Do You Tip Appliance Delivery & How Much is Right?

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do you tip appliance delivery

If new appliances are being delivered to your home, you may wonder if it’s necessary to tip the delivery guys. These people work hard to deliver and sometimes install appliances in our homes. Should you reward their good job through tipping? Do you tip appliance delivery?

Should You Tip Appliance Delivery?

Tipping is a delicate subject with a long history. Companies pay their delivery men and women to bring appliances to your door. But these people can go above and beyond to get your product into your house.

Maneuvering heavy, delicate items through your home can be tricky and backbreaking. If the item needs to be carried several stairs in your house, you may require their assistance. So, should you tip them after they successfully deliver the product to your home?

Like tipping furniture delivery, it's hard to know what's right. The truth is that tipping depends on the situation and personal preference. You can tip appliance delivery people if they give the best service.

Tipping is a great way to appreciate their hard work and their kindness. Considering the extra time they offer and the obstacles they overcome to move the item into your house, you should tip appliance delivery.

However, you should not feel obligated to tip whenever these people deliver appliances to your home. Sometimes, you may not want to give a tip, especially if the service is subpar. So, if you’re unsure whether to tip, we’ve got you covered. Read on to know when and when not to tip delivery people.

When to Tip Appliance Installers

tipping appliance installers can be tricky. here is when to tip appliance installers

Do you tip appliance delivery guys? Delivery workers are among the lowest paid, and they’d appreciate it when you tip them. But not all delivery people feel comfortable with tipping.

Below are the situations in which you should offer tips:

You Enjoyed the Quality of Service

Do you tip appliance installers? It’s generally a good idea to show a small gesture of gratitude to delivery guys if their service was superb. Did they pay extra attention to delivering bulky and delicate appliances to your home? Were they polite to you? If so, you can show appreciation by giving them extra bucks.

They Helped Move the Appliances Into Your Home

Do you want to move the items several stories up? Are there several rooms to navigate to take the items where they need to be? In such situations, you will need a helping hand to move heavy appliances into your house. If the delivery guy helped you move the items, it’s best to reward them with a tip.

They Helped With the Installation Process

Installing new appliances such as dishwashers, freezers, or dryers can be intimidating and time-consuming. You'll work hard to remove the old appliance and install the new one yourself. If the appliance delivery person helps you remove the old item and install the new one, then tipping appliance installers is a solid way to say thanks.

They Helped Dispose of the Old Appliance

It’s not the work of delivery individuals to help you get rid of old or damaged devices. However, if they help you dispose of some massive type of refrigerator, be sure to include a tip. Remember, the cost of disposing of appliances can be higher, so a small tip can be more economical.

They Assisted You After Hours

If delivery guys help you move and set up appliances after normal work hours, be sure to tip them. These people go out of their way to offer extra service despite operating after hours.

When Not to Tip Appliance Delivery

there are certain cases to avoid appliance delivery tip, here are some of them

Do you tip appliance delivery workers? Not always. Tipping delivery personnel might not be ideal in the following instances:

Tipping is Against the Company’s Policy

Certain companies like Best Buy and Home Depot don’t allow their staff to get tipped. However, others like Sears and Lowes are not against tipping.

Review the company’s tipping policies before tipping their delivery staff. You don’t want to go against the company’s policy and risk the job of delivery individuals. Call the company’s customer service line to enquire about their tipping policies.

If Delivery Staff Are Rude

Some delivery individuals can be rude when you talk to them. Others won’t apologize for being late or causing damage to the appliance. You don’t need to tip such delivery people.

The Appliance Is Damaged

If your purchase arrived with defects, it’s necessary to consider who caused it. If the damage stems from the manufacturer, you don’t have to punish the delivery people.

However, if the defect results from the delivery guy’s carelessness, don’t tip them. For example, the delivery person may drop or kick your appliance, causing the glass top to break on those types of stoves. In this case, use that money for repair or replacement.

If the Delivery Was Late

You should only feel obligated to offer a tip if your appliance delivery was on time. However, if the delivery arrives late, consider the underlying cause for lateness. If it’s not the delivery driver’s fault, you can tip them for delivering the item safely.

