Can You Mix Fabuloso & Bleach? Absolutely Not!

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can you mix fabuloso and bleach

Do you use bleach in your household chores? Millions of Americans rely on this strong detergent to assist them with removing pathogens like bacteria and viruses from their homes. It kills up to 99.99% of germs, and we have no idea how the other 0.01% manage to survive it. But can you mix Fabuloso and bleach?

Bleach has an unmistakable scent, even when diluted. Walk into any room treated with this liquid, and you can instantly smell the scent of it in the air. Most bleach applications involve diluting it with water, but can you mix it with other household cleaning products?

It's so effective when mixed with water, so adding another cleaner, like Fabuloso, so it should increase its cleaning efficacy, right?

Can You Mix Fabuloso & Bleach?

So, should you grab your bottle of bleach and Fabuloso and mix them together? No. Absolutely not. We hate to build you up with what seems like a great idea only to let you down, but you should NEVER combine these two household cleaners.

While they make for great standalone cleaners when used separately, mixing the two could have disastrous health results for you and anyone living in your home. So, what's the big deal? It sounds like mixing bleach and Fabuloso could harm you or something? Well, that's exactly right; it could possibly end your life if you do it, or at least leave you horribly injured.

Back in the early 1900s, during World War I, the first instances of "chemical warfare" were used in the form of lethal chlorine gas projectiles. Guess what mixing Fabuloso and bleach creates?

Why Should I Avoid Mixing Bleach & Fabuloso?

why should i avoid mixing bleach & fabuloso?

Essentially, mixing Fabuloso and bleach causes a chemical reaction, producing the same lethal chlorine gas the Germans used during the war. Bleach contains the active ingredient, Sodium hypochlorite (NaClO). It's a powerful cleaner and responsible for giving bleach its heralded cleaning properties.

Fabuloso contains the active ingredients sodium chloride (salt), sodium dodecylbenzenesulfonate (soap), and lactic acid, providing the cleaner with its antimicrobial and descaling properties. While both ingredients are toxic, they don't react unless you give them a reason to do so.

When you mix bleach and Fabuloso, the ingredients in the cleaners mix with each other and react. The sodium hypochlorite reacts with the lactic acid in the Fabuloso, releasing chlorine gas. You'll notice a strong reaction in the container where you add the chemicals, and almost instantly, you'll notice it producing the gas, wafting up into the air in the room.

Breathing chlorine gas has an immediate, nasty effect on the respiratory system. You'll feel burning in your mouth, throat, and lungs as the gas inflames the tissues in these areas. The gas causes fluids to leech from the body into the lungs, and you essentially drown in your bodily fluids – not a nice way to go, wouldn't you agree?

Direct inhalation of concentrated chlorine gas is likely to result in death, especially if you're standing around the container when you mix the bleach and Fabuloso. However, even the other people hanging out in other rooms will experience a strong biological reaction to chlorine gas exposure.

They'll start gasping, sneezing, and coughing, and their sinuses, mouth, throat, and lungs will feel like they're on fire. In most cases, even mild exposure to chlorine gas results in a trip to the emergency room. So can you mix Fabuloso and bleach? No, never!

What Do I Mix Fabuloso With?

can you mix bleach and fabuloso? you should not! here you can learn what you can mix fabuloso with?

So, what is safe to mix with Fabuloso? Water. That's it. Never mix anything but water with either bleach or Fabuloso. Fabuloso is a viscous product when undiluted. That means it has a thickness to it, and that breaks down when mixed with water, forming a liquid that's great for cleaning your home.

The dilution ratio between Fabuloso and water depends on what you want to clean. If you're cleaning grease off the stove, adding some undiluted Fabuloso to a sponge gives you a powerful cleaning agent that removes oils and grime from the stove in seconds.

If you're cleaning the floors, mixing a ¼ cup of Fabuloso in a bucket of water gives you a liquid solution that's ideal for mopping. You can even use Fabuloso on wood floors. Fabuloso is a powerful "all-purpose" cleaner, meaning you can use it on just about any surface, from natural stone to laminate, hardwood, or any non-porous surface.

Fabuloso cleans and disinfects, and the scent added to the product leaves your home smelling wonderful. It's available in citrusy and flowery scents and even "Ocean Breeze."

What Cleaning Products Should I Avoid Mixing With Bleach?

what cleaning products should i avoid mixing with bleach?

Like Fabuloso, bleach should only be diluted with water. However, there's one small difference, you should only use room-temperature water when diluting bleach. Don't get the smart idea of mixing it with hot water. Sure, it might seem like a good idea. After all, the hotter the water, the better it is at lifting stains, grit, and grime from the floors, sinks, stove, and toilet, right? Wrong.

