24 Types of LED Lights to Brighten Every Possible Situation

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Can you think of even a single place that doesn’t need lights when it starts getting darker around? We guess you can’t. But you can’t always use the same bulbs, let alone the same types of LED lights everywhere either, right?

Probably this is why there have been so many variations of lights, and it's the LEDs that we often hear as the most common one. We bet you won't find too many people around who haven't heard of LEDs in the first place.

But do you know how many types of LED bulbs exactly are out there? Well, if you don’t, then you’re about to know that. Not only the names but some details about them.

24 Types of LED Lights

LED's are very impressive compared to old filament types of bulbs. They're a combination of a P-type and an N-type semiconductor that make electrons give off light directly instead of first converting electrical energy into heat then light. It's much more efficient and cheaper with very little wasted electricity.

There are so many types of LEDs out there that you might lose count of it once you get started. Still, it’s time to give it a shot. Let’s start with...

DIP LED Lights

if you are looking for traditional led light types, dip led lights are just for you

When it comes to traditional LED lights, DIP or Dual In-Line Package LED is the first name that comes to our mind. Just like the traditional lights, they’re connected to two straight parallel pins.

They’re not dead tech yet, but compared to the new kind of LED chips, their efficiency level is kind of too low. You’d see their usage mostly in electronics. When it comes to lumens output, they can generate 4 lumens at most.

SMD LED Lights

smd led lights

If you’re asking for LEDs that are more efficient than DIP, then it’s going to be Surface Mounted Diode or SMD LEDs. It’s their versatile usability that has made them so popular lately.

They’re usually soldered onto circuit boards. Along with delivering better brightness, they can change colors too. And lumens? Well, that’s 50-100 lumens per watt.

COB LED Lights

cob led lights

COB or Chip On Board LEDs is highly powered chips with multiple diodes, which can be nine or more. These types of LED lighting are fairly complex and thus aren't inexpensive or trivial to acquire.

They’re mostly used in sophisticated techs like smartphones and cameras as they can produce huge lumens. And they can do it without using too much energy. Their lumens production is so high that they can reach 100 lumens per watt.

High Operation Temperature LED Lights

if you are looking for special types of led lighting that can work under high temperatures, you must go with high operation temperature led lights

Not every light can sustain extremely high temperatures, and this is where the High Operation Temperature LEDs come in handy. This type of LED can keep working even if the temperature reaches 176°F or more.

Even in such temperatures, these LED light types don’t need to sacrifice anything like physical size, lifetime, or efficiency – thanks to the thermal management technique used in its architecture.

LED Tubes for Lighting

some led types, like led tubes, can be used for lighting - making them an efficient replacement for fluorescent tubes

These LED types are made to be the perfect replacement for fluorescent light tubes. Compared to the regular tube light, they’re not only shorter but also slimmer.

But the best part is these different types of LED lights are quite easy to install and generate minimal heat. It’s the offices and homes where you’ll find them most useful.

Organic LED Lights

organic led lights

Organic LED is nothing but the deployment of fundamental light-emitting diodes idea. Like the name speaks for itself, this LED is made of organic components.

Its basic diode for emitting light utilizes inorganic semiconductors that have different dopant levels. And yes, the light is emitted from dedicated PN junctions, which work as the light's focus.

Inorganic LED Lights

inorganic led lights

You can also call it the traditional LED as it’s made out of inorganic components, including aluminum gallium arsenide, gallium arsenide phosphide, etc. Besides, it comes with embedded diodes.

These are undoubtedly the most common and widely used LEDs you can ask for. They can easily reach a decent brightness level with 1500 lumens which is variable depending on the power and size.

Color LED Lights

color led lights

Color LED is just like the regular ones but different in the colors. It comes in three different varieties, which are cool white LED, daylight LED, and warm white LED.

You'd see most of the homes are using the warm white one, but if you want to highlight the real colors, it's better to pick the daylight LED.

Wet Location LED Lights

there are different types of led lights that are specifically designed for certain situations and wet location led lights is one of them - made to be used in wet areas

From the name, we guess you can assume that this type is made to be used in areas that are exposed to water. Along with having vapor-tight fixtures, these lights can prevent access to moisture. The prime categories you’d see of these lights are linear, jar fixtures, and high-bay.

