26 Types of Kiwi to Enjoy Right Off the Vine

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When you hear the name kiwi, what comes to your mind? New Zealand, right? Well, kiwi fruit is no exception. It's a fruit that primarily originated in China and then came to prominence in New Zealand. Since then, many countries have been growing different types of kiwi successfully.

Why are we talking about this fruit? Well, it's a very unique and delectable fresh good. Not just the way it looks; it has a distinctive taste. What's even better, there are several varieties of kiwis on the market, each with their own distinctive characteristics.

26 Types of Kiwi

Some people have never thought about these things. Kiwi grows on a woody, perennial vine that bears smaller leaves. These vines need to be managed or they'll grow all over everything. The kiwi plant, of the family Actinidiaceae, can live up to 50 years and more! Some even consider the kiwi a berry of this vine.

Generally, there are three varieties of kiwi out there. The ones that you find in grocery stores, known as Actinidia Deliciosa, are the most common. Actinidia Arguta is the hardy kiwi, but Actinidia Kolomikta is the super hardy variant.

These three versions have a wide range of subcategories that look different and have varying tastes. Let's find out what they offer.

Golden Kiwi

some kiwi types, like golden kiwi, have an appearance like a potato

Actinidia Chinensis, also known as the golden kiwi, grows from May to January. They have an appearance like a potato. They are golden on the exterior part and bright yellow on the inside, with a few black seeds. The taste is similar to a mixed combination of mango and strawberry.

Green Kiwi

green kiwi is the most popular types of kiwis

This is the most readily available kiwi fruit types you will find. Green kiwi is an all-season fruit. It has brown skin, and the inner flesh is green, as the name suggests, with black seeds embedded in them. The taste is tangy with sweet notes, reminiscent of many types of papaya, without the creamy texture..

Fuzzy Kiwi

fuzzy kiwi is considered to be one of the most important kiwi fruit types because it is china's national fruit

This is a fruit with lots of importance because it's considered China's national fruit. Also known as Actinidia Deliciosa, this variation has russet-toned skin. The outer part is covered with stiff brown hair, and the inner flesh is green, sometimes white, yellow, or brown. It has a juicy texture on the inside and tastes acidic. It's the kiwi you find used in kiwi-based types of jam.

Ananzaya Kiwi

one of the easiest kiwi varieties to grow is anazaya kiwi

This variant is also known as Latin Actinidia Arguta and is one of the easiest fruits to grow. Just give it full sun exposure and partial shadow, and it will thrive. The skin can be purple or red, but mostly they are green. This fruit emits fragrance and tastes super sweet. It's as refreshing as any of the varieties of watermelon out there.

Hardy Kiwi

some kiwi variety, like hardy kiwi can endure tough climates

Just like the name points out, these types of kiwi fruit can handle tough climates. They can grow in cold weather and still be edible. Moreover, they have green outer skin and inner flesh. And the taste is sweet.

Hardy Kiwi comes to life during the fall season and bloom in spring. This fruit is small and can be consumed whole without peeling.

Dumbarton Oaks Kiwi

dumbarton oaks kiwi

Want to look at a small pumpkin? Look at this wonderful creation. The Dumbarton Oaks kiwi is light green and has smooth skin. You can consume it like whole grapes. When talking about the taste, it has a sweetness that most people love.

Rossana Italian Kiwi

some types of kiwi fruit, like rossana italian kiwi, can grow in huge amounts

This is a variety of Actinidia Arguta that is native to Italy. The outer skin has a mid-toned green color, and the appearance is kind of large. It's edible and has a sweet taste. And it grows in huge amounts, unlike other kiwi fruits.

Arctic Beauty Kiwi

arctic beauty kiwi

These fruits are also known as Actinidia Kolomikta. It's known for its endurance in colder climates. It's one hardy variant that comes with pink and white leaves. With the help of male plants, they are known to produce fruits. The taste is extremely delicious and sweet to the mouth.

Red Beauty Arctic Beauty Kiwi

red beauty arctic beauty kiwi

When paired with Pasha male arctic beauty kiwi types, it's known to flourish and pollinate. This kiwi has striking red foliage. It starts to grow in the fall season and blooms in the summer.

Pasha Male Arctic Beauty Kiwi

pasha male arctic beauty kiwi

This artic beauty is a male plant; thus, there are no fruits on it. Mostly this type is a suitable pollinator for the female arctic kiwis. And it's a variegated leaf hardy kiwi, and one of them can pollinate eight females.

Emerald Arctic Beauty Kiwi

emerald arctic beauty kiwi

The Emerald kiwi is large in comparison to other arctic kiwis. It has a lime green top skin, and the fruit itself tastes very sweet. The best way to pollinate these fruits is to pair them with Pasha Male Arctic Kiwi.

Hayward Kiwi

some different types of kiwis, like hayward kiwi have lots of hair spikes on its top layer

It's a variety of Fuzzy Kiwi. This kiwi has a round shape and has a lot of hair spikes on its top layer. It has a brownish color on top, a green layer in the middle, and white flesh in the center.

Abbott Kiwi

abbott kiwi

The Abbott kiwi is a medium-sized fruit that consists of long hairs on the outer skin. When cut, the inner flesh appears to be green. These types of kiwi eventually ripen during November and are edible after that. It boasts a sweet taste.

