10 Ways to Block a Neighbor's View to Regain Privacy

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block neighbors view

Imagine having a party in your backyard and your neighbors uninvitedly taking part by peeking at your property. Doesn't it seem awkward? You can either tell them to mind their own business or simply avoid the fact that you are being watched. Rather than talking upfront, you can simply add elements to your housing that can help block a neighbor's view without much fuss.

Yes, there are ways you can obstruct them from looking at you all the time. For example, you can opt to plant trees and bushes to impede their vision or be creative about it without messing up the aesthetics of your outdoor area.

In this article, we will talk about why you must put a barricade in your living perimeter and some useful ways to hinder your neighbors' peeping behavior. To know about inventive ideas, keep on reading.

Is it Necessary to Block a Neighbor's View? Why Do It?

if you are seeking for visual privacy from neighbors, it is necessary to block a neighbor's view

Blocking a neighbor's view might not be preferable to everyone out there. Some people love their open premises and don't mind their neighbors gazing at them. On the other hand, some people cherish solitude or simply want some privacy with their loved ones; this is when barriers come in handy.

It's not compulsory to use barricades or obstacles to hinder others from looking at you, but doing so is no harm. If you prefer privacy, then you must take the necessary steps to protect yourself.

For example, if you are swimming in your backyard pool or cherishing quiet time on your patio, would you like others to observe you from the outside? We bet it's a no! Privateness matters for many, and it might also matter to you, so blocking the outsiders' view will certainly be worth it.

10 Practical Ways to Block Your Neighbors' View

Let's not waste time by randomly searching the internet. Below you will find a list of effective methods to keep your neighbors at bay. Pick whatever complements your home.

Corrugated Metal Fence

one of the ways to block neighbor's view is to use corrugated metal fence

The best way to stop prying eyes is to erect fences around your living space. You can get different materials to build a fence; one reliable material is metal. A metal fence can either turn out to be a disaster in terms of outlook, or it can be one of the sleekest fences you've ever seen.

Corrugated metal fences are a common way to obstruct others from peeking into your house. You can buy metal fences from your nearby hardware store. To set it up properly, you will need a concrete base, where the wooden frame will embrace the metal sheets.

You can either create a barrier around your entire fence line or you can place these as panels in strategic positions so that neighbors won't be able to see specific areas, like your small back patio, for instance, or a swimming pool.

Take a look at these fence ideas and see if you can work one into your plan. If you want to know how to block out a neighbor's view, the giant metal panel fence is the most effective if you can make it look good.

Wood Fence

if you are looking for cheap ways to block neighbor's view, you can use wooden fence

An ideal way to save money upfront is to use a wooden fence. Unlike metal, wood comes in different variants and is comparatively less expensive. You can purchase vertical or horizontal boards from local stores and erect them in your backyard or surrounding your home.

All types of wood fences are preferred by those who love simplicity and yet want to add elegance to the house. There are different types of wooden boards in the market. For fencing, we suggest pinewood or rosewood.

In comparison to other woods, pinewood is cheaper and easy to work with. Rosewood, on the other hand, is rot-resistant and will last for many years to come. If you want a more natural looking fence, you could consider building a DIY wattle fence.

You don't have to fence in your entire property line either. You can put up even just one tall panel on each side of your patio where you normally like to sit and that can be enough to keep eyes off of you and make you feel like they're not looking, too. A fence is the quintessential answer to how to block a neighbor's view.

Add Hedges

When putting boundaries on a garden, there is nothing better than growing your favorite types of hedges. For example, tall trees like the Italian Cypress can work wonders because of their upright growth. It can reach up to 60 to 70 feet and is great for screening.

Growing hedges can be your best pick if you are not fond of solid obstacles in your poverty. Some other trees that can be ideal hedges are Wax Myrtle, Thuja Green Giant, Cryptomeria Radicans, etc. Adding to its beauty, you can opt to include flowerings and different plants of your choice.

Breaking the spectators' view by growing hedges is a common practice and a helpful one, indeed. This works best for homes that are further apart where there's enough land to grow such a large bush.

Plant Trees & Shrubs

Neighbor's view can also be blocked using tall trees and shrubs. Apart from hedges, trees in clusters can work well to cover certain areas. Adding an evergreen tree is a good idea because of its lush greeneries.

Always try to get your hands on trees that last all season, or else you will be left with no trees in your backyard when summer goes away. Fast-growing tree like bamboo is a wise pick if you want a quicker solution. They will grow tall and likely cover the area conveniently.

