How to Get Syrup Out of Carpet in 5 Ways

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how to get syrup out of carpet

Did you drop some syrup on your carpet while you were enjoying a snack? Spilled syrup can not only leave stains on your carpet, but the sugary treat can also lead to an ant infestation in no time. You must solve this problem before it escalates too far. So, how to get syrup out of carpet?

If you’ve noticed a fresh stain on the carpet, you can easily take care of it using some basic kitchen tools and dish soap. But for dried stains, it can get a little more difficult as you’d have to rehydrate it and use dish detergent, club soda, white vinegar, or hydrogen peroxide.

Keep reading this article to find out how you can implement each of these methods to get rid of the stains on your carpet. We’ll also discuss how you can clean your carpet after taking care of the stain to prevent mold growth. Let’s dive in!

How to Get Fresh Syrup Out of Carpet

If you can notice the syrup immediately when it falls on the carpet, you can easily clean it by taking quick action. Fresh syrup is much easier to clean than dried syrup, and you can do it using tools you can find in your kitchen pantry. Here are the best ways to get rid of fresh syrup from your carpet:

Scoop & Scrape the Syrup

the very first thing to do for getting syrup out of carpet is scoop & scape the syrup

The first thing you need to do is to take out as much syrup as possible from the carpet. You can start by scooping the liquid syrup on your carpet with a spoon before it gets absorbed by the carpet fibers. You won't get it all due to the molecular binding of the proteins that makes syrup so sticky. Just get as much as you can.

There are plenty of tools that you can use to scrape the remaining syrup. A spoon, knife, spatula, or credit card will work well to eliminate the access syrup. Scrape the syrup from the carpet using any of these tools.

While at it, ensure you’re not pressing too hard into the carpet, as that’ll cause the syrup to go into the carpet. Apply pressure on it from side to side but don’t put any force on the bottom. Once you’ve collected all the syrup, you can, place it in a bowl and get rid of it. Removing the excess is the first step in how to clean syrup out of carpet, so take your time and do it right or you'll spread it worse.

Blot the Syrup Stain

You’ll get most of the stain out by scooping and scraping it off, but you won’t get all of it. And any residue of syrup can make your carpet sticky. By blotting the stain, you can get more syrup out of the carpet.

Place a clean and dry cloth over the area where you’ve spilled the syrup so that you can draw out the extra liquid that has been caught up in the carpet’s fibers. You may want to use a paper towel instead, but maple and corn syrup can be sticky, break the towel and leave a mess behind.

So, use a piece of cloth for the best results. It’ll keep the corn syrup from being absorbed by the carpets and prevent any stains. Start blotting from the outside and work your way in to keep the spilled syrup from spreading any further. It won’t completely remove the stains, but you’ve set yourself up for easy cleaning now.

Apply Dish Soap

how to clean syrup out of carpet? apply dish soap on top of the stain and see the magic!

Using dish soap is one of the most effective ways to get rid of carpet stains due to its ability to break down the chemical makeup. It can even tackle grease stains on carpet. Mix a teaspoon of liquid dish soap with a cup of warm water. Put the mixture in a spray bottle and apply it to the stained area.

Once you’ve applied the dish soap spray on the stain, take a dry cloth or towel and rub it over the stain like last time. Repeat the process as many times as necessary until you get rid of the stain. Blotting is the most important step for getting syrup out of carpet. Make sure you don’t use a colored piece of cloth on the stain, as the dye can make it worse.

How to Get Dried Syrup Out of Carpet

how to get dried syrup out of carpet

Let’s be honest – you’re not always going to be on top of things and see the syrup falling on your carpet as it happens. Oftentimes, you’ll miss it, and the syrup will dry up with time. Let me tell you how to clean up dried syrup from carpet.

Getting rid of a dried syrup stain is way more challenging than a fresh syrup stain as it’ll have enough time to settle on the carpet. Nevertheless, it’s not something that can’t be done.

