9 Toilet Colors & Shade Ranges for Your Personality

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Toilets are home essentials. While not the most glamorous fixture in the house, the toilet provides the necessary service. Because toilets are obligatory instead of optional, we settle for the common white toilet and don't even consider that there might be other toilet colors out there.

It simply doesn't occur to us! Most toilets are white, and very few of us consider searching outside that option. However, toilets come in a wide variety of colors. You may have to order them or travel to a specialty store, but they are out there. We'll help you with that, too, but first let's look at the colors.

9 Toilet Colors to Suit Your Decor Style

What colors do toilets come in? Let’s look at the various toilet colors available. We discuss the benefits of each of colors of toilets, including how often they need to be cleaned and how they enhance a space.

White Toilets

what colors do toilets come in? well, it is mostly white toilets in the world

Most toilets are white. White is a bright, reflective color that makes the entire bathroom feel lighter. However, every mark immediately shows up on a white toilet. While this helps remind us to keep a steady cleaning schedule, it also doesn't allow much grace. A white toilet reflects any and all mess.

White toilets are the default for several reasons. Because the vast majority are made of porcelain, it's cheaper and more accessible for manufacturers to make the fixtures in white. A toilet is a relatively large investment; most homeowners appreciate a white toilet's lower price tag.

Every toilet manufacturer makes white toilets. There's no need to special order or search high and low to attain one of the white appliances.

White has also long represented cleanliness in the popular consciousness. Everyone wants a neat, sanitary bathroom; white fixtures immediately transmit that idea. White toilets go with any colored bathroom tiles and fixtures.

Black Toilets

if you are looking for different colored toilets, you can go with black toilets

Black goes with everything in the fashion and decoration world. Black colored toilets lend a bathroom an air of sophistication, and black is sleek and elegant.

However, black toilets absorb light. This means they make a small space feel smaller, so black toilets work best in larger bathrooms.

The dust shows up, but a black toilet won't need the same frequent cleaning as white toilets. Black color has its own color psychology, too, of mystery, sophistication, power, and elegance.

While black isn't as standard a toilet color as white, ebony-hued fixtures aren't rare. Buyers don't need to look too hard or far to find the darkly-colored apparatuses.

Off-White Toilets

one of the popular colors of toilets are off-white toilets

Off-white allows owners to maintain the impact of a white toilet without the need to clean it as often. Off-white toilets are a bit warmer than bright white fixtures. Another prevalent toilet shade, these appliances make a room feel spacious and open.

White and off-white toilet colors are great options for smaller bathrooms, making the room feel larger.

Yellow Toilets

there are differet color toilets like yellow toilets

Fortune favors the brave, and of all the different colored toilets nothing is more daring than a yellow toilet. These fixtures add a bright, sunny pop of color to any bathroom.

Yellow toilets add warmth to a room and contrast nicely with most bathrooms. They can handle moderate dirt before needing cleaning.

Yellow certainly doesn't match every color, and the sunny shade works best with white, contrasting well and creating a dramatic impact. While yellow comes in various shades, a brilliant yellow adds a modern, art-nouveau touch to any bathroom.

Tan Toilets

if you really want colored toilets, you can go with tan toilets

Tan isn't the most exciting color, and the neutral shade offers a small step away from the classic white without being too radical.

Tan toilets fall near white and off-white on the color spectrum, and these fixtures are warm and bright and go best with off-white, green, and gray tiles and fixtures. Like white, tan opens up a small bathroom, making it feel larger and more open.

Tan toilets can go a bit longer than white toilets without cleaning, and dirt and scratches don't stand out as drastically against a tan base.

Gray Toilets

gray toilet

Gray toilets let you enjoy the best of both black and white fixtures. Additionally, gray comes in lighter or darker shades.

If you have a black bathroom, you may want a light gray toilet for some contrast and brightness. Lighter-colored bathrooms benefit from the contrast dark gray fixtures provide.

Gold Toilets

gold colored toilet

What could be more indulgent and luxurious than using a gold toilet? These shiny fixtures reflect light, making a space feel larger. Additionally, they scream decadence.

Gold-plated toilets need to be kept clean to ensure they shine and maximally reflect the light. Alibaba.com sells a variety of reasonably priced gold toilet colors certain to impress the company while showing off your Midas touch.