But if you ordered some new type of oven at the last minute, simply to impress guests, and couldn't cook for that scheduled brunch, well who's fault is that really. Don't take anger out on anyone, and don't be stingy if it's unwarranted.

If the Company Charges Delivery Fees

Some companies charge delivery fees and indicate that the money goes directly to delivery individuals. In this case, you don’t need to give more cash. However, if the delivery guy offers excellent customer service, you may want to tip them more.

How Much to Tip Appliance Delivery Workers?

how much to tip appliance delivery workers?

It's not just a question of do you tip appliance delivery workers, but also how much. The amount to tip depends on how satisfied you’re with the delivery service. It’s best to tip your delivery guy between $10 and $20. You can give more depending on the work they’ve put in to ensure your items reach your home safely.

Some etiquette experts might recommend tipping between 15% and 20% of your appliance, like at a restaurant. This traditional tipping margin may not apply if you purchase expensive items. Tipping over $100 to an individual paid for their work doesn’t make sense.

Companies pay their delivery staff $15 to $20 per hour. If you purchase an item, these people spend about one hour delivering and installing appliances to your home. So, tipping them between $10 and $20 is worth the service.

How Do You Determine the Amount to Tip?

If you’re wondering about the exact amount to pay as an appliance delivery tip, know that there are several factors to consider. Below we discuss what to consider to determine the amount you should tip:

  • Quality of Service: If you’re happy and satisfied with their service, you can tip more
  • Price of the Product: Tip more if the product they delivered is more expensive and valuable.
  • The Number of Appliances Delivered: If they delivered more than one appliance and helped to move them into your house, consider a heftier tip.
  • The Number of Stairs Involved: Tip more if delivery guys climbed several flights of stairs.
  • Size of the Appliance: Reward your delivery guys with higher gratuities if they deliver a bulky appliance to your house.

Ultimately it’s up to you how much to adjust your tip upwards or downwards, but the factors above can help guide your decision.

What if More Than One Appliance Delivery Person Is in Charge?

what if more than one appliance delivery person is in charge? should you tip appliance delivery then? here you can learn it!

If you have two or more delivery people helping with your delivery, it’s best to tip them equally. Share the tip among them or give it to the team leader to divide amongst themselves. Ask the appliance delivery team how they’d prefer to get their tips.

Alternatives to Tipping the Appliance Delivery Person

If you’re on a budget or uncomfortable giving cash to an appliance delivery guy, consider the following alternatives:

  • Gift card
  • Buy them lunch
  • A chilled, bottled beverage
  • Pay the gasoline costs

Sometimes offering cash can feel strange, belittling, or just flat out uncomfortable. A non-monetary gift can help put both parties at ease.

Pros & Cons of Tipping Appliance Delivery

do you tip appliance installers? here are pros & cons of tipping appliance delivery

Appliance delivery is a busy profession, and since delivery guys are among the least-paid workers, a tip can go a long way. Below are the pros and cons of tipping appliance delivery.


  • It’s an excellent way to show your gratitude for their hard work
  • It encourages delivery people to offer good service
  • It helps delivery people financially
  • It makes their job less stressful
  • It is a respectful custom
  • It helps build good relationships


  • Tipping can make delivery people feel awkward if they’re not expecting it
  • It can make delivery people greatly dependent on tips
  • Some delivery people can get angry if you fail to tip them
  • If tipping is against the company’s policies, you may risk the job of a delivery guy by tipping them
  • You may over-tip, especially when there’s more than one delivery individual

Remember, these workers are making a dozen stops a day delivering appliances all over town, and likely unboxing them and installing them. Please consider how hard they work.

So, Do You Tip Appliance Delivery?

If satisfied and happy with the appliance delivery service, you can reward the hard work with a tip. It’s advisable to tip appliance delivery people between $10 and $20.

However, don’t feel obligated to give a gratuity if the service is subpar. You’ll also want to enquire about the company’s tipping policies to avoid risking the job of a delivery guy. But do you tip appliance delivery guys in general? It's a good idea if they do a good job.

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