How to Get Hair Out of Carpet in 4 Ways

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how to get hair out of carpet

The struggle of keeping hair out of the carpet has been around forever. But have you ever found an decent way to have your carpet hair-free? If not, don't you want to know how to get hair out of carpet?

Hair fall is always an enormous heartache. But today, we aren't going to talk about that tragedy; instead, we will try to get you some solutions to one of the biggest issue hair creates. While long-haired people and pets constantly lose hair, carpets are indomitable at holding on to them.

Stuck hair in the carpet becomes increasingly annoying to bare feet more and more as the days go by! So, let's not talk further and learn how to clean this mess up. Luckily, it's nothing as horrible as trying to get grease out of carpet, so don't worry. You may even find that you have fun doing it.

How to Get Hair Out of Carpet - All The Essential Methods

Besides the tangled mess, leaving hair in carpet can lead to odors. Hair will be covered in the oils from our scalps and also have different levels of porosity, meaning hair can soak up other good and bad scents (usually bad in your carpet) and continue emitting those out over time.

Getting stuck hair out of a carpet seems like a vicious circle sometimes. Nevertheless, we have several methods that can help you get a clean and fresh rug with no hair at all. Take a look at those and save yourself from that disturbing hair on the carpet.

Method 1: Fabric Softener Does a Great Job

one of the best way to get hair out of carpet is to use fabric softener, it really does a great job!

We aren't asking you to believe us just yet, but wait until you try it. Give it a shot; the results will amaze you.

  • Get a spray bottle, fill it with water, and drop 5-6 drops of fabric softener.
  • Shake the bottle until you get the smooth solution. It won't take more than a few seconds.
  • Work on a small surface at once, spray the mixture to the hair-stuck area, and make the area damp.
  • Now, take a wooden brush or a scrub broom; consider the ones you use for cleaning decks. Sweep the affected area thoroughly to get the hair out. The fabric softener will loosen the hair from the carpet fiber.
  • Then, vacuum the carpet to get all the remaining hair out and allow the rug to dry, and you're done.

The remarkable fact about this hack is that it can easily pull from the most petite pet hair to the most extended hair out of your carpet.

Method 2: Use a Special Vacuum

how to remove hairs from carpet? try using a special vacuum!

The first tip was for getting your stuck hair out. Now we will give you a lead that you should practice regularly to keep hair out of your favorite carpet. Well, first things first, you need to purchase one of the types of vacuum cleaners with a brush roller instead of a regular one for this trick.

  • Use the vacuum cleaner once a day to keep your carpet hair free.
  • Vacuum in concentric circles to pull every hair out of the mat.
  • Ensure you clean the beater bar and the roller brush from the vacuum after every cleaning session.

Vacuuming is the key to keep hair out of your carpet before it’s stepped on and woven into the carpet’s fibers. That’s what makes the hair so hard to remove after time.

Method 3: Baking Soda is a Life-Saver

baking soda can be a lifesaver on getting hair out of carpet

The easiest and one of the most effective ways in how to remove hairs from carpet is sprinkling baking soda on the carpet before vacuuming. Baking soda profoundly freshens your carpet and doesn't let any hair stick to your carpet.

However, you have to let the baking soda sit for 1-2 hours before vacuuming it off with the dirt and hair to get the best result out of this process.

Quick & Easy Hacks to Get Hair Out of Carpet

cleaning hair from carpet can be difficult, here some quick and easy hacks for you to try!

Talking about carpet issues and not mentioning DIY hacks would be fundamentally wrong. Just think about the odds; what if you have guests on the way or right outside that door when you notice the hair on your carpet? No biggie, we got your back! Let's go through some effortless hacks that we have for you.

Sticky Packing Tape

We know you're going to love this hack:

  • Get packing tape or any wide varieties of tape and take a strip off.
  • Wrap the tape around four of your fingers and keep the loop in your hand.
  • Now tap the carpet's surface with the tape and get as much hair as possible. The tape should get all the hair, though.

Don't use this hack for larger areas; you're not going to want to crawl along every square inch of the carpet. It is more of a minor area hack.

Window Squeegees

We all are familiar with the rubber strip that window squeegees have. Believe it or not, that is the fastest equipment for gathering hair.

  • Just take the squeegee when it's clean and dry and run it through the carpet surface, mainly on the areas where you find noticeable hair.
  • Kneel on the ground to reach the most challenging corners as those areas tend to have more stuck hair.

You’ll find that rubber kitchen gloves work just as well as a squeegee for this method of how to get hair out of carpet. Even a rubber jar lid opener (the kind that help you grip the lid) can work.

