How Much Does a Toilet Weigh? Backed by Statistics

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how much does a toilet weigh

Are you planning a bathroom renovation? Changing your bathtub, shower, and toilet is a great way to update its aesthetic. But how much does a toilet weigh? While carrying a new shower basin or bathtub in or out of the room is easy, thanks to the lightweight acrylic or fiberglass shell, moving the toilet around is a different deal.

Toilets feature design and construction with porcelain. This ceramic material is heavy. Lifting a toilet bowl and cistern around requires some strength, and it's no easy feat for anyone, regardless of fitness level. So, how heavy are toilets? Can you manage to haul it around the bathroom and house yourself?

This post looks at toilet weights and what you can expect from the experience of lugging them around during your remodel and installation.

Common Toilet Brands & Model Weights

toilet weight can vary greatly among common toilet brands and models

Here are ten common toilets found in the American market of the standard toilet type. Chances are you're using one of these in your remodeling job. We will include 10 one-piece toilets and 10 two-piece toilets, and then give you some statistics based on these numbers.

Two-Piece Toilet Brands & Model Weights

Here are 10 common two-piece toilets you'll find stocked on the shelves in stores such as Home Depot and Lowe's, with their gallons per flush and weights listed.

  • Glacier Bay "Single Flush" | 1.28 GPF | 86.8 lbs
  • Kohler "Elmbrook" | 1.28 GPF | 109 lbs
  • Delta "Foundations" | 1.28 GPF | 96 lbs
  • Kohler "Highline Arc" | 1.28 GPF | 102 lbs
  • American Standard "Cadet 3 FloWise" | 1.28 GPF | 88 lbs
  • Niagara Stealth "Single Flush" | 0.8 GPF | 103 lbs
  • TOTO "Drake" | 1.28 GPF | 98 lbs
  • Penguin Toilets "Single Flush" | 1.28 GPF | 86.5 lbs
  • American Standard "Reliant" | 1.28 GPF | 70 lbs
  • Kohler "Wellworth" | 1.28 GPF | 97 lbs

We've tried to select different brands where possible to get the widest range of models and build designs.

One-Piece Toilet Brands & Model Weights

Here are 10 common one-piece toilets you'd find in the same kind of home goods stores mentioned above. Where two "gallons per flush" are listed, that means the toilet has dual flush options.

  • Swiss Madison "St. Tropez" | 1.1/1.6 GPF | 110 lbs
  • American Standard "Tofino" | 1.1 GPF | 108.6 lbs
  • Kohler "Santa Rosa" | 1.28 GPF | 102 lbs
  • American Standard "Colony" | 1.28 GPF | 81 lbs
  • Glacier Bay "Hartridge" | 1.0/1.6 GPF | 98 lbs
  • Woodbridge "Everette" | 1.28 GPF | 125 lbs
  • Fine Fixutres "Jawbone" | 1.08/1.58 GPF | 95 lbs
  • Glacier Bay "Watercrest" | 1.1/1.6 GPF | 102.5 lbs
  • Swiss Madison "Chateau" | 0.8/1.28 GPF | 83 lbs
  • Kohler "San Souci" | 1.28 GPF | 94 lbs

Next, we'll take these numbers in both categories and perform some mathematics to calculate and give you the mean (average) and median weights of each (there were no modes in these data sets) to help answer how much does a toilet weigh.

Average Weight of Two-Piece Toilets

Using our data from ten popular and commonly available two-piece toilets on the market today from various brands, we've determined the average weight of a two-piece toilet is 93.6 lbs and the median weight is 96.5 lbs.

Average Weight of One-Piece Toilets

Using our data from ten commonly available and popular one-piece toilets on the market now from differing brands, we've calculated the average weight of a one-piece toilet is 99.9 lbs and the median weight is 100 lbs.

How Much Does a Standard Toilet Weigh?

If you consider both one-piece and two-piece toilets only as standard, our calculations have determined that the average standard toilet weighs 98.25 lbs.

