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Arts, crafts, sewing, DIY projects… we all need a room to engage in our hobbies, store all of our tool, utensils, and crafting materials, and most importantly a space to get and stay organized. But this room has to be our own, one we decorate and love to be in. Can we call ourselves crafters if our craft room isn’t absolutely amazing? We might, but others won’t!

types of tape

12 Types of Tape That Serve Every Need You've Ever Have

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Ever since some genius realized we could stick adhesives to a thin strip of paper or plastic, the world hasn't stopped rolling out new types of tape. From […]

types of scissors

15 Different Types of Scissors & Their Uses

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There are types of scissors for every need. Many industries found that if they tweaked the design of common shears, they could work faster, more accurately, and more […]