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What is a Foyer in a House? Should I Repurpose It?

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Did you visit a friend, and they told you to wait in the foyer while they got their things together? What is a foyer in a house? Typically […]

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My House Smells Like Skunk... What Do I Do?

Updated: | Categories: Cleaning, Interiors

Did you walk into your home after a long day at the office to find the house smells like skunk? What's causing the foul stench, and how do […]

How to Fix Low Water Pressure in a Bathroom Sink

Updated: | Categories: Bathroom, Do-It-Yourself

Is the water dribbling out of your faucet when it should be a raging torrent? Chances are the pressure in the pipes is low. What causes low water […]

How to Make Shower Water Hotter (Simple Solution)

Updated: | Categories: Bathroom, Do-It-Yourself, Tub & Toilet

Most of us enjoy a warm shower when we wake up. It washes away the haze and prepares us for the day ahead. Or maybe you like a […]

What is a Finished Basement? Exactly What Qualifies

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Do you want to increase your property value and add more living space to your home? Consider adding a finished basement. What is a finished basement? A finished […]

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How Long Do Clothes Take to Air Dry?

Updated: | Categories: Cleaning, Laundry Room

Are you waiting for the washer's spin cycle to finish? How are you going to dry your clothes? If you always dump them in the dryer, think twice […]

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How Long Can You Leave a Lava Lamp On?

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There's nothing as satisfying as falling asleep to the soothing visual of a lava lamp glowing in the corner of the room. But how long can you leave […]

How Long Can You Leave a Wax Warmer On?

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Are you eyeing that wax warmer at your favorite online store? The thought of your bedroom or lounge smelling fragrantly fantastic all day seems intoxicating, and you click […]

What to Do With an Unused Dining Room? 22 Ideas

Updated: | Categories: Dining Room

Modern families don't gather around the dinner table for their evening meal like old-fashioned families. The changes in people's schedules led to the phasing out of this tradition. […]

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What is a Bulkhead in a House? Hiding & Providing

Updated: | Categories: Interiors

Do you want to partition the living spaces in your home? Well, what is a bulkhead in a house? A bulkhead allows you to separate aspects of the […]

How to Stop a Bed from Sliding With 5 Diff Methods

Updated: | Categories: Bedroom

After a long day, you fall onto the bed, only to have it slide across the vinyl floorboards, almost throwing you to the floor. That's a great way […]

Is Crown Molding Outdated? No, It's Just Costly

Updated: | Categories: Interiors

Do you want to add a sense of elegance and classic style to the interiors of your home? Consider crown molding as your trim of choice. But is […]

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TV in Front of a Window? Pros, Cons, & How to Do It

Updated: | Categories: Bedroom, Living Room

Are you struggling to find the perfect spot for your TV in a room filled with windows? While it may seem convenient, this placement can lead to various […]

Bad Drywall Job: Signs, Causes, & Fixing Your Walls

Updated: | Categories: Interiors

A bad drywall job can leave your home or commercial property looking unprofessional and unfinished. This causes issues such as nail pops, visible seams, uneven corners, and even […]

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Proper Toilet Distance From Wall By Code & Comfort

Updated: | Categories: Bathroom

When it comes to installing a toilet, one of the most important factors to consider is the distance from the wall. The toilet distance from wall is not […]

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How To Make a Dark Basement Look Brighter

Updated: | Categories: Basement

Transforming a dark basement with no windows into a bright, inviting space can be challenging. However, with the right techniques and design choices, you can make your basement […]

Where to Place Curtain Holdbacks for a Sleek Decor

Updated: | Categories: Interiors

Is there anything more satisfying than hanging a new set of curtains in the living room or bedroom? Curtains are functional, but they also serve a decorative purpose. […]

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How Long After Painting Can I Sleep in the Room?