Mixing hot water with bleach causes the same chemical reaction as mixing it with Fabuloso. The reaction causes the release of chlorine gas, and it's off to the funeral home or the hospital with you. Apart from Fabuloso and hot water, there are several other things that should never come in contact with bleach.

Many people love using vinegar as a natural cleaning agent around the home, but don't mix it with bleach. The reaction between the two also creates chlorine gas. Never mix ammonia-based cleaners with bleach wither.

Many household cleaning products contain ammonia, as does rubbing alcohol. However, the ammonia in these products reacts with the bleach, creating "chloramine gas," another deadly chemical. Stick to using tepid tap water to mix your bleach and nothing else, though you can safely mix bleach and baking soda if you choose. But let's say it one more time. Can you mix bleach and Fabuloso, no, it is very dangerous.

What are the Symptoms of Chlorine Gas & Chloramine Exposure?

what are the symptoms of chlorine gas & chloramine exposure?

Chlorine and chloramine gas are horribly toxic to the human body, causing a range of poisoning symptoms. If you mix bleach and Fabuloso or bleach and household cleaners, the gas produced by the reaction can cause the following poisoning symptoms:

  • Coughing
  • Nausea
  • Shortness of breath & wheezing
  • Watery eyes
  • Chest pain
  • Irritation in your sinuses, eyes, throat, & lungs
  • Fluid accumulation in the lungs

If you experience any of these symptoms, call for help immediately. Don't attempt to drive to the hospital yourself, as you could cause an accident. Take your phone outside into the fresh air and dial emergency services for help.

Chlorine and chloramine poisoning are life-threatening emergencies, depending on your level of exposure to the gas. Doctors will need to take immediate action to save your life. Some people may recover from exposure to these toxins, while others might not.

Is Fabuloso a Good All-Purpose Cleaner?

Fabuloso is another popular all-purpose cleaning agent trusted by millions of Americans in their household chores. It's available in several formulations and scents to leave your home clean while smelling fresh.

From wiping down surfaces to mopping, mix some Fabuloso with water, and a little goes a long way to sterilizing surfaces and getting rid of germs. It's not as caustic as bleach, and it smells better, too (here's how to get rid of the bleach smell after cleaning), so it's no surprise so many households depend on Fabuloso for their cleaning requirements.

Like bleach, Fabuloso claims to kill 99.99% of all household germs on hard, non-porous surfaces, so you can use it for applications like mopping hardwood or laminated floors. Its streak-free formulation allows for a shiny, clean finish, with no trace of lines, even on dark flooring. They're similar in that manner, but can you mix Fabuloso and bleach? No, once again!

Most homeowners use Fabuloso as an alternative to bleach, but can you mix the two together? Surely combining these two potent household cleaners would be a good idea? Wouldn't you get a super cleaning agent that's ideal for use in any room in the home? Nope!

FAQ’s Regarding Mixing Bleach & Fabuloso

we have covered the details on the question of can you mix fabuloso and bleach, here are some other faq's regarding mixing bleach and fabuloso

Here are some other questions regarding mixing bleach and Fabuloso that may have popped in your mind as you were reading.

Can I Mix Bleach With Other All-Purpose Floor Cleaners like Pine-Sol?

No. Like Fabuloso, Pine-Sol contains active ingredients that react with bleach, creating chlorine gas.

Does Fabuloso Contain Bleach?

No. Fabuloso is an all-purpose, bleach-free household cleaning agent. It does not contain bleach and mixing bleach and Fabuloso is very dangerous, so do not do it.

Is Fabuloso Toxic?

Fabuloso won't harm you or result in a trip to the hospital if you get it on your skin. Undiluted Fabuloso may cause skin irritation in some people. So, always wear rubber kitchen gloves when working with it.

However, if you swallow a significant quality of Fabuloso, it could cause internal bleeding and symptoms like abdominal pain, vomiting, and diarrhea. SafeWise says to drink water or milk immediately, call poison control, and/or have someone drive you to the hospital for care.

Fabuloso may also cause irritation if you get it in your eyes. If this occurs, rinse your eyes out with fresh water until they clear.

Can I Use Fabuloso to Clean My Toilet Tank?

No, don't add Fabuloso to your toilet tank. The active ingredients in the formula will damage the rubber seals on your toilet flapper types, etc.

Is it Safe to Use Fabuloso Around My Pets?

Generally, it's safe to use Fabuloso around pets in the way directed on the label. You'll find that most animals have an aversion to any household cleaner, but coming in contact with it after cleaning your floors won't do them any harm.

So, Can You Mix Fabuloso & Bleach?

No, you can never mix these two cleaning products. The result is a dangerous gas that can cause serious harm to you. Please never mix these chemicals together.

If you do, contact your personal healthcare physician and leave the area immediately. Follow their advice on how to proceed. Always keep your safety in mind first. So, one more time, can you mix Fabuloso and bleach? No! Never do so.

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