How to Get Chocolate Out of Carpet in 5 Ways

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how to get chocolate out of carpet

You're about to embark on a journey to learn how to get chocolate out of carpet. We have five different methods for you that will all contribute to getting rid of that stain and restoring your carpet or rug back to its original state.

Who doesn't like chocolate? Well, it's rare to see people who dislike this treat. People with kids, you know what we're talking about. Children are fond of chocolate and tend to get real messy with them.

If you have carpet on the floor, no matter what you do, there are chances that chocolate marks will end up on the surface.

The brown spots can be disturbing to look at and can harden over time, tarnishing the carpet altogether. So, if you are looking for answers for removing chocolate from carpet, then you're at the right place.

Are Chocolate Stains Permanent?

are chocolate stains permanent?

Chocolate spills can be irritating and ugly on any given surface. It leaves a dark spot on clothes and carpets and has to be dealt with immediately. The initial spot can sometimes be super easy to erase, and sometimes it can be very stubborn.

The splotch can be one of the toughest to deal with, just like removing glue from carpet. Even if you remove the chocolate, the after-effect (brown spots) can still be seen in some cases. This is why most people use bleach or vinegar treatment right away to tackle the stain to some extent. But we have better ways with less harsh chemicals.

How to Get Chocolate Out of Carpet

If you have a sweet tooth, you would probably enjoy chocolates, but what if it stains your precious carpet? Not much fun, right? The brown spots can be annoying and ruin the overall appearance of the flooring material. Below we will provide a handful of methods to counter stubborn stains.

Method 1: How to Remove Chocolate Stains From Carpet With Spot Remover & an Iron

how to remove chocolate stains from carpet with spot remover & an iron

It might sound daunting, but believe us, this method is very useful in tackling chocolate stains. For the best results, this is what you need to do. When we say spot remover we’re talking about any commercial product designed for the purpose of treating stains on carpet.

Step 1: Things You Need

  • Spot Remover
  • Clothes Iron
  • Paper Towels
  • Butter Knife
  • Vacuum

Step 2: Start by Removing the Surface Residue

Take the butter knife or plastic spoon and try to dig out as much chocolate from the carpet surface as you can, whether soft or solid. Sometimes it can be super tough on the fibers, but be sure not to force your way to get the chocolates out. You don't want to damage the nap of the carpet or spread the chocolate around.

Step 3: Vacuum the Area

When you scrape chocolate, it is likely to flake, and therefore some particles will remain on and within the carpet surface. At this stage, use the vacuum to clean out all of the remains.

Step 4: Place Paper Towels & Iron Over the Stain

Use the paper towels on top of the affected area and start your iron. Make sure the setting is at low heat. Chocolate melts between 17 °C and 36 °C (which is 62.6 °F and 96.8 °F), so it doesn't require much heat. Please take extra care not to burn your carpet! Iron over the paper towels slowly. This will make the chocolate stick to the paper by making it soft again.

Step 5: Clean the Affected Area

If you still have a visible stain, apply some spot cleaners on the tarnished area and agitate it mildly with a clean cloth. This should remove the stain marks. You may need to repeat this step many times. It's expected and nothing to get frustrated over. You'll make progress with each pass.

Method 2: How to Clean Chocolate Out of Carpet Using Laundry Detergent

how to clean chocolate out of carpet using laundry detergent

Detergent is a cleaning agent that works on most stains that make their way onto clothing. For carpets, a detergent treatment can work just as well. Let's find out how to clean chocolate out of carpet with laundry detergent.

Step 1: Things You Must Have

  • Butter Knife
  • Stain Remover
  • Laundry Detergent
  • Clean Water
  • Paper Towels

Step 2: Scrape the Chocolate

First up, you must use the knife to dig out the chocolate that has been sitting on the surface or dried up down in the fibers. Do it gently, and don't stab into or cut the fibers. Take care not to be reckless, which can cause you to spread the chocolate further. Like removing putty from carpet, the goal is always first to get the excess thick substance out first.

Step 3: Use a Laundry Detergent Solution

Take 1 cup of water and mix 1⁄4 teaspoon of white detergent into it. Now apply this mixture directly to the affected area and let it sit for a few minutes. You can use colored laundry detergent but you'll need to ensure you rinse it out thoroughly.

Step 4: Blot the Chocolate Stain

Sometimes wiping can spread the chocolate marks, so we prefer you blot instead of wiping. Take a clean cloth or paper towel to blot the surface. Use the cloth to dab onto the affected area where you poured the detergent mix.

Again, you'll likely need to repeat this step many times, which is okay. You'll be able to see steady progress as you go. Once done, give it one more pass with water only to help blot out the detergent, and then allow the spot to dry.

Method 3: Removing Chocolate From Carpet Using Ammonia

removing chocolate from carpet using ammonia

Ammonia treatment is a potent way to fight harsh stains. It can even manage to remove blueberry stains from carpet. Don't stress yourself if any chocolate ends up on your carpet. The mighty ammonia can save your day.

Step 1: Items You Need

  • Clean Cloth
  • Dull Knife
  • Ammonia
  • Warm Water
  • Gloves

Step 2: Blot the Surface

The first thing to do with soft chocolate smudges is to take a white cloth and soak it up in cold water, then use it to blot the area. For dry chocolate, use the knife to scrape off the residual chunks. Work to remove as much excess chocolate as you possibly can.

