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What’s the one activity that we spend more of our time planning for? From deciding what to eat, creating a shopping list, running to the store, getting back home and unloading the car, and preparing the meal.. cooking and meal times not only take up much of our time but bring us the greatest enjoyment.

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13 Sushi Rice Substitutes You May Have at Home

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Who doesn't love an authentic sushi roll now and then? After a long day, there's probably nothing you would rather do then come home and make a roll […]

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17 Types of Papaya With Enjoyable Flavor Variations

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There are many types of papaya and all of these varieties can be exceptionally good. However, some are healthier than others and they even have different tastes, making […]

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15 Types of Cheesecake That Really Hit the Spot

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We know for a fact that you're reading this because you love cheesecake. And that's good — we all love it. But have you ever wondered how many […]

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How to Store Bok Choy for Lasting Deliciousness

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So, you need to know how to store bok choy properly to enjoy it for multiple days or even months down the line. Luckily, there are not only […]

10 Types of Shrimp to Adorn Your Seafood Platter

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If you thought that picking out the right types of shrimp at the local supermarket was a fairly straightforward task, you’ve got another thing coming... There are upwards […]

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24 Types of Oranges for Unique Citrus Flavors

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The many different types of oranges are all juicy fruits. You can eat them ripe and fresh, or you can use them to make and flavor some dishes, […]

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26 Types of Sushi for an Authentic Japanese Meal

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Sushi is a delicious Japanese dish that typically involves a combination of rice, usually raw seafood and other vegetables. There are, however, several types of sushi that can […]

34 Types of Eggs to Enhance Your Favorite Meals

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There are many different ways to classify the different types of eggs to eat. If you look at a carton, you will see plenty of information these days […]

14 Types of Clams to Grace Your Seafood Platter

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Though all the different types of clams are among the easiest seafood to cook, nothing about their sizes, colors, and names is easy, especially because there are quite […]

4 Types of Peanuts & Their Endless, Tasty Subtypes

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Unsurprisingly, the different types of peanuts are beloved across the world — from being the perfect complement to a cold beverage to forming the base of highly loved […]

21 Types of Salami for Endless Delicious Flavor

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Whether you put them on pizza, in a sandwich, in a salad, pair it with wine and cheese, or eat it as is, there’s no denying that all […]

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13 Types of Grills to Cook Your Meals Just Right

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The humble, but right types of grills are indispensable features in backyard barbecues and cookouts — the reason behind saliva-inducing aromas and perfectly charred meat and veggies that […]

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8 Types of Jam to Spread on Your Favorite Treats

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Jams are one of the most common breakfast items all over the world. These come in various textures, tastes, spreadability, and consistency. Whether you buy these off shelves […]

22 Types of Watermelon to Improve Your Events

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Watermelon is a favorite summer fruit. This delicious melon has earned its spot on the seasonal menu, whether you slice it up to enjoy in the sun or […]

20 Types of Eggplant to Wow Your Garden & Meals

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Eggplants are vegetables that you can cook in multiple ways and use for a variety of dishes, but did you know that there are many different types of […]

12 Broccoli Substitutes to Save You a Grocery Visit

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Broccoli is a nutritious vegetable featuring florets and stalks that you can usually cook and eat. If, however, you can’t obtain these vegetables for some reason or simply […]

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9 Types of Air Fryers to Revolutionize Your Kitchen

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Any types of air fryers, if used in the right way, can absolutely provide you with excellent results. But it's not always just about the results, but the […]

18 Types of Ketchup for a New Spin on an Old Flavor

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Imagine having fries without ketchup, totally bland, isn't it? Add up all the types of ketchup and it has become the most common condiment that can ameliorate the […]

18 Types of Cilantro With Sophisticated Flavors

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Believe it or not, all the many types of cilantro are among the most used greens that work as a food source and also act as a herb […]

16 Types of Radishes to Add a Variety of Flavor to Any Meal

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According to research, around 400 million pounds of different types of radishes are consumed by the people of America in a year. It is because of their crunchiness […]

15 Types of Truffles to Try on Your Next Dish (If You Can Find Them)

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The different types of truffles come in a wide variety of shapes, colors, and sizes, but only a few are edible. Most of these underground fungi are poisonous […]

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10 Types of Tortillas for a Final Touch to a Perfect Meal

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If you're a taco lover just like many other North Americans, and are planning to make some delicious tacos at home, you should learn about the different types […]

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19 Types of Melons With Amazing, Juicy Flavors to Try

Updated: | Categories: Cooking, Garden

All types of melons are regarded as a valuable food source around the world, and cultivation began around 4,000 years ago. The delicious, juicy fruits are available in […]

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15 Types of Beets to Reap the Benefits & Tweak the Tastes

Updated: | Categories: Cooking, Garden

Every and all types of beets are herbaceous plants in the Amaranthaceae family and can emerge as one of the most dependable members of your vegetable garden. When […]

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35 Types of Fries to Keep Your Favorite Food on Rotation

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Whether you are watching movies or on a road trip, any types of fries will always be good company. But do you love fries? Who doesn't! It will […]

18 Ice Cream Alternatives for Lower Calorie Enjoyment

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In general, ice cream isn't a healthy option to snack on. No worries, there are lots of nutritious ice cream alternatives to choose from. These are simple to […]

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15 Types of Pâté That Form a Masterclass of Gourmet Meat