Pumice Stone

If you can find a pumice stone around, it would be wise to rely on that. Just scrape the dry stone along your carpet, and you'll see the stuck hair coming off along with it. Due to all of the pits and bumps on the stone, it catches them and is great at getting hair out of carpet.

Dryer Sheets

It's pretty impressive how you can wipe off hair from the carpet with dryer sheets. After gathering the hair, throw the sheet away. It's not going to go deep into a fluffy carpet but it will certainly catch all of the surface level hairs.

Grooming Gloves

If you have a pet, you must be familiar with grooming gloves. Except for grooming hair, they can be of great use when cleaning your shaggy carpet or even pulling hair out of carpet fibers. They're very similar to the rubber glove method mentioned above.

Although we have explained a bunch of ways here, and none of them includes any chemicals or commercial solutions, we would still ask you to go through the carpet manual to be double sure.

If the manual shows a red signal to any of the items from any method mentioned above, ignore that specific method and try going with another one. When it comes to how to get hair off carpet, we've got endless methods and you can find one safe for your carpet or rug.

Carpet Rake / Brush / Groomer

There are also devices that have a brush on one end (for low nap carpets) and a comb on the other (for high nap carpets) that are used to help dislodge dander, dirt, and hair from carpets. The hair can be pulled out, and any that don't come out will be disentangled to where they'll more easily come out when vacuuming.

Can Long Hair Be Vacuumed from Carpets?

if you are wondering how to get hair off carpet and whether it can be vacuumed? the answer is both yes and no, if you want to risk long and thick hair to stuck in your cleaner you can try it

Depending on our experience, we would say yes to this, but that you shoudn’t. Whenever you try to vacuum long and thick hair out of the carpet, you will find the hair constantly clogging up with the machine. To make the vacuum work again, you'll have to fish the hair out which will be wound all around the brush.

All of that takes a lot of time and energy. That's why we think it's not a good idea to vacuum hair out of the carpet directly. In some cases, vacuum cleaners might stop working forever. This is a good rule to follow just like never flushing hair down the toilet.

That's why we have tried to mention as many ways as possible that keep vacuum cleaners out of the way. Cleaning hair from carpet is enough of a pain without then next needing to cut it out of your tangled up vacuum cleaner.

Is it Necessary to Pull Hair Out of Carpet?

Obviously, it is! To many, even hairy carpets seem uncomfortable. And we're talking about long human or pet hair getting stuck between carpet fibers here and eventually between our toes. If you leave that hair on your carpet, it will eventually invite more dirt and hair to get stuck in your carpet.

And before you know it, your carpet will look old, become stinky, and the rug's fiber will come loose. A dirty carpet will invite diseases because that is vastly unhygienic. So it's better not to put your kids, pets, and yourself in such a questionable situation.

What is the Most Effective Way to Get Hair Out of Your Carpet?

one of the most effective answer to the question of how to get hair out of carpet is steam cleaning!

If we leave DIY hacks behind to learn the most effective way to get every hair out of your carpet efficiently, steam cleaning would be our pick. We all know how effective steam cleaning is for keeping a carpet all fresh and free of dirt.

Every time we steam clean our carpet, we can expect professional-grade results. Some might suggest you steam clean your carpet regularly, but we believe once a month would be more than enough as steam cleaning is highly effective in removing hair from your carpet.

What Can You Do to Keep Hair Out of Your Carpet?

You don't have to follow a strict carpet cleaning routine if you maintain regular decent habits. We understand that it's hard to clean the rug thoroughly every day. So, you can try forming these habits instead. These won't let any hair get stuck in your precious carpet in the first place.

  • Don't discontinue the regular basic vacuum session of your carpet.
  • In the case that you own a pet, brush and groom your pet regularly in a controlled area or outside. This way the loose hair doesn't get a chance to fall on the carpet.
  • Try changing the air filter of your vacuum cleaner regularly.
  • If you have a steam cleaner, consider steam cleaning your carpet once a week; that's a great way to keep your carpet fluffy, fresh, dirt, and hair free.

This maintenance is essential to keep you from having to go out of your way to remove hair from your carpet or rugs frequently.

That's How to Get Hair Out of Carpet!

Are you one of those who always want their carpet to look fresh and tidy? Keeping a carpet clean is essential to prevent air pollution and dangerous diseases. Leaving hair on your carpet would send an invitation to dirt, germs, and even more hair.

Ultimately, you'll be left with a rug that is getting damaged daily while causing several issues. So, we highly recommend you learn how to get hair out of carpet so that you can avoid all potential hazards. But we also suggest that you shouldn't go against the carpet manual's restrictions.

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