11 Types of Juicers That Prepare the Perfect Juice Drink

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When you're planning to have a healthy diet plan, then one thing that you can never skip is juice. Yes, we're referring to the natural ones you make at home. What you'll need to get that tasty liquid is one of the different types of juicers.

But do you actually know how many juicers types are there? Well, more than a dozen. We bet you thought it was three or four at most.

Now the question is, what are they? Don't worry; you're about to know them all, and that too in seconds. So, let's start exploring the world of juicers.

11 Types of Juicers

If you want, you can cut short the category into manual and automatic juicers. But that's not going to be enough to define it all. So, it's better to know them all as we think you might find the segments quite interesting. Let's start...

Hand-Squeeze Juicer

one of the most popular juicer types is nothing else than hand-squeeze juicer
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We call hand-squeeze juicers the ancient juicing tech as it's totally dependent on your physical strength. It's a two-handled juicer made in a way where you'd put the fruit in place specifically designed to hold it.

Then you push the handle towards each other, and juice will come out through holes in the bottom. Just be read to know how to get juice stains out of carpet, because you'll undoubtedly squirt some everywhere eventually.

These juicer types are highly convenient to clean but only useful for fruits like lemon and other types of citrus fruits. But you can't use this one for juicing bigger fruits. They can be made of steel, plastic, and wood, too, which are mostly seen in the Indian subcontinent.

Lever-Action Hand Juicer

lever-action hand juicer
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It might sound like the earlier one from the name, but this one is way more convenient. This juicer comes with a hand-held lever where you put the fruit on the juicer, pull down the lever, and the juice will be done in seconds.

The good thing is it doesn't need any major physical effort and, of course, doesn't need any electricity. Plus, the vertical design takes less space compared to electric juicers.

But what we didn't like about it is you can't make juice of other fruits apart from lemon and different types of citrus fruits.

Hand-Held Juicer

hand-held juicer
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This one is the traditional juicer you probably have seen for ages. Along with being easy to clean, this juicer is among the most inexpensive options in the first place.

There's a steel-made head that helps in taking the juice out. All you need to do is cut the citrus in half, push it on the metallic head, and rotate while squeezing.

The drawback we've noticed in these types of juicers are that it requires intense labor, which you might not be a fan of. So, the process is going to be a little time-consuming.

Hand-Crank Juicer

hand-crank juicer
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When you want a perfect glass of juice but without using any electric juicer, this one is what you should get. From the name 'hand-crank,' you can easily assume that it's the kind of juicer that has a grinding column with tooths and has a hand crank to operate it.

Here you need to put in the fruit and start cranking to get the juice out of the fruit. Unlike the juicers we've mentioned earlier, this one can take care of fruits bigger than lemon and citrus. But the problem is, it can get clogged if you won't clean it frequently.

Poor the resulting drink right into your favorite types of drinking glasses and kick back and enjoy. Add whatever types of limes to the rim, slap in one of those umbrella things, and you're going to have a good time.

Horizontal Masticating Juicer

there are different types of juicers that does not require your hand operation and horizontal masticating juicers are one of them
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With the masticating juicers, it's time to leave the world of hand-operated juicers. This type of juicer is considered to have one of the most effective juicing techs. It basically chews through or cold presses in a less rough way than a centrifugal juicer.

The reason is it slowly chew up the food and extracts almost every bit of juice within. So, there's no chance of you missing out on the total nutritional value. Unlike traditional automatic juicers, it doesn't generate too much heat either. And yes, they were a bit expensive too.

The horizontal juicer is one of the most common types of masticating juicers that you'd find out there. It's a regular masticating juicer that has a horizontal structure.

Along with juicing any fruit, it can also make juice from any vegetable. There's a small mouth on the juicer that allows inserting fruits within.

Once the fruit goes in, the inner mechanism smash and squeeze them to extract juice to the fullest, it also takes comparatively more space and doesn't have any attached pulp collector.

The good thing is, we count it as a positive side of these types of juicers since it helps to keep the juicing uninterrupted.

Vertical Masticating Juicer

vertical masticating juicer
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The name says it all. It's a type of masticating juicer but with a vertical structure. But that's not the best of this tech.

Along with being able to juice up like the regular masticating juicer, it takes less space on the countertop. Besides, lots of its models come with a pulp collector, which keeps the mess to a minimum level.

But this too has a drawback: once the pulp collector gets filled up, you'll have to empty it frequently. And no, you won't have to stick to citrus only but can try any vegetable out there. But as the mouth it comes with is small, you'll have to cut them into smaller pieces.

Centrifugal Juicer

centrifugal juicer
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Most of the juicers that you see around are probably Centrifugal Juicers. It comes with a basic construction that matches the manual ones. But the prime difference here is you won't have to provide the rotating power all by yourself as the motor will be there to do that.

A super sharp blade spinning at the bottom turns anything into juice within a short amount of time. But as a drawback, it generates a massive amount of heat. So, running these juicer types for a long time without the required interval can negatively impact the motor.

Centrifugal juicers work amazingly well for hard fruits like carrots and leafy vegetables. But it generates foam which we don't think maximum juice lovers would find appealing.

Steamer Juicers

steamer juicer
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When quantity matters the most in a juicing tech, it's better to go with something like the steamer juicer. It heats the foods within a big container to break them down and turn them into juice.

This juicer work in a way where it breaks the cells for the fruits and vegetables through heat. But the taste can get compromised this way. It's good to toss in a bunch of types of grapes and types of kale or whatever you like to make a healthy and refreshing drink.

Auger Juicers

auger juicer
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From the perspective of functionality, an auger juicer works kind of in the same way masticating juicers do but with an auger. The mechanism within works at a slow speed while crushing the inserted ingredients. As the speed is slow, the amount of generated heat is also low.

There are several types of auger juicers that you'll see around, and the most common one among them is the single-auger juicer. You can assume that this one comes with a single auger from the name. This type is highly useful in juicing wheatgrass and leafy greens.

Another type is the twin auger juicer or twin gear juicer. We call it the 'crusher' because this one is the best when crushing hard fruits and vegetables. Once the inserts go between the two columns, it crushes every bit of it slowly.

From the size perspective, these types of juicers have two more sub-types - horizontal and vertical.

The vertical one uses gravity, where the food reaches the column faster and grounds them up within a short time. But cleaning them up can be kind of difficult.

On the other hand, the horizontal juicer is comparatively not only easy to set up but also easy to clean at the same time. As the 'gravity' advantage is lost here, this type comes with good pulling power.

Hydraulic Juicer

hydraulic juicers are special types of juicers because it can get the juice out of various fruits and vegetables easily
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In case you're not in the mood to waste electricity to juice, the hydraulic juicers can serve your purpose to the fullest. This kind of juicer works through a lever that helps in squeezing the fruits between two plates and getting the juice out.

But the problem with these juicer types is you need to cut the fruits in pieces to get the juice. Besides, the whole process takes a little time. But it's a must for juicing various types of carrots and other denser vegetables.

Electric Hydraulic Juicer

electric hydraulic juicer
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If you want a hydraulic juicer but want to skip the manual part, this is something you better get in the first place. This type of juicer works in the same way but by using electricity.

But cleaning this one up is nothing but a ton of hassle. Apart from this, the working and fruit preparation process is similar to the previous one.

Types of Juicers to Make Kitchen Life Better

Whether you go with anything like hand-held, masticating, centrifugal, auger, or steamer, you can get the finest juice using any of them.

Who knew even the different types of juicers could've been so interesting, right? So, which one would you like to have on your countertop? After all, all these juicers can come with the perfect liquid nutrition.

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