Shrubs and trees can be your ultimate pick if you are looking for a cost-effective method to block a neighbor's view. Trees that are dense, like types of arborvitae and conifers, are a classic method for dealing with pesky neighbors or the need for visual privacy.

Outdoor Curtains

if you are wondering how to block out neighbor's views, outdoor curtains can be really good answer

To cover areas such as the terrace, backyard, porch, garden, and other places, you can opt to install outdoor curtains. They are kinda portable, so you can fold them back whenever you need some open space. Outdoor types of curtains are set on a frame and will successfully hide your presence from outsiders.

If you are into DIY, get fabric that can withstand weather and sun damage. Find poles or bars to hold the pieces in place, and secure them to improve the privacy of your garden or porch. If you have a balcony, curtains can add the extra layer you need for secluding yourself.

If you plan to watch TV outside or sit out late at night with any types of lights turned on, you should consider using blackout curtains so you can not only block the light from bothering your neighbors but stop you from attracting countless bugs, which will annoy you to no end.

Using Old Material & Creativity to Make a Balcony Screen

When trying to block your neighbor's view, you can be a little creative if you have the resources. There are cheap ways to block a neighbor's view. For example, old doors and windows can be reused to make a screening on your balcony. Lining the old pieces and adding louvers can make things work.

Believe it or not, you can use unused bottles and shipping pallets to line up a fence. If you are creative enough to work these items and erect a fence, then you can save a lot of money. If you are planning to use bottles, make sure they are not transparent.

On a wire, string as many bottles as you can and place them up front to block the view. Some of this sounds like it could look pretty ugly, but with the right touch it can be okay, at least for the time being.

Bamboo Fence

you can use bamboo fence for blocking neighbor's view

To get rid of prying eyes without using solid objects, you can decide to go for trees and hedges, as we mentioned above. A bamboo fence is a renowned method to block outside views and yet be close to nature.

Bamboo trees grow fast and tall. So stacking them on your garden or patio will certainly give you some privacy and are among the best looking of the fence alternatives

Now, if you want to work on the aesthetics of bamboo, then we prefer you use bamboo sticks to line them up on a wooden frame to make things pop out. Doing so gives you a stylish screen that can be put anywhere outdoors. This method works for those who are into DIY crafts.

Chicken Wire Living Fence

Chicken wire is widely used as a fencing material and can keep larger pests away from your living space. Placing chicken wires strategically to block the prying sights of people is a worthy option. Adding climber plants to them will turn out to be more effective, essentially creating a living fence.

It might not be functional on its own when trying to create obstacles for onlookers. Rather growing plants on them will make things look better and improve the shielding aspect. This will work to block a neighbor's view from ground level but will do little if they look out of their upstairs windows.

Art Wall

Art walls can be a wise pick if you are an artist or an art connoisseur. It is easy to put up and will block outsiders from prying on you. Art walls can be set up easily using canvas and wooden pallets.

Then the final task is about artistry; use paint to color and draw whatever you prefer. You can glue up and seal old music record covers for their artwork. The options are endless. This unique method can be used to visually stand out in the neighborhood.

Lattice Screens

you can use lattice screens to block neighbor's view

Another way to preserve privacy is to use lattice screens. Lattice frames are made using strips of wood or metal that can be attached to make open patterns like diamonds or square shapes.

Lattice screens are widely available in different colors, sizes, and patterns, so picking one according to your preference can turn out to be an ideal choice, not only for decoration but to add some privacy to your backyard patio.

If you like the way these look and want to increase your visual privacy from neighbors, you can allow ivy or even climbing vegetables to grow up along the lattice, which will further impede your neighbor's vision onto your patio or porch.

What Else Can You Do for Your Visual Privacy From Neighbors?

The methods mentioned above should aid you in blocking the onlookers' interfering vision. If you don't have the budget or access to any fencing option, we advise you to talk to your neighbors and ask them not to peek.

Politely communicate with them and let them know about your discomfort. This should solve the problem if you have a compliant neighbor.

That's How You Block a Neighbor's View

When you are on your property and concerned about someone else watching you without permission, then it's better to put up a barrier in between. Most modern houses nowadays have open spaces in their backyard or front porch, which can lead to people gazing at you and your family.

This article talks about all the functional ways to obstruct others from looking at you. Always be creative when adding external elements to your home space and protect your privacy no matter what.

If you want to block a neighbor's view, then the best way to do it is by erecting a fence like corrugated metal or wooden fence. If you like to add nature to the mix, you can start planting trees and building hedges in your garden or patio.

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