11 Types of Bathroom Sinks for You to Wash Up in Style

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We've all strolled through an appliance store and looked at all the types of bathroom sinks and imagined how nice it would be to upgrade to something fancier and more decorative.

For most people, the bathroom becomes a safe haven where they can hide out at the end of the day. After a long and stressful day at work or simply a busy day doing chores around the house, you may simply want to draw yourself a bath.

But a bathroom doesn't become a relaxing haven just on its own. There's a lot of work that goes into making it look and feel relaxing enough to completely unwind.

The bathroom fittings play a huge role in this. If your sink isn't well chosen and you have to look at rusted plumbing sticking out from underneath the sink, that's not a bathroom you want to shut yourself in.

If it looks shabby, you'll simply want to do your business quickly and get out of there. There are a few different bathroom sink types that could help build the bathroom of your dreams. The following are some options:

11 Types of Bathroom Sinks

These are in no particular order so make sure you scroll through and check them all out. Your dream sink awaits!

1) Undermount Sinks

An undermount sink are among the most common bathroom sink types along with the topmount style

Undermount sinks, as the name may already give away, are sinks that are fitted from below. Typically, they're set into surfaces such as any of the types of granite countertops or various types of marble slabs. The sink is brought from below the solid surface and the gap in the countertop fits the rim of the sink bowl perfectly. 

The sink and the countertop look like a single unit once the basin has been installed. If the work is clean and the edges aren't visible, the under-mounted sink will look seamlessly integrated with the countertop.

This also presents several opportunities to work with different colors and materials to create a stylish basin unit. These are pretty common and probably what most of us already have in our bathrooms. It's also the most common of the kitchen sink ideas.

2) Vessel Sinks

A vessel sink is one of the more unique bathroom sink styles that are situated on top of the countertop instead of within it

Vessel sinks are, quite literally, sinks that are shaped like a vessel or bowl. These vessel-shaped sinks will sit on top of a solid surface or counter top. There's a lot to consider before buying a vessel sink in terms of pros and cons.

Unlike the under mount sink, these types of bathroom sinks don't require any special installation nor do you have to cut a shape the size of the sink into the countertop. It's simply secured into place on top of the countertop. 

You can explore a variety of shapes and sizes for the vessel, though it's usually a round or oval bowl. If the vessel is taller, the water is less likely to splash and make the counter wet. But depending on the height of the vessel, the positioning of the faucet can be adjusted to reduce the splash.

3) Pedestal Sinks

In smaller bathrooms you'll see the pedestal sink types of basins that take up very little room due to the lack of cabinetry under it

A pedestal sink is also self-explanatory given its name. The sink is placed on a pedestal. The pedestal, in turn, is placed on the floor. In essence, this is a floor-mounted sink.

But while the sink is supported by the pedestal, both units look integrated as there is special hardware that will cover the sink material from outside. Since there's no counter top you can more efficiently use up the dimensions of your toilet room.

This is a neat set up and doesn't require too much installation work. The basin and the pedestal come as a single unit, so you only have to find a place to install them. The plumbing is also concealed and you get a neat and tidy unit.

4) Topmount Sinks

a topmount sink is probably the most common of the different types of bathroom sinks especially seen in a lot of older homes and apartments

Unlike the undermount sinks mentioned above, the topmount sinks are the ones that are placed into the counter top from above. Usually, a top-mounted sink also has a rim that is placed on top of the surface and prevents the sink from falling through the gap.

These are called self-rimming sinks or drop-in sinks, meaning they are dropped into the cavity from the top. They're pretty common in kitchens, recognizable by the rim around the edges.

These sinks are mounted using mounting clips or often even caulk beads (and later, caulk over caulk for a touch-up). While the rim is in the design for functional purposes, it also adds an element of relief and texture to the overall design. This is especially useful if the counter and the sink are of the same color. 

5) Wall Mount Sinks

A wall mount sink takes up even less space than the pedestal types of sinks for bathrooms but you shouldn't place too much weight on them

A wall mount sink is one that's mounted directly on the wall. These types of bathroom sinks take up minimum space and are perfect if you are dealing with a square footage issue.

A wall-mounted sink will only consist of the basin, which is attached directly to the wall. Of course, there is plumbing below the sink which in many cases is left exposed.

We've talked about how to hide exposed pipes before, in case you're interested. So if you don't want to look at the plumbing under your bathroom sink, there are ways to conceal the plumbing in the wall. This also leaves the floor space clear to be used for other things.