Step 3: Apply Ammonia Mix

Make sure you wear a protective glove while doing this. Take 1 cup of lukewarm water and add 2 teaspoons of ammonia to it and mix well.

Now use a paper towel or cloth to soak it in the solution. Apply the mixture to the carpet by blotting the stained area repeatedly. Ammonia breaks up the chocolate particles and allows them to be soaked into the towel.

Step 4: Repeat the Process Several Times

Change the cloth as you go (or use different spots on it), as it will soak up a lot of chocolate residues. This is evidence it's working, but you don't want to smear it right back into the carpet. Repeat step 3 until you're satisfied with the results. Repeated blotting is crucial in how to get chocolate out of carpet, as with any other stain. Don't give up!

Step 5: Rinse the Ammonia

The final step of this method for removing chocolate from carpet may be the most important, which is to make sure you rinse the ammonia out of the carpet. You can do this by continuing to dab or spraying water on the carpet until it's damp. Then soak it out with a towel. Repeat this a few times and then allow the carpet to dry.

Method 4: Using Hydrogen Peroxide to Fight Chocolate Stain

chocolate stain removal from carpet can be tough but you can try hydrogen peroxide to fight with the stain!

Hydrogen peroxide itself is a superior bleaching agent that can easily take colors off a dark cloth. So when using hydrogen peroxide, make sure the carpet is not a dark one or a woolen one.

If you want to test what hydrogen peroxide will do to your carpet, choose a hidden spot like a corner in a bedroom closet and see if it will cause any discoloration. If not, proceed. To make it work, this is what you need to do.

Step 1: You Will Need...

  • 3% Hydrogen Peroxide
  • Clean White Cloth
  • Ammonia
  • Gloves
  • Spray Bottle or Sponge
  • Vacuum

Step 2: Scrape the Chocolate

In preparation for working at the stain, use a butter knife or plastic utensil to pull out the chocolate from the top layer of the carpet. It's just like you would do when removing playdough from carpet or any other thick substance that is either still fresh or dried.

For liquid smudges, apply a wet towel soaked with cold water and blot the area. Your goal here is to remove as much excess chocolate first before you begin working to remove the stain.

Step 3: Create the Solution

First, you need to make a solution out of your available chemicals. Take half a cup of hydrogen peroxide and mix 1 tsp of ammonia. Here you won't need water. Feel free to double the amount of the ingredients if you feel you need to create more.

Step 4: Apply the Hydrogen Peroxide

Fill up the solution in a spray bottle and then spray it on the affected area. Soaking a sponge with this mixture and blotting can be another workable choice if you don't have access to a spray bottle. Let the mixture sit for 20-30 minutes so it can work to break down the chocolate stain.

Keep some hydrogen peroxide around at all times. It has many off-label uses, such as getting marker out of carpet among other stains. It's a very effective cleaner and disinfectant.

Step 5: Blot the Area Repeatedly

As always, you want to blot the area with a clean towel to transfer the chocolate out of the carpet and onto the towel, always using a clean spot on the towel to do so. As the towel becomes dirty, you can be assured the method is working. Repeat as much as needed, applying more solution as required.

Step 6: Rinse & Air Dry

Take cold water and rinse the spot to dilute and soak out the mixed solution you created. Use a paper towel to blot the wet area, then let it air dry. Finally, use the vacuum to ensure no hidden particles are left on the surface and enjoy a spotless carpet.

Method 5: Lemons for Chocolate Stain Removal From Carpet

how to get chocolate out of carpet? try using lemons for chocolate stain removal, it is one of the best and natural solution for chocolate stain

When everything fails, it's wise to give nature a try. Yes, there are natural ways you can lighten chocolate spots and even get rid of them completely. Using any acidic solution works to remove a chocolate stain, and what better option than the available lemons in your kitchen? Keep some lemon juice around, because it even works for removing ketchup stains from carpet.

  1. Take lemons and juice them up.
  2. Use a towel and soak it with the juice you extracted.
  3. Start to dab on the surface. Make sure you don't scrub the area.
  4. Replace the old cloth with clean ones and dab more lemon juice if needed.
  5. Repeat the process until the chocolate stain weakens and disappears.
  6. Rinse, dry, and then vacuum the spot. It should look clean and smell fresh.

Once you've worked the spot over, you should definitely vacuum as a way to help make the carpet fluffy again. You want this spot you just applied pressure to to spring back up and match the height and fluffiness of the surrounding areas. Vacuuming is a great way of getting that done once the spot is dry, of course.

That’s How to Get Chocolate Out of Carpet!

Using detergent mix is the most common procedure that most people follow to get chocolate out from flooring materials. To deal with harsh stains, it is advised to use ammonia or a mix of ammonia and hydrogen peroxide, just like we highlighted in methods 3 and 4.

So, no time to be confused with chocolate stains. These brown marks are treatable, and you can try to remove them on your own without help from a professional. If the problem persists, you can always seek help from a pro cleaning service.

If you have been looking for answers to how to get chocolate out of carpet, we have to say that the methods to work on chocolate stains can be time-consuming, but there are some potent treatments.

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