Jenny Kiwi

some different types of kiwi, like jenny kiwi are actually a hybrid

Let's take a look at a hybrid kiwi, the Jenny Kiwi. It's a self-pollinating fruit. When spring arrives, the vines bloom with yellow flowers. During summer, they produce fruits with green flesh and black seeds that are edible.

Vincent Kiwi

vincent kiwi

If you want a taste close to strawberry, then the Vincent Kiwi can be a good choice. These are large fruits that grow best in warm climates. During October, it ripens and is eligible for consumption. This fruit has a unique heart shape and white flowers.

Chinese Gooseberry Kiwi

chinese gooseberry kiwi

This kiwi has the Latin name Actinidia Coriacea. Some people call it Zhong Hua Kiwi, and it has an oval shape to it. The inside flesh color varies from light yellow to green. It's sometimes referred to as Chinese Egg Gooseberry kiwi as well.

Huang Yang Kiwi

huang yang kiwi

It grows out and forms a cylindrical shape with yellow or white inside flesh. The outer skin has a smooth finish, unlike different types of kiwis with hair on them. This kiwi has a fine texture on them and a rich flavor to go with it.

Hot Pepper Silver Vine Kiwi

hot pepper silver vine kiwi

The name says it all; it has a chili pepper-like appearance. For pollination, it has to be paired with Pavel Male Silver Vine. It's said that the taste is similar to mild chili, but on the hind side, it does have a sweet taste too.

Bruno Kiwi

bruno kiwi

This fruit has a large cylindrical-shaped body with a brown top. The upper layer has many hairs; thus, it's not smooth to the touch. And the inner flesh has light green layers with a white center and a few black seeds.

Allison Kiwi

allison kiwi

It has a brown top with light green inner flesh. This kiwi is a medium-sized fruit that has been popular for a long time. It was a common choice for people until the arrival of Hayward kiwi.

Blake Kiwi

blake kiwi

The Blake kiwi has similarities to the Hayward kiwi in terms of size. However, it's known to ripen faster than its counterpart. The inner flesh of these types of kiwi is lime green, but it tastes more like strawberry. It has leaves that grow in a heart shape with white tones.

Ruan Zhao Kiwi

ruan zhao kiwi

This kiwi is known as soft date gooseberry and thrives in mountainous regions. It has a small size but packs a punch in terms of taste. The green inner flesh is mostly used to create jams.

Silver Vine Kiwi

silver vine kiwi

This delicious fruit is also known as Actinidia Polygama. The vines grow heart-shaped extensions that are green in color but with white tips. This kiwi variety also has white flowers with a pleasant smell. However, the fruit itself is orangish and is shaped like an egg.

Early Cordifolia Kiwi

early cordifolia kiwi

The specialty of this early Cordifolia kiwi is that it bears flavorful fruits that are sweet to taste. It tends to ripe fast and comes up with an eye-catching green outcome. Many people think kiwi are types of melons due to the similarities but this is simply not the case.

Michigan State Kiwi

there are different kiwis, like michigan state kiwi that can reach up to 10-12 feet

The Michigan State Kiwi is a hardy fruit that is large. The taste is mouthwatering, and it comes in a lime-green color. Cultivating such fruits need wider space, and when in full growth, they can reach up to 10-12 feet.

Ogden Point Kiwi

some types of kiwi, like ogden point kiwi, has grape like skin

This kiwi has vigorous growth and smooth grape-like skin. It's a hardy fruit, and its taste can vary from tart to sweeter ends. This kiwi cultivation can make your landscape look more beautiful.

Additional Types of Kiwi

If you're such a kiwi aficionado that you manage to collect and try all of the different kiwis above, then that's awesome and I wouldn't want you to not be able to continue your adventure. So here's 17 more kiwi varieties for you to hunt down and enjoy:

  • Frost Arctic Beauty Kiwi
  • Viktor Arctic Beauty Kiwi
  • Saanichton Kiwi
  • Tatyana Russian Kiwi
  • Issai Kiwi
  • Natasha Russian Kiwi
  • Purple (Red) Kiwi
  • Chang Bai Kiwi
  • Geneva Hardy Kiwi
  • Mao Hua Kiwi
  • Andrey Hardy Male Russian Kiwi
  • Ken’s Red Kiwi
  • Flowercloud Male Kiwi
  • September Sun Arctic Beauty Kiwi
  • Pavel Male Silver Vine Kiwi
  • Vera’s Pride Silver Vine Kiwi
  • Jing Li Kiwi

Now, if that doesn't get the job done for you, then you, my friend, are a bonafide kiwi nut! More power to you. It's great to be passionate about something and seek it out. Speaking of passion, if you like kiwi then you very well may find yourself a fan of the many types of passion fruit out there, too.

Types of Kiwi for Every Sublime Taste

Kiwi fruit is known as happy fruit because it contains a good amount of serotonin which can alleviate your mood and self-esteem in no time. It's one unique-looking fruit. It's flavorsome that has a sour touch as well as sweetness.

These fruits are known to have antioxidants, Vitamin C, and dietary fiber, which can aid anyone's immunity and digestive system. Believe it or not, Kiwis are not limited to one or two varieties that you see on the market. Rather, there are numerous varieties of kiwi that vary in taste and appearance.

If you shop regularly, you've probably come across the green types of kiwi in a local grocery store. If you like cultivating fruits in your garden, then the Ogden Point Kiwi can be a stellar choice. However, the Arctic beauty version can save your day if you live in cold weather.

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