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When we say activities, we’re referring to the acts that you engage in in your daily life, between cooking and cleaning to do-it-yourself projects so you can enjoy the end result knowing you achieved it with your own hands. Is there really anything more pleasurable in our homes and lives than choosing a task, completing it, and reaping the reward?

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Will Bleach Kill Drain Flies? (Kind Of, But Try This Instead)

Updated: | Categories: Bathroom, Cleaning, Kitchen, Sink, Tub & Toilet

Dealing with pesky drain flies can be a daunting task for any homeowner. These little insects not only cause discomfort but can also indicate underlying plumbing or sanitation […]

Can I Glue a Tub Surround Over Existing Tile? Yes & Here's How

Updated: | Categories: Bathroom, Do-It-Yourself, Tub & Toilet

Are you considering a bathroom upgrade but don't want to deal with the hassle of removing your existing tile? You're asking "can I glue a tub surround over […]

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Toilet Leaking From the Tank Bolts? Why, the Fix, & Prevention

Updated: | Categories: Bathroom, Do-It-Yourself, Tub & Toilet

Toilet leaks are annoying, wasteful, and potentially damaging to your bathroom floor. One common culprit behind such leaks is the toilet tank bolts, which can lead to water […]

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How to Get Spray Paint Off Concrete? 8 Methods That Work

Updated: | Categories: Cleaning, Do-It-Yourself, Exteriors

Whether you're dealing with accidental spills, graffiti, or a DIY project gone awry, removing spray paint from concrete can seem like an impossible task. However, don't lose hope […]

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Can You Mix Pine-Sol and Bleach? Absolutely Not! (Toxic Fumes)

Updated: | Categories: Cleaning

When it comes to household cleaning, many people look for ways to make their routine more efficient and effective without realizing the potential dangers of combining certain products. […]

How to Snake a Shower Drain to Fully Clear a Blockage

Updated: | Categories: Bathroom, Do-It-Yourself, Tub & Toilet

A clogged shower drain can be a frustrating and messy problem to deal with, but fear not! With the right tools and know-how, snaking your shower drain can […]

Does Nylon Shrink in the Dryer? Not Usually, But...

Updated: | Categories: Cleaning, Laundry Room

Nylon, a popular synthetic fabric known for its strength, durability, and versatility, often raises questions regarding its care and maintenance, one of the most common being, "Does nylon […]

How to Turn Off Water to a Toilet (Shut-Off Valve Location & Usage)

Updated: | Categories: Bathroom, Do-It-Yourself

Knowing how to turn off water to a toilet is essential for every homeowner. It can prevent water damage and save you money on costly repairs, but it's […]

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Burning Plastic Smell In Your House? Get Rid of the Hazard Now

Updated: | Categories: Cleaning

What could be more alarming than detecting the pungent scent of burning plastic within the confines of your home? A burning plastic smell in your house is horrid. […]

How to Unclog a Toilet When Nothing Works

Updated: | Categories: Bathroom, Do-It-Yourself

There's nothing more frustrating than dealing with a stubborn toilet clog that refuses to budge, no matter what you try. If you're tired of reaching for the plunger […]

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Microwave Turns On When the Door Opens?

Updated: | Categories: Appliances, Do-It-Yourself

Microwaves, like all home appliances, can behave erratically from time to time. If your microwave turns on or keeps running when you open the door – it's a […]

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How Long Does It Take to Install a Water Heater?

Updated: | Categories: Do-It-Yourself

When the water heater goes, it means no hot water for the shower, dishwasher, or washing machine. It's amazing how much we take hot water for granted until […]

Carpet Smells Like Stinky Feet? Let's Get it Clean

Updated: | Categories: Cleaning

Do your carpets reek? If the rug or carpet smells like stinky feet, it’s time to take action and remove the odor. What will guests say if they […]

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Bad Smell Coming From One Vent in the House?

Updated: | Categories: Cleaning, HVAC, Interiors

Is there a bad smell coming from one vent in the house? It might be coming from one specific vent in the house, but there could be several […]

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How to Make a Toilet Flush Better? (5 Simple Steps)

Updated: | Categories: Bathroom, Do-It-Yourself, Tub & Toilet

Are you flushing the toilet multiple times to clear it? That can be a sign of bigger problems in your plumbing system, or more often you just need […]

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Can You Put Parchment Paper in a Toaster Oven?

