How to Get Juice Stains Out of Carpet in 6 Ways

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how to get juice stains out of carpet

Fruit juices like cranberry juice, pomegranate juice, and red grape juice are a few of the hardest to remove from a carpet. So, how to get juice stains out of carpet in general, no matter how stubborn the stain might be?

Do you feel paranoid when someone with a glass of fruit juice in his hand acts mischievously around your brand-new carpet? You are not alone. It is no wonder that fruit stains on a carpet give you a hard time, as you can't just put the whole thing into the washing machine and get away with the stain.

If you are tired of trying every hack and haven't gotten the remedy yet, we have the solutions here. So, without wasting any of our time, let's get started.

What’s the First Thing to Do if You Spill Fruit Juice on the Carpet?

the first thing to do when you encounter spilled juice on carpet is to blot the area with paper towel

The key to how to get juice out of carpet is to act fast. The first thing you need to do after an accidental fruit juice spill is blot the area with a paper towel. There is no alternative to starting the cleaning process as soon as possible.

So, when you spill on the carpet and let it sit, the materials of the carpet absorb the spilled juice. The more it absorbs, the less likely it is to be cleaned with normal methods. The problem is that spilled juice on carpet soaks right into the fibers.

Furthermore, lemon can make the stain lighter, so after blotting the stain, use lemon to minimize the steadfastness of the stain. The acidity in lemon does the magic, but you must do this procedure in the absence of sunshine.

Otherwise, this strong acidic juice will not only remove the stain but also harm the carpet's natural color. That's why if you want to put in less effort and get the best result, blot the spill instantly after it falls on the carpet.

How to Get Juice Stains Out of Carpet?

To remove fruit and vegetable juice stains, you don't need to run errands for supplies. You can easily grab some of the regular items that you use in your daily life and make the easiest solutions to this problem. So, let's find out seven of the most effective home remedies to remove a fruit stain from the carpet.

Remedy 1: Use Liquid Dish Soap

how to remove juice stain from carpet? try using liquid dish soap

Using liquid soap is the simplest thing you can do to remove the fruit stain. However, this remedy works on fresh stains only. If the stain is old and dried, using liquid soap might reduce the intensity but won't be able to remove it completely.

Now, follow the steps mentioned below. 

  • Take one portion of liquid soap and mix it with the same portion of water.
  • Once you have blotted the fresh juice from the carpet, take a sponge and dampen it in the mixture.
  • Now, press the dampened sponge into the stained area and press carefully.
  • Again, blot the stained carpet with a fresh paper towel and check if there is any stain remaining.
  • Repeat until the stain is gone completely.

As mentioned earlier, blotting is essential in all stages of the cleaning process. It helps you dilute the juice still in the carpet and then suck it out into a dry, light colored towel. If you're trying to remove blueberry stains from your carpet, for example, you'll be able to see the blue color transfer to the towel and know you're making progress.

Remedy 2: Use Baking Soda

you can use baking soda to remove juice spilled on carpet

How to get a juice stain out of carpet if dish soap doesn't cut it? Sometimes you need some stronger cleaning solution to remove fruit stains. This method works on both fresh and old stains. So, let's find the remedy on how to get dried juice stains out of carpet, too.

  • Pour a large amount of baking soda into the stained area. Make sure you have left no spot behind, and cover the whole area with a generous amount.
  • Let it sit for a while. Don’t let it sit until it cakes and dries. Ten minutes is enough for it to work on the stain. Let it absorb as much moisture as it can but don’t leave it overnight.
  • If the stain is very strong, take a soft toothbrush and rub the baking soda against the carpet and into the stained fibers.
  • Set the vacuum on a dry setting and remove the baking soda gradually.
  • Repeat the same process 3/4 times for a better result if needed.

This works on both fresh and old stains, from grape juice to orange juice and more. It works well even with soda pop stains on carpet. With old stains it may help to first spray some kind of cleaner on there very lightly only to dampen the stained fibers so that there is moisture to be removed. This is how to clean juice from carpet as effectively as possible.

Remedy 3: Use Salt

how to get juice out of carpet? one of the answers to that question is using salt!

Using salt to get juice stains out of carpet and the fibers is the ticket when you know the trick. Let's see how it's done. This is how to remove juice stains from carpet with salt:

  • After blotting, sprinkle salt over the carpet generously.
  • Because of its dehydrating property, salt is capable of absorbing moisture.
  • Let the salt sit for 10–20 minutes and soak up the juice.

Note: At this point in waiting you may get ancy and decide to brush the salt in or otherwise interfere with the process. Just walk away and find something else to do while letting it work on its own.

