What is a Zero-Entry Swimming Pool? (Pros & Cons)

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zero entry swimming pool

The number of people who are into luxury pools is increasing day by day. The zero-entry swimming pool is now the most trending design in luxury pools. If you are looking for ideas about a spectacular, aesthetic, and beneficial pool design idea, a zero-entry pool would be the right pick for you.

Pools made with slopes instead of bulky stairs and ladders are called zero-entry swimming pools. They are also known as 'beach-entry pools.' Therefore, unlike regular pools, they make a seamless shift from land to water and surprisingly create a beach-like atmosphere.

Want to know more about this astounding swimming pool design? Binge on reading the entire article concerning the topic "What is a Zero-Entry Pool?".

Why is a Zero-Entry Swimming Pool Called a Beach-Entry Pool?

if you wonder what is a zero-entry pool, just know that its a type of pool that give you a beach feeling at home

The primary reason why people refer to zero-entry pools as beach-entry pools is that they give you a beach feeling at home. If you get a professional pool designer, they would definitely suggest you surround the pool entrance with rocks, sand, and beach plants. The main thing is that they're a walk-in pool with at least one sloped side.

This would significantly enhance the beach effect, which would make your swimming pool aesthetically beautiful. Some pool designers even recommend using pebbles or chutes. If you read about the pebble shower floor pros and cons, they'll all largely apply here, too.

Usually, the water of a zero-entry pool increases because of the slope. As a result, you get soothingly immersed when you enter the pool. However, with traditional pools, you would be submerged at once.

So, it's completely your call whether you want to stay on the slope to enjoy the pool water or you want to swim.

How Do You Know if Your Yard is Suitable for a Zero-Entry Pool?

you must have enough space to build pools that look like a beach

Zero-entry pools are more fun and fascinating than regular pools. But, the slope of the pool requires a lot of backyard space, which could be a pickle for many.

Even the average length-to-height ratio of the slope would be 1:4. 4ft depth means you must have the space for a 16 ft long pool. With a smaller yard, you can see how difficult this would be to achieve with a zero-entry pool. The ICC code demands no greater than a 12:1 ratio (8.3% slope) for true zero-depth entries, which makes matters way worse.

Turning this into reality might be challenging but not impossible. So here are the additional tips for making room for a zero-entry swimming pool in your small backyard:

  • Sacrifice the pool size and consider constructing a small round zero-entry pool
  • Another solution is reducing the slope length

The trick to reducing the slope length is to only install one partial slope that gets cut off at a certain point while forming a single step to the depth of the water. Although extending the slope length would help you reach the bottom, the design kills a lot of space.

Why Should You Choose a Zero-Entry Pool Over Traditional Ones?

you should chose zero-entry pool design because it gives you a unique and stylish look

A smart home must have a smart pool. And we bet you can't find any other innovative yet aesthetic pool like a slope-designed pool. The unique style gets you some practical yet fantastic benefits:

  • The unique and stylish design gives beach vibes
  • Anyone with low mobility can get into the pool, thanks to the slope
  • The slope creates an external area where kids can play in
  • A zero-entry pool is an excellent opportunity for sunbathing

People who love pool water but don't want to submerge entirely find this zero-entry pool design pretty convenient. Beach entrance pools are as close as you'll get to the real thing unless you own lake-side property, and even then who wants to get into a yucky lake?

Possible Drawbacks of Zero-Entry Swimming Pool

one of the drawbacks of walk-in pool is its overall maintenance cost

Just like other pools, backyard beach-entry pools have some drawbacks too. Even though they offer many remarkable benefits, they might not be the ideal design for you in some cases. Here're some of the reasons:

  • A zero-entry pool won't fit in a smaller yard; they require a lot of space
  • As there would be a natural entrance, your pets might get into the pool to play, drink water, or even worse; they might pee in your pool
  • The absence of a clear edge makes the pool unattainable for swimming laps
  • Its overall maintenance cost is higher

Another problem is it kind of incentivizes children to think they can play around in the most shallow portions, and while that's true, they'll be tempted to go deeper, and the slope itself can lead to slipping and hurting themselves. You don't want to bump your head anywhere near water, even shallow water.

Can Fiberglass Pools Have Zero Entry?

can fiberglass pools have zero entry?