Before doing anything else, rehydrate the stained area by blotting it with a wet cloth. That’ll moisten the area and give a better chance to get rid of the stain. Once you do that, there are a lot of ways you can get rid of dried syrup on your carpet. Here are some of the most effective ways to do that:

Dish Detergent

Dish detergent is a powerful tool to eliminate persistent stains from your dirty dishes, and it’ll do the same for your carpet. Like dish soap, you’ll mix the detergent with water and put it in a spray bottle. Then, spray it on the stained area and clean it with a fresh cloth or towel.

The main difference between using dish detergent and liquid dish shop is that the former is more powerful. Dish soap is good enough to get rid of fresh stains, but for dried stains, you need something strong like dish detergent.

Club Soda

how to clean up dried syrup from carpet? use club soda to remove the dried stain

Pour a little bit of club soda on the stained area and blot the area with a dry cloth, repeating the process as many times as needed. Club soda is a great option if you don’t want to harm your carpet and get the stain out. Remember, repeated blotting is crucial for how to get syrup out of carpet.

You’ll get a good result with club soda if the stain isn’t too severe. The carbonation of the club soda will work against the sticky syrup, and you’ll have a stain-free carpet in no time.

White Vinegar

White vinegar is something that you’ll find in every kitchen. Its accessibility and effectiveness in dealing with dark and persistent carpet stains like mascara make it the ideal option for getting rid of your carpet stain.

White vinegar is too strong, and that’s why you shouldn’t apply it directly on the carpet. Mix one-part white vinegar with three parts of warm water and put the solution in a spray bottle. Using a spray bottle to apply the solution is good as it ensures you don’t use too much of it.

For more power from the vinegar solution, you can add a little dish detergent to the mix. Once you’ve applied the vinegar solution, gently blot the affected area using a dry cloth, as always, to get the stain out. Keep repeating the process until you no longer see any dark stains on the cloth.

You need to rinse your carpet thoroughly after you’ve applied the vinegar solution. Otherwise, it’ll sit, collect dust and cause more stains on your carpet. Vinegar works well in removing odor from the carpet, but if you don’t take care of it soon, it’ll leave a pungent odor on the carpet by itself.

Hydrogen Peroxide

how to get syrup out of carpet? you can use hydrogen peroxide to get rid of the stain

Hydrogen peroxide will take care of the stubborn carpet stains like playdough but keep in mind that it’s a bleaching agent. It should only be used on dark-colored carpets. Otherwise, it’ll damage your carpet and do more harm than good. You shouldn’t use hydrogen peroxide if your carpet is made of wool.

You can find out if it’s okay to use hydrogen peroxide on your carpet by testing the spray on a small area. If you've confirmed that it’s safe to use hydrogen peroxide on your carpet, then you can easily get rid of the tough stains using it.

Mix one part hydrogen peroxide with three parts warm water, put the solution in a spray bottle, and apply it to the stained area. After you’ve applied the solution, wait for at least 10-15 minutes to let it set and start lifting the stains. Smudge the stained area gently with a dry cloth after using this solution. Keep blotting, because this is how to get maple syrup out of carpet.

What to Do After the Syrup Stain is Gone

You need to make sure that no product remains on the carpet after you’ve completed the stain treatment. If you leave any residue, it’ll collect dirt and make your carpet look blotchy and stained in a while.

Rinse the stained area with a clean cloth and cold water until you’re sure that you’ve got all the products out. You must do it if you’ve used powerful substances like white vinegar, detergent, or hydrogen peroxide.

Don’t put too much water as it can make it difficult to dry the carpet. If you don’t dry your carpet, fungus and mold can grow in it. So, dry your carpet with a vacuum cleaner and make sure there’s no moisture in it to complete the stain treatment process.

That’s How to Get Syrup Out of Carpet!

Use the method that works best for you, depending on the stain you have. We hope you’d be able to use the tips shared in this guide and have a stain-free carpet.

How to get syrup out of carpet? By now, you should know many different ways you can get it done after reading this article. Getting rid of these carpet stains can be challenging but now that you’re empowered with the knowledge in this guide, you’re ready to take on the challenge.

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