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Pâté is mainly a rough paste dish associated with expensive chopped liver or duck liver. However, the many types of pâté have a broader range of recipes that […]

15 Types of Fudge to Sweeten Up Your Smile [Unique Flavors!]

Updated: | Categories: Cooking

Fudge is a simple sugar treat that you can make with minimal effort and ingredients. Most types of fudge only needs sugar, milk, and butter as its key […]

21 Types of Brownies to Taste While in Dessert Heaven

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Brownies are well-known desserts that are often made in square or in rectangular patterns. Hardly anything can match the deliciousness of all the thick, chewy, and fudge types […]

21 Types of Pasta Sauce to Refresh Your Favorite Meal

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All the different types of pasta sauce are savory garnishes that enhances the taste of a pasta dish. Pasta is tasteless if you taste it just after boiling […]

12 Types of Coffee Grinders to Achieve the Perfect Brew

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Every coffee enthusiast loves to grind their coffee. Roasted coffee beans have oil and gas inside them, which boost the flavor and aroma of your coffee. Ground coffee […]

13 Types of Whisks Perfectly Crafted With Your Dish in Mind

Updated: | Categories: Cooking, Utensils

Together, all of the different types of whisks are among the most common kitchen utensils that can blend ingredients to get a smooth mixture or incorporate air into […]

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22 Types of Ice Cream to Explore for an Extra Special Treat

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Ice cream is more than just food. You can say it's more like a treat of goodness and flavors. However, which types of ice cream are best for […]

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22 Types of Cherries to Explore All Varieties of Flavor

Updated: | Categories: Cooking

All types of cherries are stone fruits, which contain stones in the center, sometimes called a pit, to contain the seed. They are a good source of Vitamin […]

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16 Types of Broccoli That Put a Twist on a Familiar Flavor

Updated: | Categories: Cooking, Garden

Did you know that all of the types of broccoli are members of the mustard family, just like kale, cauliflower, and Brussels sprouts? This famous green plant got […]

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15 Types of Guava That Explode Delicious Flavors

Updated: | Categories: Cooking, Garden

When it comes to exotic fruits, guava is one of the most admired ones. This sweet, juicy, and flavorful fruit has different varieties, and some types of guava […]

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14 Types of Almonds to Explore in Your Snacking Adventures

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For being the king of nuts, numerous types of almonds are cultivated and consumed every day all over the world. Almonds are highly nutritious, containing rich amounts of […]

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15 Types of Oregano for Edible & Ornamental Enjoyment

Updated: | Categories: Cooking, Garden

From pizza to fried chicken, oregano goes with everything. And different types of oregano come with unique flavors and aromas to make your meals one of a kind. […]

11 Types of Juicers That Prepare the Perfect Juice Drink

Updated: | Categories: Appliances, Cooking, Kitchen

When you're planning to have a healthy diet plan, then one thing that you can never skip is juice. Yes, we're referring to the natural ones you make […]

12 Types of Smokers to Cook the Perfect BBQ at Home

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When it’s about intensifying the flavor of your BBQ recipes, a smoker is the best option you have. And different types of smokers come with unique features to […]

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11 Types of Cauliflower to Bring Color to Your Garden

Updated: | Categories: Cooking, Garden

Love it or hate it, there's no denying that very few vegetables are as rich in vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants as the different types of cauliflower. If you […]

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13 Types of Spatulas for a Better Cooking Experience

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Let's take a moment and think — can you cook without even one of the different types of spatulas? You bet you can't. It's fascinating how this simple […]

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14 Types of Spinach to Grow & Add Variety to Your Meals

Updated: | Categories: Cooking, Garden

We’ve all watched Popeye the Sailor gaining muscles after eating a can of spinach, and though it sounds gimmicky, it can be true. You'd do a lot better […]

15 Types of Pecans to Create Complex Dishes & Desserts

Updated: | Categories: Cooking, Garden

Whether as a part of a healthy diet or the main ingredient of a delicious dessert, all types of pecans are an excellent choice. This nut has been […]

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10 Types of Limes to Enhance Dishes & Excite Mouths

Updated: | Categories: Cooking, Garden

Members of the citrus fruit family, different types of limes are used around the world in many ways and recipes to elevate flavors to a whole new level. […]

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16 Types of Raspberries to Enjoy Sweet & Juicy Fruits

Updated: | Categories: Cooking, Garden

There cannot be a single human being who does not enjoy the sweet and juicy deliciousness of a raspberry. If the world was a perfect place, you would […]

10 Oven Alternatives That Save Space & Work Even Better

Updated: | Categories: Appliances, Cooking, Kitchen

From baking scrumptious cakes to cheesy lasagnas, the possibilities seem to be endless with an oven. But like all appliances, ovens can also break down, or you may […]

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11 Paper Towel Alternatives to Reduce Waste & Clean Even Better

Updated: | Categories: Cleaning, Cooking

There are so many reasons to let go of paper towels. And if you haven’t figured it out yet, there are so many paper towel alternatives that make […]

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16 Rolling Pin Substitutes to Get That Dough Flat Now

Updated: | Categories: Cooking

A rolling pin is a fundamental tool in any kitchen. With its various uses in cooking and baking, it's a key utensil in every household. That's why knowing […]

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9 Plastic Wrap Alternatives for When You're Sick of the Cling

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A lot of people are going green looking for plastic wrap alternatives, and just as many of us simply don't have any around when we need it. But […]