Do You Tip Furniture Delivery Guys & How Much?

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do you tip furniture delivery

Furniture delivery is a great way to get your new items home quickly and safely. But it can be hard to know the etiquette of tipping. Do you tip furniture delivery guys? And if so, how much? Most people ask these questions, but there’s no definitive answer as to whether or not tipping is necessary.

Keep reading to learn the dos and don’ts of tipping furniture delivery people to help you make an informed decision.

Should You Tip for Furniture Delivery?

Tipping is not mandatory, but it’s expected and appreciated when done. In most cases, tipping can differentiate between a good customer experience and a bad one. If you’re unsure what the accepted etiquette is, it’s best to ask the delivery person before offering a tip.

It’s also important to note that different companies have different policies regarding tipping. Some companies may permit delivery personnel to accept tips, while others may not.

Tipping is an individual decision and should depend on your discretion. If you are happy with the team’s services and would like to show appreciation, a tip is an excellent way to do so.

Deciding when to tip for furniture delivery can be a tricky proposition. While there is no set rule, there are a few factors to consider when deciding whether to tip. Here are several things you shouldn’t forget.

The Delivery’s Difficulty

do you tip furniture delivery guys? well, the delivery's difficulty can be a good measure to answer for this question

Suppose delivery involves carrying two of your heaviest types of couches up two flights of stairs to a bonus room while maneuvering it around tight corners. In that case, the team will face challenges when getting your furniture to its destination. That will necessitate a lot of time and effort.

In addition, if the delivery workers had to deal with any complications along the way, such as road closures, it would be good etiquette to tip them for their efforts. You’re not being taken advantage of by doing so. Instead, you’re simply demonstrating gratitude to them.

Quality of Service

You can judge how the team does its job based on various parameters. Did they show up on time? Were they pleasant to work with? Did they fulfill your unique requirements? Such services merit a tip.

Furthermore, if they go beyond their job description and assist you in carrying your old furniture downstairs before taking in the new one, you may want to give them an extra tip.

Nevertheless, if the team was careless with your furniture and impolite, you may want to reconsider tipping them. There’s no need to reward poor behavior or negligence, as it could incentivize them to continue providing sub-par services.

Inclement Weather

tipping furniture delivery would be the best thing to do during inclement weathers

Furniture delivery people often work during extreme weather conditions, such as when it’s cold or sweltering hot. The ideal time for tipping furniture delivery employees is when you’re awaiting a delivery under less-than-ideal weather conditions.

Alternatively, you may show your kindness by giving them a glass of water or a hot drink, depending on the climate outside. You may not think much of these actions, but even the smallest act of politeness can go a long way than a tip.

Assembly Required

When contemplating how much money to leave the delivery staff, try to be kind with the tip if they have to put together the furniture’s pieces. The assembly process might take a long time, limiting the number of deliveries they can make that day. Putting together all the parts of an ornate bed after lugging them upstairs is a tough job.

Furthermore, you won’t have to worry about fitting assembly work into your hectic schedule. If the staff took their time setting up the furniture and tidying up afterward, you might wish to leave them a larger tip to show appreciation.

Extra Time & Effort Spent

extra time & effort spent

If your furniture doesn’t fit through your door or elevator, the staff will have to take it apart, reassemble it later, or use the stairs. That means your delivery will take a lot of time. The team can use their expertise and efforts to bring your furniture inside.

There’s also the possibility that you weren’t at home when the delivery company brought the furniture, and they had to wait outside for you to show up. They deserve a tip for the inconvenience of having their schedules thrown off. Keep in mind their compensation is usually hourly rate.

Offer a tip as a gesture of goodwill in the face of delays. However, you shouldn’t tip them if they keep you waiting past the designated arrival time and make you late for an appointment or work.

Cost of the Furniture

Do you tip furniture delivery workers? If you’re buying high-end furniture, you may feel inclined to tip and do so more generously. On the other hand, if you’re getting budget-friendly furniture, you may opt to tip less or not at all.

Furniture Delivery Tipping Rule of Thumb

furniture delivery tipping rule of thumb

Tipping is customary for various types of providers. You probably don’t give much thought to tipping your hairstylist, restaurant waiter, or food delivery guy. It’s a common practice to leave a tip as a gesture of appreciation for the service rendered.

Even though it’s not mandatory, leaving a tip for furniture delivery people is a wonderful way to express gratitude. Typically, your tip should range between $5 for lightweight deliveries and up to $20 for bulky ones.

If you have multiple pieces of furniture delivered at once, it’s acceptable to tip around 5-10% of the total cost. Delivery teams usually work as many, so you should split the tip evenly among them.

Though tipping would increase your out-of-pocket cost, you should remember that they often carry heavy pieces of furniture up and down flights of stairs and sometimes in uncomfortable weather conditions.

It’s a difficult job, and the least you can do is show your appreciation for their hard work by tipping furniture delivery staff. However, many variables may affect how much you give.

So, Are You Supposed to Tip Furniture Delivery Guys?

are you supposed to tip furniture delivery guys?

Yes, it would be best if you tip for furniture delivery. It’s essential to recognize that the delivery team works hard to transport large, bulky furniture safely. They must maneuver tight corners and staircases and move old furniture to get the new one in place.

Moreover, tipping delivery personnel is a sign of appreciation for their work. In addition, most delivery staff are paid an hourly wage and don’t receive commissions or other forms of compensation. Therefore, tipping can help to supplement their wages.

Furniture delivery can be challenging, and a few extra dollars go a long way. However, don’t feel obligated to tip if the delivery crew doesn’t provide the service you were expecting.

Consider Non-Monetary Gestures

Sometimes, you may not be able to offer money to the delivery team. However, there are still ways to show appreciation for their hard work. This goes for appliance delivery tips, too.

One of the easiest, non-monetary gestures is to offer your delivery team something to eat or drink. After moving furniture around, they may appreciate a snack after a long day. You could also offer to cook them lunch or dinner.

Another option is to provide handwritten thank-you notes for each team member. That’s especially meaningful when you express how much their service meant to you. You could even give them a gift card.

You may offer to write a positive review on Google or social media. Your reviews can help other people looking for furniture delivery services choose the right service while showing appreciation to the delivery team simultaneously.

How Much to Tip Furniture Delivery Workers?

how much to tip furniture delivery workers?

You can tip between $10 and $20 per person (or as low as $5 per person according to BusinessInsider), depending on the delivery size. While the delivery people might not expect a tip in return, they will appreciate the good gesture. This will amount to over 20% of the delivery price, which is more than sufficient.

Is It Compulsory for Me To Tip the Furniture Delivery Guy?

No, it’s up to you to decide whether to tip the delivery staff. Consider tipping the delivery person if they do the following:

  • Provide exceptional service
  • Deal with extraordinary circumstances or weather
  • Are punctual in the delivery

It’s up to you to decide how much is appropriate if any tip at all. Furniture delivery workers are not working for tips the way restaurant staff are, so it’s not critical to their income. But everyone has to eat and it’s a nice gesture if you can afford it.

Do You Tip Furniture Delivery Guys? It’s Up to You

the answer for "do you tip furniture delivery" is simple, it is up to you!

Are you supposed to tip furniture delivery guys? It’s appropriate to tip for services that exceed your expectations, but it’s always a personal decision. However, considering the level of service you received, the complexity of the job, and any extra services rendered, you can make an informed decision on how much to tip.

In the same way, you wouldn’t think twice about tipping a pizza delivery guy. Think about tipping the person who carried your heavy couch up the narrow stairs. We hope our article helped answer the question of do you tip furniture delivery or not.

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