6) Console Sinks

a console bathroom sink basin is very much like a wall mount type but features supports underneath so it can hold more weight

Console sinks are one of the most stylish and beautiful types of bathroom sinks. These sinks are wall mounted for the most part, but there are also two to four legs that hold the basin up.

The area below the sink is usually empty and can be used for storage. In this arrangement, often the basin acts as both the sink and the counter. 

You can also add metal rods to the legs of the basin, which can be used to hang any types of towels or for other purposes. This is a versatile bathroom sink type and is especially useful if you have a small bathroom.

7) Semi-Recessed Sinks

the semi-recessed types of bathroom sinks are built into the entire top of the counter as part of it seamlessly

Semi-recessed sinks are basins that are carved out of the slab of stone. The countertop and the sink are usually made of the same material and often look like a single piece, though these may be multiple pieces only assembled together. 

As opposed to a fully recessed basin, these types of basins are only slightly sunken and don't go all the way down. They are, therefore, a cross between countertop basins and full recessed basin bathroom sink types. These basins will also often have faucets and other plumbing mounted on the wall. 

8) Corner Basin

the corner basin bathroom sink types are just like pedestal sinks except they can be situated in the corner of a small bathroom saving even more space

A corner basin, as the name suggests, is fitted into the corner of the bathroom where two walls meet. In not using a flat wall, a corner basin is also able to save space and is perfect for a small bathroom, though you'll need to use mirror alternatives since you can't hang one in the corner.

You can still use the flat wall for other things—perhaps for placing a closet or for hanging storage hooks on the wall. A corner basin is usually wall mounted, but can also be a console sink. These are great when you have a small bathroom but want one of the larger types of showers.

These types of bathroom sinks have been designed specifically to be fitted into the 90-degree corner of the bathroom space. This is the ideal type of sink for a bathroom that doesn't have a lot of floor space, but there are some negatives too.

9) Washplane Sinks

a washplane sink is one of the coolest and most modern of the bathroom sink styles and are often of the minimalist design philosophy

A washplane sink is a sleek and slender design that makes any bathroom look luxurious and stylish. They hardly take up any space and have a truly sharp and modern design. However, it must be said that they are suitable for not much else other than washing hands.

Typically, there is a trough at the back of the basin leading to a concealed pipe. The slant of the sink ensures the water goes through this gap and into the waste pipe instead of falling out of the sink.

These sinks are usually mounted on the wall and free up a lot of floor space for you to make good use of. It's probably the most modern and minimalistic of the bathroom sink styles and my favorite types of basins.

10) Vanity Sinks

A vanity sink is always found in a bathroom and will contain cabinetry below and usually mirrors that have storage space behind them too

Vanity sinks are sinks that have a cupboard or cabinet underneath them. This cupboard can double as a vanity closet where you can keep your makeup, medicines, extra toiletries, etc., therefore, giving this bathroom sink basin type its name.

The whole unit together looks like a complete piece of furniture and can be very useful even in a small bathroom, though it does take up more space. Women who spend a lot of time and effort on their appearance may prefer these types of sinks for bathrooms.

You can also play around with various color combinations when it comes to the sink and the vanity below. The sink can be a sparkling white while the vanity below, often made of wood, can be of various colors. You can even paint your own patterns on it.

11) Table-Top Sinks

A table-top sink is very similar to the vessel bathroom sink basin types in that they're on top of the counter but these are usually square or rectangle in shape

A table-top sink is one that is placed on top of a flat surface, one that may resemble a table top—hence, the name. A table-top sink is usually square or rectangular in shape, which makes it different from a vessel sink. You can tend to get away with less water pressure in these bathroom sinks, too, as it pours out more gently (on purpose).

It may also have a vanity cupboard attached to the bottom, but the most distinct thing about these sinks is that they are placed on top of a flat counter that is attached to the wall. The floor space below this unit may be empty and free for storage.

Types of Bathroom Sinks for Every Style

The different types of bathroom sinks that have been mentioned above are some of the most popular styles. Good bathroom fittings can elevate the look of a space and make it look neater.

It's also important to think about fittings so you can also make the most of the space you have. If the sink takes up half of the long wall in the bathroom, that leaves little space for other things in a small bathroom.

The types of bathroom sinks that have been described above can be fitted in a variety of bathrooms, big or small. Find the one that suits the space you have at hand!

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