilderness at a series of cabins.

From installing a frame, building the urinals and PVC drainage system, to laying a concrete patio around it all it all and standing up a pavilion anchored over it all, it was really an eye-opener into project management. This was all built by hand by myself and two other gentlemen, with one being the wise and older leader teaching us how it's done.

The real fun was using the heavy equipment to then dig a gigantic hole with a backhoe, run more PVC into it, and then fill it back in with gravel to allow it all to percolate down to the ground table. We then smoothed the soil back over and planted grass. Within a few months you'd never know we were there giant machinery. It was really quite something to be a part of as someone who focuses more on interior design.

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