14 Space Heater Alternatives to Warm You Up Just Right

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space heater alternatives

Space heaters are a must-have for the winter times if you don’t have an adequate central heating system. But if you cannot afford one, you should start looking for space heater alternatives immediately as winter is approaching.

After careful consideration, we have identified the top solutions based on a combination of parameters such as performance, pricing, and peer ratings. We also left out all the gimmicky nonsense you find elsewhere.

14 Space Heater Alternatives

Here, we will discuss our top space heater options for you, with all but the first far better equipped to avoid the dangers of space heaters. There are several variations for different applications and price points. It is advised that you thoroughly check out the options and then make your decision based on your particular needs.

Compact Propane Heater

if you are looking for relatively low-budget alternative space heater try using compact propane heater
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Our very first option, a portable propane heater, is a small indoor appliance used to centrally heat the house or office space. These are a lot like typical space heaters, except these are powered by fuel, like natural gas, propane, and others.

Although these can be categorized as a variation of space heaters, they are mentioned as alternatives to space heaters as it's operated using propane instead of electricity.

If you can’t afford to use an electricity-powered heater but need a solution to heat your property, this is an excellent option.

Wall Heater

wall heaters

This option differs from space heaters or the previously described alternative in terms of installation. While the former is small and transportable and can be moved around the house as needed, this one is stationary.

Wall heaters are electricity-powered and, in most aspects, identical to space heaters, with the exception that they are wall-mounted and cannot be moved.

These are one of the most typically used options for apartments, small communal areas, and smaller workplaces since they produce a sufficient quantity of warmth to keep private spaces cozy while taking up no valuable floor space.

This is the greatest alternative if you have a small space and cannot afford to take up floor space. You can consider wall heaters as permanent space heater alternatives.

Ceiling Heater

ceiling heater

A ceiling heater is now nearly identical to a wall heater. This, too, must be fixated so that it is not transferable. Unlike the previous, this must be mounted on the ceiling and provides about the same level of heat as a wall heater.

If you don't like the notion of adding another piece of equipment to your small space and making it smaller, you can acquire this and hang it from the ceiling.

Electric Fireplace with Heater

if you are looking for electric heating alternatives you must definitely try electric fireplace with heater

If you're not restricted by a budget and are prepared to pay extra for added warmth and coziness in your house, this is the alternative for you.

In terms of appearance and function, electric types of fireplaces are identical to a real fireplace, except that it is not detrimental to the environment and does not require ongoing upkeep.

This is similar to, but not the same as, a space heater. This alternative space heater also serves as a decorative item for the home. Just be sure you pick out an electric fireplace, including a heater, since they come in different forms.

Electric Panel Heater

electric panel heater are excellent alternatives to space heaters

Electric panel heaters are great alternatives for space heaters. They are, in fact, quite similar to wall or ceiling heaters in terms of functionality and installation.

Like wall heaters, these are also bolted on a wall and powered using electricity. However, these have significantly different shapes and take up very little space, being "flat panels".

Furthermore, this sort of heater comes with various choices in case it cannot be mounted on a wall. The benefits of utilizing this device include saving a lot of space and consuming considerably less energy compared to a space heater.

Electric Blanket

electric blanket
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So far, we have covered multi-purpose options. You can use most of those both at home and at more professional places, like offices, schools, and more. This one, on the other hand, is appropriate for household use only.

Here, we are talking about heated blankets, which are also powered using electricity. Like all devices, the electricity passes through and generates heat. If you go to sleep with one of these blankets, we assure you that you will have the best sleep of your life.

Electric blankets are the best space heater alternatives, in my opinion. They're totally worth having in every way as a convenience and perhaps a necessity. Find one with different heat settings and timers to automatically cut off, etc.

These are highly comfy and are even known to help with anxiety and stress. If you can afford one, you should definitely get one for each member of your home to have a cozy winter. If you don't have a fireplace and are looking for fireplace alternatives, look no further than the electric blanket.

Heated Mattress Pad

heated mattress pad
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A heated pad is another alternative for sleeping during cold winter nights. This kind of pad also operates using electricity. Among the electric heating alternatives, this one and the electric blanket are so enjoyable it's hard to express fully.