Blue Toilets

blue toilet

Blue is a general term for a wide range of colors and shades. Light blue toilets match more bathrooms' color schemes and add brightness to the room without making dirt and scratches pop the way a bright white toilet does.

Navy blue toilets share the subtle sophistication of black toilets without absorbing as much light, and these fixtures contrast with lightly colored bathrooms beautifully. Also, black and navy blue toilets go well with most fixtures and tiles.

A teal toilet cuts a striking, modern nerve. Soft, pastel blue is comforting and inviting.

Pastel Shades

pastel toilet

Pastel shades evoke solid and nostalgic vibes. Nothing takes you back to grandma's bathroom like a pastel fixture, whether pale yellow or mint green. Whether that's a pro or a con hinges entirely on your fondness for retro design. Pastel colors lend every bathroom a bright, clean, and high-quality appearance.

What Brands Sell Different Color Toilets?

You can buy a bright white toilet from any major manufacturer. Finding different color toilets takes a little more digging. While this is not a comprehensive list, these manufacturers provide a solid place to begin your colored toilet suit.


kohler colored toilets

Kohler started making uniquely colored fixtures in 1927. Initially, the company made a wide range of unexpected pastel shades. Currently, Kohler keeps its focus primarily on shades between white and black. This includes a wide range of subtle gradations, from peach to dark gray.

Kohler's toilet line up periodically cycles in vintage shades, including Spring Green and Peach Blow. The company makes a wide range of toilets, including the classic two-piece standing variety and smart, no-touch toilets.


gerber colored toilet

Gerber used to be the premiere manufacturer of pastel toilets. At the peak of its powers, the company made six shades of toilet colors:

  • Bahama Pink
  • Dawn Blue
  • Silver
  • Bone
  • Biscuit
  • Jamaican Beige

Diligent toilet shoppers may still be able to find these Gerber shades. It's truly astonishing what a patient shopper can locate on the internet. However, Gerber's current line focuses on soft colors. The company now makes white, beige, off-white, and blush colored toilets.

Peerless Pottery

peerless pottery colored toilet

Peerless Pottery shares Gerber's history of celebrated pastel shades. The company used to manufacture colors including:

  • Venetian Pink
  • Dresden Blue
  • Sterling Silver
  • Bone
  • Biscuit
  • Beige
  • Harvest Gold

Peerless currently makes a more limited range of colors. However, if you're looking for a pink, yellow, white, or beige toilet, Peerless Pottery has you covered. Each color comes in one of four varieties:

  • Liberty Round Bowl
  • Madison Round Bowl
  • Independence Elongated Bowl
  • Hancock Elongated Bowl

If you want to add a truly unique and striking touch to your bathroom, look no further than Terra Artesana. The company makes custom-painted Mexican Talavera-style toilets. These are brightly colored, beautifully patterned fixtures. You can paint your toilet, too.

The company sells the seats separately, and investing in these toilets is expensive. However, they add a one-of-a-kind burst of genuine art to any bathroom. The toilet colors are bold and work best with either similar fixtures or white and black-based bathrooms.

Colored Toilet Seats

we have covered enough details on toilet colors, keep in mind that there are colored toilet seats too!

You may not want to invest the sum necessary for new colored toilets. It's a big purchase and that's not where the annoyance ends. Once the new fixture is in place, the old one needs to be disposed of, and toilets weigh more than you expect. Simply replacing the toilet seat allows you to add color and personality to your bathroom without entirely replacing the toilet.

There is a huge variety of toilet seats available. You just need to remove the old one and screw on the new one. You've instantly upgraded your toilet. You can buy solid-colored ones from major manufacturers or ornate decorative seats from boutiques or Etsy.

The seat also includes a lid, adding to the full effect. You can spend a little or a lot-toilet seats range from $10 to $120 dollars. Remember that you can choose plastic or wood toilet seats as well for more natural designs.

Different Toilet Colors to Choose From!

While we generally associate toilets with white, limiting the fixture to simply that color is unnecessary. Plenty of shades of toilets are available to customize your bathroom to your personality, and you can even use the fixture's color to make a small bathroom seem larger.

However, a unique seat allows you to personalize your space if you want to make a dramatic visual change without removing the entire toilet unit. Whatever toilet colors you choose, there are plenty of ways to create the bathroom of your dreams, including a unique toilet.

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