You definitely might love the idea of transforming the sandal pools into zero-entry ones. This makes getting in and out of the pool effortless, and you even get the fiberglass feature anyway.

That's not it; you get to install two loungers at the entrance. Still, you and your pool buddies will have enough space to enter and exit the pool without obstacles.

So, in the end, fiberglass can have zero entry which is the most blissful transition ever. You won't have sand, but these pools that look like a beach somewhat can still satisfy considering you don't have to leave home.

Do Zero-Entry Pools Actually Add Value to Your Home?

A zero-entry pool contributes more than you think to a house's selling value. A study proved that these pools increase the selling price from 7-10 percent; if your pool is in an ideal condition, the price will be more prosperous.

But if not, no sweat; under any condition, a backyard beach-entry pool can raise the property's value by at least 5-8 percent. A small tip would be finding clients who are into luxurious pools. They would know the level of convenience your pool can offer.

Is it Difficult to Keep a Zero-Entry Swimming Pool Clean?

it is not always difficult to keep zero-entry swimming pool clean, you just need to pay more attention than the regular pools

Compared to regular pools, a zero-entry pool gets dirty very easily. Moreover, calling a professional every week isn't the best solution here.

So here we are to help you with some tips to keep your luxurious pool clean by applying the easiest possible tricks.

Get Rid of Floating Debris

Debris tends to clog the filter of your pool. Therefore, it's best for you to get a pool net and clear the floating debris. Try doing this daily to keep your pool clean and fresh. With beach style pools, the constant walking in them with bare feet will introduce more debris than usual, and fishing it out regularly with a net will help.

Killing the Germs

To eliminate the germs from your pool, you need to shock the pool. Shocking the pool implies increasing the chlorine level from 8 to 15 ppm. Using this method, you can easily clean bacteria, algae, and other organic substances.

Note:  Make sure you're doing this at night. Since chlorine contains stabilizers, it can get exposed to sunlight and burn the side corners of the pool. And I'm sure you're wondering how long after shock can you swim, and the answer is you should wait 24 hours.

Use Brushes to Scrub the Pool

If you want to cut down on the cost of hiring a professional, the best solution here would be to get the pool cleaned by yourself. You can use a pool brush and scrub the walls and floors of the pool until you get all the dirt, stains, and germs off.

Clean the Pool Filter

Cleaning the filter has to be one of the trickiest steps. Turn the filter on and give it two to five minutes to clear up the water. The filter might need to be cleaned several times before you get the stain and dirt-free texture. Whenever you find the filter 10 PSI more than the regular estimation, consider cleaning it.

Balancing the Pool Water

You must check the chemical level regularly in your zero-entry swimming pool and add the necessary chemicals whenever you find a lapse. The chlorine has to be 1-5 PPM, pH 7.2- 7.6, and the amount of stabilizer should not be less than 30-50 ppm, though you should adjust if you're using any pool chlorine alternatives.

Pool Cover is Life-Saving

The moment you are done using the pool, cover it with a pool plastic cover. The cover won't let dust, debris, or leaves enter the pool. Otherwise, keeping the bottom of the pool will be really difficult.

Having some types of awnings you can pull over the pool can help with debris, too. But that doesn't replace the need for a pool cover to keep children and animals from falling into the water as they're tempted by the beach pool design.

Changing the Filter

Changing the filter once in a while is mandatory if you want to maintain clean water. You should change the filter whenever you discover that the tips mentioned above aren't working.

Pool Leaks are a Big No-No

Make sure there is no leak in your pool. Pool leaks will cause losing water, lack of chemicals, and structural issues in the pool. Additionally, it is the greatest obstacle when it comes to keeping a pool clean, especially a pool with a beach entrance.

The Accessories

The elements you use to enhance the beach vibes in your zero-entry pool must be washed whenever you clean the pool. You can use detergent to clean the rocks as well. Consider changing the sand once in a while too.

A Zero-Entry Swimming Pool is Elegant, For Sure

Although, some might not like this aesthetic pool due to its minor drawbacks. But trust us, compared to the joy it brings to your house, the drawbacks are nothing.

A zero-entry pool indeed is something that'll add elegance to your property. This pool is best-suitable for weekend pool parties with beach vibes. Actually, the unique concept and intelligent functions of a zero-entry swimming pool can mesmerize anyone.

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