Author: Anne Cowart

Anne Cowart acts as an author on the editorial team for Worst Room. She authors the majority of our cleaning, cooking, and organizing content, pulling from her vast well of focus and experience in these areas.


  • Over 17 years of professional experience as a commercial and residential house cleaner.
  • Being a obsessed by effective and efficient cleanliness as a homemaker for nearly two decades now, accepting no less than the best results for her family.
  • While raising her children, her passion is in providing a cleanly, safe home and incredible meals, especially during the holidays.
  • In college Anne majored in English, the study of writing and clear communication, which she eagerly displays on Worst Room.


There are no two activities that Anne has dedicated more of her life to than that of cooking and cleaning in the household and studying the greatest classic and contemporary authors and their writings. You could say her life is about the three C's, as she calls them: cooking, cleaning, & communicating.

High school and college were all about studying and learning how to study in order to extract the full and hidden meaning out of the written word and then distill and transmit the complete message on to a reader. These same skills lent to her ability to discover new and better ways to provide a clean environment and delicious meals to her family.

Anne now combines all of her experience and expertise into one undertaking, that of sharing all she's learned with others to make the world a bit better and way more efficient. From safe-to-use materials in the kitchen, to ingredient swapping while cooking, and an ability to clean and organize anything and everything, Anne's endless "trade secrets" are now being shared exclusively on Worst Room.

Most Memorable Home & Garden Moment

I have so many memories of trying to give my kids more responsibility than they were ready for throughout the years. We've had liquid dish soap being used as detergent in the dishwasher (yay, bubbles...), oven and stove temperatures cranked way high to "speed things up", and clothes not being separated by color but bleach still being used, and so many more incidents.

One of the funniest moments to me was my boys coming in with muddy pants and shoes, so I told them to take it all to the bathroom to clean up. You, reading this, likely pictured mud being scrubbed off in the bathtub, which is what I had in mind. I finish what I was doing and go to check on them and both were squatted on the floor around the toilet with four shoes and two sets of pants stuffed in with them trying to figure out how to slosh water around. I'm glad they didn't flush!

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