Updated: | Categories: Cooking

The cookie batter looks great, with those organic chocolate chips calling your name. The kitchen oven is busy roasting that leg of lamb for dinner, so you decide […]

Fixing a Leaking Flexible Hose Under a Sink Quickly

Updated: | Categories: Do-It-Yourself, Sink

You stand at the sink, brushing your teeth, ready for bed. Suddenly, you notice your feet feel wet. You haven't showered or bathed, so why is there water […]

How to Clean an Electric Griddle in 9 Simple Steps

Updated: | Categories: Cleaning, Cooking

Many people have electric griddles in their homes and use them for everything from serving eggs and bacon to grilled cheese sandwiches. Cooking on one is great, but […]

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Water Not Coming Out of Your Shower Head?

Updated: | Categories: Bathroom, Do-It-Yourself, Tub & Toilet

You step into the shower to start your morning routine, and the showerhead doesn't want to play ball. It stutters and stops delivering water, with a weak stream […]

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My House Smells Like Skunk... What Do I Do?

Updated: | Categories: Cleaning, Interiors

Did you walk into your home after a long day at the office to find the house smells like skunk? What's causing the foul stench, and how do […]

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Vinegar Smell in Your House? Causes & Solutions

Updated: | Categories: Cleaning

Do you have a vinegar smell in your house? It's a sharp odor that stings the inside of your nostrils and irritates your sinuses – so it's time […]

How to Fix Low Water Pressure in a Bathroom Sink

Updated: | Categories: Bathroom, Do-It-Yourself

Is the water dribbling out of your faucet when it should be a raging torrent? Chances are the pressure in the pipes is low. What causes low water […]

How to Make Shower Water Hotter (Simple Solution)

Updated: | Categories: Bathroom, Do-It-Yourself, Tub & Toilet

Most of us enjoy a warm shower when we wake up. It washes away the haze and prepares us for the day ahead. Or maybe you like a […]

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How Long Do Clothes Take to Air Dry?

Updated: | Categories: Cleaning, Laundry Room

Are you waiting for the washer's spin cycle to finish? How are you going to dry your clothes? If you always dump them in the dryer, think twice […]

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Acetone Smell in Your House? Let's Remove the Odor

Updated: | Categories: Cleaning

Does your home smell like a nail polish remover? What's causing the noxious stench wafting through the rooms? There could be several reasons for the problem – some […]

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How to Remove a Stripped Allen Screw or Bolt

Updated: | Categories: Do-It-Yourself, Garage

Many of us have been in the midst of a DIY project or repair, and suddenly we are faced with a stripped Allen screw or bolt, bringing our […]

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How to Keep Bugs Away From Your Porch Light

Updated: | Categories: Do-It-Yourself, Patio

Are you tired of buzzing and itchy encounters with bugs spoiling your relaxing evenings on the porch? You are not alone. Learning how to keep bugs away from […]

SharkBite Fitting Leaking? Here's Why & The Fix

Updated: | Categories: Do-It-Yourself, Garage

If you have ever used SharkBite fittings in your plumbing projects, you know how convenient and easy they are to install. They are push-to-connect fittings that save you […]

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Painting Over Polyurethane the Right Way

Updated: | Categories: Do-It-Yourself, Garage

With the correct tools and techniques, you can achieve a professional-looking finish that will endure for years by painting over polyurethane. To help you achieve a professional-looking finish […]

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Polyurethane Over Paint the Right Way

Updated: | Categories: Do-It-Yourself, Garage

A coating of polyurethane over paint, a popular choice among amateurs and experts alike, is often used to preserve the look of painted surfaces. This advanced guide will […]

Is Your Garbage Disposal Leaking From the Bottom?

Updated: | Categories: Do-It-Yourself, Sink

If you've discovered your garbage disposal leaking from the bottom, it's essential to address the issue promptly to prevent further damage and maintain a hygienic kitchen environment. This […]

No Power to Thermostat? Here's the 4 Solutions

Updated: | Categories: Do-It-Yourself, HVAC

Discovering that your thermostat is not supplying electricity can be a perplexing and irritating experience. However, you can save time and money with a proper diagnosis of the […]

The Garage Door Sensor Yellow Light Solved

Updated: | Categories: Do-It-Yourself, Garage

When dealing with a garage door sensor yellow light, it's essential to understand the underlying causes and how to address them effectively. In this guide, we will delve […]

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How to Fix the Thermopile Voltage Low Error