Updated: | Categories: Bedroom

Are you painting your bedroom? A fresh coat of paint can bring life to the room, but it can also cost you your health if you spend too […]

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What Is the Standard Baseboard Height? It's a Range

Updated: | Categories: Interiors

Are you looking for a way to enhance the look of the hallway, bedroom, or lounge renovation? Baseboards are a great addition to any room, giving an air […]

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Will Drano Kill Drain Flies? What About the Larvae?

Updated: | Categories: Bathroom, Do-It-Yourself, Sink, Tub & Toilet

Oh no. Drain flies are buzzing around the garbage disposal again. It seems every time summer arrives and the weather gets warm, these little annoyances appear out of […]

How to Fix Bubbled Drywall Tape & Repair the Paint

Updated: | Categories: Do-It-Yourself, Interiors

There's nothing as frustrating for a homeowner than to step back to admire your drywalling project, only to notice bubbles in the tape. Fortunately, it's not as challenging […]

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Does Toilet Paper Expire & Degrade in Storage?

Updated: | Categories: Bathroom

One of the strangest aspects of the the recent global health escapade and the panic it caused in much of the world was people's mad rush to hoard […]

Can Mold in a Basement Affect Upstairs Rooms?

Updated: | Categories: Basement

Do you have mold growing in your basement? Get rid of it now before it causes huge health problems in your household. Can mold in a basement affect […]

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8 Basement Mold Types to Eradicate on Sight

Updated: | Categories: Basement, Cleaning

Do you have a basement in your home? When did you last look around to see what was going on down there? Basements can be cold, dark, and […]

What Color to Paint Ceiling Beams? 8 Fancy Options

Updated: | Categories: Do-It-Yourself, Interiors

Are you struggling with deciding on what color to paint ceiling beams in various rooms? You'll have to live with your decision for years, so you better get […]

Can You Dry Lights & Darks Together? Can I Mix Colors?

Updated: | Categories: Laundry Room

We all know the laundry hazards of washing lights and darks together in the same load. But what about drying them together? Can you dry lights and darks […]

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Can You Paint a Toilet? How to Paint One in 6 Steps

Updated: | Categories: Bathroom, Do-It-Yourself, Tub & Toilet

Are you considering remodeling your bathroom? If you want a quick and easy way to change the visual aesthetic of the space, consider painting the toilet. But can […]

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Can a Bathroom Fan Vent Into an Attic? No & Why

Updated: | Categories: Bathroom, HVAC

Walking into a hot, humid bathroom after someone's taken a shower or bath isn't a comfy sensation. The air feels clammy, and moisture clings to your skin. Wouldn't […]

How to Shim a Toilet Successfully in 6 Easy Steps

Updated: | Categories: Bathroom, Do-It-Yourself, Tub & Toilet

Your guest comes out of the bathroom with a shocked look on her face. You already know what's wrong. That wobbly toilet is a real doozy and a […]

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Is a Squeaky Dryer Dangerous to Keep Using?

Updated: | Categories: Appliances, Laundry Room

Is your dryer making a squeaking sound during operation? Bad news, this could be a sign of an internal issue with the machine. Is a squeaky dryer dangerous? […]

Where to Put a Mirror in Your Bedroom (Feng Shui Tips)

Updated: | Categories: Bedroom

Are you trying to figure out where to hang your new bedroom mirror? You can't just put it anywhere you want. Well, you could, but that wouldn't be […]

Can Ceiling Paint Be Used on Walls? Yes, If You Like It

Updated: | Categories: Do-It-Yourself, Interiors

You've decided to paint the living room walls in your home. As you rummage through the cans of paint in your garage, you realize you don't have any […]

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Corner Shower Dimensions by Code & for Comfort

Updated: | Categories: Bathroom, Tub & Toilet

Are you looking at shower designs for your bathroom remodel? You have plenty of options in terms of designs and sizes. Corner shower dimensions allow you to save […]

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Can You Clean Bathroom Tiles With Bleach? Well...