Unlike the blankets, this heated pad goes beneath you and keeps you warm from underneath. And most importantly, they aren’t pricey, and that’s what makes this an excellent option for everyone.

Under-Floor Heating

under-floor heating is a great alternative to electric heat

This is an excellent solution for people who live in cold climates. Having heated flooring is the greatest way to live in areas where winter lasts all year long. It's especially awesome in your bathrooms.

This type of heating system guarantees that the whole floor is heated and that the heat is distributed throughout the house, making it a comfortable place to live.

However, this may not be a good idea in other regions. But you could use this approach if you're willing to refinish your flooring before and after each winter. However, this requires a significant amount of time and work.

Heated Floor Mat

heated floor mat
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You may save the extra work by purchasing heated floor mats instead. These are an excellent alternative to space heaters, particularly in the hallway or doorway of a room or apartment. However, this can also be used at the office and other places.

If you put such a mat in your front door, it will absorb up the snow and water from your shoes and keep you comfortable.

The best thing about these space heater alternatives is that they are built of long-lasting materials. And they are also incredibly simple to set up and utilize.

Heated Footrests

heated footrests
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An option for people who work all day at their desks and then relax there in the evening are heated footrests. Not only do they help make your legs rest at a more comfortable angle, but they can heat up your feet and eventually your legs, too.

They look like your typical footrests, but need to be plugged into a wall outlet for power. You'll want to opt for a basic design with a flat surface made out of plastic or rubber.

There are fabric ones you can use without shoes, but you can't take these to your work office unless you work from home (where you need to keep your shoes on).

Rubber Hot Water Bottles

rubber hot water bottles
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You've probably not seen these (typically) bright red hot water bottles since watching classic reruns or in old cartoons. Let's say your power goes out. You can still fill one of these with hot water that's in whatever types of water heaters you have in the house since it'll still be hot.

You now have a portable heated bottle to place under your shirt or within a jacket. It's a good idea to insulate it some with fleece or some other wrapping so you don't lose too much heat too quickly.

You don't want to treat it roughly or the lid may open and spill hot water everywhere and possibly even risk an injury. It's a good idea to not give one of these to an unruly child. As far as being an alternative to electric heat, they're still as good as they were when they were first invented.

These did advance over time where there are pouches you can microwave now instead of having to pour in hot water. That may do you little good if the power is out, though. These older space heater alternatives can still get the job done in general.

Hand Warmers

hand warmers
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I mention these and the next option only in case of emergency. If you find yourself in a car on the side of the road in winter, it may be a good idea to have some of these items around.

Layered Clothing

layered clothing

Becoming warm is as much about insulation and not losing heat that's being produced as it is adding additional heat. Having extra clothes stashed in your car (like with the hand warmer example above) is a great idea. Even a sleeping bag would be helpful.

Otherwise if you're in your home, go grab a sweater or another jacket, and then toss a bathrobe on top of that. Sometimes you can get around the need for alternatives to space heaters altogether if you can dress warmly enough.

For men or women, I find that "Long Johns" are fantastic. They're basically full body underwear, both long sleeve and full length pants. They're snug tight and worn underneath your other clothing.

Fire Pit

if you are a nature person, you can use fire pits as space heater alternatives for your patio

If you're thinking about how you like to sit on the patio at night, but one of your party members always complains about how cold it is, then a fire pit is right up your alley. Everyone will benefit from the warmth and it makes the evening more romantic and enjoyable.

The heat from your fire pit will radiate outwards all around it, and every person can sit closer or further away to get to the right level of warmth they're comfortable with. They do make electric fire pits these days or you can go with the classic wood burning ones.

What's most fun is building the fire, stoking it, using all the fire pit tools, and even grilling food out while you sit around. Just make sure you put the fire out when you're done so you don't risk flying embers or accidents.

Space Heater Alternatives to Get You Toasty Warm

Time to make a choice! For instance, if you’re looking for a more environment-friendly solution, a compact propane heater is the best choice. But, if you want something space-saving, you can go with a wall heater, a ceiling heater, or a panel heater.

Now that you are familiar with our top choices for space heater alternatives, you will have to analyze your own needs and make a selection based on those.

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