Factors Determining a Toilets Weight

the weight of a toilet can be influenced by various factors such as the material used, size, and design

What qualities and characteristics affect the weight of a toilet? Most toilets weigh between 90 to 110 lbs, depending on the design. There is no standard weight for a toilet; it depends on the manufacturing brand and the design. Let's look at the factors determining a toilet's weight.

One or Two-Piece Toilet Designs & Weights

The design is a top consideration in the final weight of the toilet. Toilets come in two common variations – a one-piece and two-piece design. What does that mean? A one-piece toilet design features the tank (cistern) and the bowl in a complete setup that doesn't separate.

The two-piece design has an independent bowl and tank. Obviously, the one-piece model will be the heavier option to move. However, the two-piece design typically not only has a lesser overall weight when considering both components, but you can move each component separately.

One-Piece Toilet Design & Weight

A one-piece toilet design typically has an overall weight of approximately 100 lbs. It differs depending on the model and manufacturing brand. For instance, some brands might use a plastic tank and a ceramic bowl, reducing the weight of a two-piece system.

However, when it comes to carrying the toilets in and out of the bathroom, the one-piece will be the heavier option. It has a complete construction with the tank and bowl in a single unit. Typically, a one-piece model will be all porcelain, while a two-piece model can be all-porcelain or a hybrid plastic tank/ceramic bowl model.

Two-Piece Toilet Design & Weight

The two-piece model is the easier option for your remodel if you're worried about lugging around a heavy toilet. The tank and bowl are separate, making it easier to carry and work on in the bathroom.

Though a two-piece toilet can be much lighter depending on the model, you can expect them to weight just a bit less than the one-piece model, coming in around 94 lbs instead of 100 lbs on average. That’s inconsequential since you’ll carry the pieces separately. How much does a toilet weigh? With a two-piece design, who cares!

Brand & Toilet Model & How That Affects Weight

Toilet manufacturing brands have different designs and production methods for their products. A one-piece TOTO "Ultramax II" will be 11 lbs lighter than the Swiss Madison "St. Tropez" model. Some brands use hollow sections in the bowl design, while others use solid construction. Some add more material than others to give it a bulky but premium look.

Toilet Design & Size

Manufacturing brands design toilets for people and bathrooms. They have products for large individuals or smaller people. They also have toilet designs for large or small bathrooms. Typically, you'll find you have "comfort" and "standard" design choices, with the "comfort" being the larger and heavier model. The comfort is usually taller and bulkier than the standard design.

Since the comfort is bigger and taller, it has more material in the design and more weight. You also have options for tankless toilets. They connect directly to the water supply using a high-pressure flushing system. These models are compact and a great choice for smaller bathrooms, which use up less of your toilet room dimensions.

Wall-hung toilets are lightweight but challenging to install. Despite tankless toilets being smaller and more compact, they sometimes weigh more than a conventional toilet with a tank. You also have options for portable camping toilets that feature design and construction with plastic for a lightweight unit that's easy to move around.

Toilet Construction Materials

Most toilets feature design and construction with porcelain, a type of clay similar to ceramic. It undergoes heat treatment, making it a strong material. However, it's not strong enough to absorb strong impacts. So, if you drop the toilet while carrying it, it's almost a certainty you'll end up cracking it into pieces.

Other Toilet Designs & Weights

if you wonder how much does the average toilet weight, we can say that it depends on various types of toilets

Here are other toilet designs on the market. The one-piece and two-piece standard and comfort models are the most common units on the market, but these models serve a purpose, depending on the application.

Floating Toilet Weight

The "floating" or "wall-hung" toilet projects from the wall with no base under the bowl. This type of toilet is more common in high-rise buildings and commercial installations where the plumbing projects from the wall rather than the floor or close to the floor level. They're lightweight, with the typical unit weighing between 50 and 80 lbs.