Updated: | Categories: Appliances, Do-It-Yourself

If you've encountered a thermopile voltage low error in your heating appliance, it's crucial to understand the underlying cause and how to fix it. This comprehensive guide will […]

Why is My Ceiling Fan Clicking? Fix Common Issues

Updated: | Categories: Do-It-Yourself, HVAC

If you've noticed your ceiling fan clicking, it's essential to identify and address the root cause promptly. A clicking ceiling fan can be bothersome and may signify a […]

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How to Make Vinyl Floors Shine to Perfection

Updated: | Categories: Cleaning

How long ago did you install your vinyl flooring? It’s common for them to lose their luster after a few years. They might become dull or slightly yellowed […]

How to Get Rid of a Bird's Nest in Your Gutter

Updated: | Categories: Do-It-Yourself, Pests, Roof

Sitting on the porch on a late summer afternoon, watching the sun go down while you hear the birds merrily chirping away, is a satisfying experience. However, it's […]

how to get a drawer unstuck thumbnail

How to Get a Drawer Unstuck & Sliding Again

Updated: | Categories: Cleaning, Do-It-Yourself

Is the kitchen drawer stuck again? What a hassle. Stuck drawers are challenging to open and close and cause a headache for anyone. Trying to jiggle the drawer […]

Are Crock Pots Dishwasher Safe? Some Parts, Yes

Updated: | Categories: Cleaning, Cooking

Is there anything easier than cooking something in a crock pot? Just leave it to cook and walk away. Now, if only cleaning it was as easy. Crockpots […]

how to get rid of a gas smell in your house thumbnail

How to Get Rid of a Gas Smell in Your House [4 Ways]

Updated: | Categories: Do-It-Yourself, Garage

Have you spilled gasoline in your home? Maybe you were carrying it to fuel the generator outside and accidentally spilled some on the carpet. Great. Now the whole […]

Where Is the Breaker Box in My House? (Location List)

Updated: | Categories: Do-It-Yourself, Garage

Moving into a new house is a thrilling experience until the power goes out and you think for the first time "where is the breaker box in my […]

how to tell if a valve is open or closed thumbnail

How to Tell if a Valve is Open or Closed (Simple Trick)

Updated: | Categories: Do-It-Yourself

If you had to shut off the water valve to your toilet, would you know how to do it? It's a simple task, but many homeowners have no […]

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Can Steam Set Off a Fire Alarm or Smoke Detector?

Updated: | Categories: Cooking, Security

How many times has the smoke detector in your home sounded a false alarm over something? According to data, there’s a 98% chance of a false alarm rather […]

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2 DIY Home Remedies for Backed Up Septic Tanks

Updated: | Categories: Do-It-Yourself

Is your septic tank backing up? That's a downright dirty situation no homeowner wants on their hands, quite literally. When things go wrong with the septic tank, they […]

Where to Recharge a Fire Extinguisher & Prep Tips

Updated: | Categories: Do-It-Yourself, Security

Imagine the scenario. A fire starts in the kitchen while you’re pan-frying a rib eye. You manage to collect your wits and reach under the sink to grab […]

how to build a rock drainage ditch thumbnail

How to Build a Rock Drainage Ditch Like a Pro

Updated: | Categories: Do-It-Yourself, Lawn Care

A drainage ditch is a common feature in rural areas. It serves the purpose of directing water away from locations in the yard or fields where it might […]

how to notch a tree thumbnail

How to Notch a Tree for Safe & Proper Felling

Updated: | Categories: Do-It-Yourself, Lawn Care

Do you have a tree in your yard looming menacingly over your home? One strong wind storm and the tree might fall over onto the roof, causing thousands […]

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Will Drano Kill Drain Flies? What About the Larvae?

Updated: | Categories: Bathroom, Do-It-Yourself, Sink, Tub & Toilet

Oh no. Drain flies are buzzing around the garbage disposal again. It seems every time summer arrives and the weather gets warm, these little annoyances appear out of […]

How to Fix Bubbled Drywall Tape & Repair the Paint

Updated: | Categories: Do-It-Yourself, Interiors

There's nothing as frustrating for a homeowner than to step back to admire your drywalling project, only to notice bubbles in the tape. Fortunately, it's not as challenging […]

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How to Strip a Wire of its Insulation Sheathing Easily

Updated: | Categories: Do-It-Yourself, Garage

Are you fixing something electrical in your home? Chances are you'll have to strip some wires for the job. If you've never stripped wires before – don't stress; […]