Updated: | Categories: Bathroom, Cleaning, Tub & Toilet

Are your bathroom tiles and grout looking grimy? You might be wondering if you can blast them clean using the power of bleach. After all, it works well […]

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How to Keep Doors from Closing by Themselves

Updated: | Categories: Do-It-Yourself, Interiors

Does one of the doors in your home seem to magically close by itself? Relax, you don't have a ghost haunting your house; it's probably something else. Let's […]

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Bathtub Peeling: Should I Refurbish or Replace It?

Updated: | Categories: Bathroom, Do-It-Yourself, Tub & Toilet

It's annoying when your bathtub liner starts peeling, right? Not only does it look ghastly, but if it's peeling on the bottom, it feels horrible against your feet […]

Can You Put a Mattress & Box Spring on the Floor?

Updated: | Categories: Bedroom, Cleaning

It's common for people to spend more on their mattresses and box spring, leaving them with nothing left in their budget for a frame. So, can you place […]

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How to Make a Daybed Look Like a Couch?

Updated: | Categories: Bedroom, Furniture, Living Room

Are you looking for ways to improve the visual aesthetic of your living room by learning how to make a daybed look like a couch? You've come to […]

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What Grit Sandpaper for Drywall? Plus Tools & Tips

Updated: | Categories: Do-It-Yourself, Interiors

Sandpaper is essential for any drywall project, but can you get away without using it? Is skipping this step a mistake? And if is, what grit sandpaper for […]

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9 Toilet Colors & Shade Ranges for Your Personality

Updated: | Categories: Bathroom, Tub & Toilet

Toilets are home essentials. While not the most glamorous fixture in the house, the toilet provides the necessary service. Because toilets are obligatory instead of optional, we settle […]

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Fabuloso in a Toilet Tank Long-Term is a Bad Idea

Updated: | Categories: Bathroom, Cleaning, Tub & Toilet

Have you seen how people are putting Fabuloso in their toilet tank? This powerful cleaning agent has been used for decades, but it sometimes needs to be clarified […]

Can You Flush the Toilet When the Power Is Out?

Updated: | Categories: Bathroom, Tub & Toilet

Imagine this; you finished doing your business inside the toilet, and the lights went out. You realize there is a power outage and is now faced with a […]

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How to Fix a Running Toilet Without a Ball Float

Updated: | Categories: Bathroom, Do-It-Yourself, Tub & Toilet

Are you tired of dealing with a running toilet and wondering if there's any way to fix it without having to buy and install some other system like […]

Washer & Dryer Dimensions: Standard, Stacked, & Compact

Updated: | Categories: Appliances, Laundry Room

Washer and dryer dimensions tell you the size of the appliance, usually measured in inches. When choosing a unit, you need to know the specifications to see if […]

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5 Washing Machine Drainage Options: Easy & Fast

Updated: | Categories: Appliances, Laundry Room

Did you just bring home your new appliance and are now considering the various washing machine drainage options available for your laundry room? Let's dive into the world […]

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4 Toilet Venting Options for Reduced Lingering Odor

Updated: | Categories: Bathroom, HVAC, Tub & Toilet

You've realized you need to know what the various toilet venting options are. Toilet venting is a bathroom installation that must be installed correctly to ensure proper airflow. […]

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How Many Coats of Primer on New Drywall?

Updated: | Categories: Do-It-Yourself, Interiors

When painting a new piece of drywall, the number of coats of primer to be applied is an important consideration for optimal coverage and protection from moisture damage. […]

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How to Store Blankets in Comfy & Decorative Ways

Updated: | Categories: Bedroom, Cleaning, Living Room

Blankets keep you cozy and add to your decor. While their bulk can be a benefit, when you are not using them, it can be tough to know […]

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How to Dress a Window Without Curtains: 16 Ideas

Updated: | Categories: Interiors

Curtains are a common way of dressing windows in the home. They lend privacy and contribute to the overall aesthetic value of a space. However, curtains are not […]

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Why Do Pillows Turn Yellow? 5 Reasons They Stain

Updated: | Categories: Bedroom, Cleaning

A clean pillow is essential to good sleep, so you must ensure it stays clean and fresh. Not keeping pillows clean can negatively impact your rest and health […]