Smart Toilet Weight

The "Smart" toilet comes in floating, tankless, standard, or comfort designs. Despite their compact appearance, they are usually substantially heavy and have many features, including built-in bidets, heated seats, odor sprays, and more.

The addition of the tech adds more weight to the unit. Depending on the design and features, these models can weigh anywhere from 110 to 125 lbs in general.

Portable Toilet Weight

Portable toilets are the ideal choice for RVs and camping trips. Also known as "composting" toilets, these units are compact, lightweight, and easy to move around. They feature design and construction with plastic and have weights ranging from 10 to 15 lbs.

Can You Lift a Toilet by Yourself?

how heavy are toilets? can you lift it by yourself? an average male can lift a toilet by himself

How much does a toilet weigh? About 100 lbs on average. The average man can safely lift around 100 lbs of dead weight if not repetitive and following proper lifting procedures. So, it's possible for you to carry a toilet by yourself.

However, it depends on your physical condition and fitness level. Typically, people taking on remodeling jobs at home have a decent level of strength and fitness sufficient for lifting the toilet during the remodeling process.

A two-piece toilet is much easier to manage and lift since the tanks and bowls are separate. The tank might weigh around 40% of the overall weight. The bowl is about 70% to 60% of the unit's overall weight.

However, one-piece toilets come as a complete unit, making them heavier and harder to move around. Since they are solid units, they are also harder to pick up and handle. In most cases, you'll need two people to move in and out or into the bathroom unless you want to take the risk of dropping and cracking the unit.

Can You Install a Toilet by Yourself?

how much does a toilet weigh? can you install it by yourself? in general, you can carry and install the toilet if you have basic plumbing skills

If you have basic plumbing knowledge, you shouldn't struggle to install the toilet by yourself during the remodeling process. However, it's best to call a professional for some help if you have no handy skills and don't have the faintest idea how plumbing works.

You'll need to remove and dispose of the old unit and fit the new one. A plumber will know where to dispose of the old toilet, and they have all the tools and experience required to install the new one.

Hiring a plumber will cost you between $100 to $150 for a toilet installation, and it should take them a couple of hours to complete. The cost and time spent depends if you want them to handle the removal, disposal, and fitment involved with the job, as well as where your home is located. Plumbers often charge by project rather than by hour, which often works out in your favor.

Tips For Lifting Toilets

Toilets have an awkward shape, especially one-piece models. Unless you have strongman experience handling and carrying large boulders, it's best to get some help. If you have an extra set of hands, it helps guide the new toilet into the correct fitment position.

Always remember to lift with your legs and not your back, and don't extend the weight out in front of you, and never twist your back while holding a heavy weight. Hug it in close to keep your center of gravity closer to your spine, to avoid falling over, dropping the toilet, or hurting your back. Avoid the common contributing factors associated with back injury according to OSHA.

Move the toilet as close to the installation spot as you can using a dolly / hand truck. From there you should be able to slide it into place, so there shouldn't be too much lifting other than placing it in your vehicle after purchasing it. Even then you can always ask for help if needed or have it delivered.

How Much Does a Toilet Seat Weigh?

Most types of toilet seats are usually lightweight and easy to carry. A plastic toilet seat will weigh around 1 lb. Depending on the fittings, a wood veneer or wood enamel toilet seat can weigh up to 2 lbs or more.

Look for plastic and wood-enamel seats that come with a soft-close mechanism. The soft close prevents the toilet seat from slamming if you accidentally drop it. Wood veneer models usually don't come with this feature.

How Much Does a Toilet Weigh?

One-piece models and two-piece models can vary from 90 to 125 lbs. How much does the average toilet weight? 98.25 pounds.

It's easy to crack or chip the porcelain on the bowl or tank if you drop it, so get someone to help you with the fitment. You could ask a family member or friend or call a professional plumber for assistance.

How much does a toilet weigh? It depends on the size, design, and manufacturing brand of the unit you're interested in buying. Knowing how much your unit weighs helps you plan out your remodeling job and prepare for removing the old toilet and installing the new one.

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