  • Now, remove the salt with the vacuum cleaner.
  • You might need to repeat this process a couple of times to remove the stain completely.
  • Once the stain is removed, rinse that portion of the carpet with cold water.
  • Let it air dry, or use a dehumidifier to dry out the moisture from the carpet.

Again, this method works best with fresher, still damp stains. If you’re working on an old stain, spray some cleaner that can help break up the juice molecules first before soaking it back out.

Remedy 4: Use Dish Soap, Hydrogen Peroxide, & Warm Water

how to clean juice from carpet? if you want to get a complete removal and pureness, you can use dish soap, hydrogen peroxide and warm water

Let's break down the steps for a better understanding.

  • First, take lukewarm water and pour that into the stained area.
  • Now, blot the water with clean cloth by pressing with your hands.
  • Try to remove as much liquid as possible through this blotting method.
  • Repeat this process. After a couple times, your stain will start fading.

Note: At this point the procedure is similar but we're switching to a dish soap solution.

  • Mix a gallon of water with 1/4 tablespoon of dish soap.
  • Now, pour some of the mixture onto the carpet and rub gently.
  • After a while, rinse with warm water and blot again with the cloth.

Note: Here we are blotting for a longer length of time and using some weight to aid in the process like heavy books. If you're concerned with the hydrogen peroxide, try it first in a non-visible area of carpet like the corner of a closet floor to make sure it won't damage the color of rug or carpet first.

  • Put a clean towel on the stained carpet and press it down with a heavy object to sit for a while.
  • Then, if the stain is still there, take 3% hydrogen peroxide and wet a paper towel with it.
  • Apply the hydrogen peroxide to the stain, blot the area, and let it dry.

For extra duty blotting, you can try the baking soda method after this one if you can’t get all of the stain out. It can help soak out moisture and juice discoloration that the towel may not be able to. We have one more answer for "how to get juice stains out of carpet" to explore, so let's do it.

Remedy 5: Use a Homemade Cleaning Agent

if you are wondering how to get a juice stain out of carpet, using a homemade cleaning agent may do the job for you

Another method that you can try is a homemade cleaning agent. Here, we will describe how to make the solution at home and use it to clean up a mess. Follow the steps below.

  • To make the solution, you will need ½ teaspoon dish soap, 1 cup water, 1 tablespoon of rubbing alcohol, and a spray bottle.
  • Take a bowl and mix the ingredients one by one, giving it a good stir.

Note: This solution has a good shelf life, so you can double or triple the ratio to make a big batch and store it for the future.

  • Put the solution in a trigger bottle and spray it on the carpet generously.
  • Now, take a metal spoon and tamp the solution gently.

Note: In this method, no scrubbing or rubbing is required. If you scrub the carpet, it might fray the carpet fibers and damage it eventually.

  • Now, vacuum the area properly until the moisture comes out completely. Make sure your vacuum types can handle wetness.
  • Keep on doing the procedure repeatedly and stop when the stain comes out.
  • Some make a mistake by adding more soap to the solution. But in reality, it won't help much. For a faster result, you can apply more rubbing alcohol.

As with all of these methods, repeated applications may be necessary. You should notice an improvement in the color each time as you remove more juice stain from the carpet incrementally.

Remedy 6: Use a Commercial Cleaner

how to get juice stains out of carpet easily? try using a commercial cleaner!

It's not necessary to use home remedies to remove fruit stains from the carpet only. Commercial cleaners have a competitive market right now and work effectively on stain removal by using enzymes that help break down stains.

However, those who are not in the cleaning business don't have the idea of a good commercial cleaner. In that case, we are here to give you a guideline.

While buying the cleaner, check if it is CRI Certified or not. CRI means Carpet and Rug Institute and has some specific programs. One of which is known as the Seal of Approval.

This specific program ensures the cleaner's quality and effectiveness and helps to improve the products even more. After buying the cleaner, use it according to the instruction to remove the fruit stain. These can also help make your carpet fluffy again, too.

That's How to Get Juice Stains Out of Carpet!

Home remedies are amazing that can help you get a quick fix without costing a lot of money. So, after learning how to get juice stains out of a carpet, you can fix the ruined carpet and make it look as fresh as new.

We recommend you perform all of these 7 methods with steady and soft hands so that you don't rip off the fabric while removing the stain or harm the fibers in such a way that they leave a noticeable difference in that spot once you're done.

This is how to get juice stains out of carpet, no matter who's doing it or what tools are used. It's always a matter of chemically breaking down the discoloration and soaking it out, over and over until done. Best of luck with it!

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