Maximum Brightness LED Lights

maximum brightness led lights

These types of LED lighting are specifically made to generate higher brightness. Along with being a kind of inorganic LED, they’re mostly used in decorating applications and lighting.

In order to deliver maximum light, these types of LED lights need to have manageable power dissipation apart from current levels, so you won't be finding them in any types of flashlights, though that'd be nice..

Graphene LED Lights

graphene led lights

Graphene LED is the kind of LED light that comes with a filament coated with graphene. Calling this type of LED ‘the energy saver’ won’t be anything wrong as it can save almost 10% of energy bills. They’re also cheaper compared to the standard bulbs.

LED Strips

led strips

If there’s any type of LED that has been amazingly useful in decorative works lately, then the name of this one probably will come first. People place them along the rims of all types of desks in their offices and bedrooms, especially those streaming video games and such.

LED strips are mainly a combination of powerful LEDs that are mounted over a circuit board that is not only super-thin but flexible. An adhesive coating helps in keeping it all together.

Directional LED Lamps

directional led lamps

Are you looking for a lighting solution that has directional bulbs and can enlighten bigger areas? Then, we say you better go with directional LED lamps.

They can light up any area with a uniformed beam pattern while consuming a lower amount of energy. This type of light can be really useful in the storage of materials that are UV light sensitive.

AS-LED Lights

as-led lights

AS or Application Specific LED are the customized types of LED bulbs that are made to serve a specific need of the customer. Their common applications we’ve noticed are in public display, digital billboards, and any other kind of bigger displays. They often come in tri-color or bi-color combinations.

LED Candle Bulbs

some types of led bulbs, like led candle bulbs, are generally preferred for decorative reasons

Another type of LED bulb that is used for decorative purposes is the LED candle bulb. They can deliver warming and deem light, but the life span is significantly low. There's a huge variety of these bulbs as they can be of different shapes and are mostly used as types of ceiling lights, in gardens, etc.

LED Spot Lights

led spot lights

If you’ve lately visited any big showroom, the types of LED lights you’ve seen on the ceiling are probably LED spots. Spot lights are mostly used for highlighting products and come with a huge lifespan. They even can generate a brightness of more than 1000 lumens.

LED Corn Bulbs

led corn bulbs

Have you seen the ear of corn? Well, that’s how these LED light types looks like. Along with being an individual bulb, the LED corn bulb also contains 80-180 small LED lights that ultimately deliver brighter light.

They’re mostly known for low-maintenance and energy efficiency. By the way, these types of light bulbs can last more than three years.

LED-G Light Bulbs

led-g light bulbs

When you’re not a fan of LED candle bulbs but want something to take its place, then the best option for you is the LED-G bulb. Like the candle bulbs, it’s also used in chandeliers and lanterns. This bulb is not only dimmable but also reduces electricity consumption.

R7S LED Lamps

r7s led lamps

This linear-shaped LED lamp can be amazingly useful when it comes to decorative and indoor floodlights. The brightness of this lamp can reach up to 5000 lumens and can vary depending on the model.

And size? Well, there’s a wider variety there as well that includes sizes like 78, 118, 189, 254, 333 mm. Plus, the power varies as well based on the size.

LED Panel Lights

led panel lights

These types of LED bulbs is considered one of the finest indoor lamps to deliver total brightness without using too much electricity. With adorable effects of illumination, it gives a soothing vibe to the eyes.

But the best part is they have 50000+ hours of lifespan. You can have a power variety here that starts from 12W and ends at 85W.

LED Track Lights

led track lights

When you need to flood a bigger area, but with a light that doesn’t have too many types of light fixtures, then these types of LED lights are the right ones to pick especially to install in your various types of track lighting.

The copper-made conductor rails it comes with allow the user to attach the bulb within at any preferred position. There are tons of varieties that you’d find of it based on color, shape, and size.

LED Flat-Tubes

led flat-tubes

These LED light types are usually seen being used for display cases where the size of the light varies from 30-50cm. There are miniature LED types connected over an aluminum plate in this type of light.

The simple and sleek design is easy to install. Plus, the energy consumption of these types of LED lighting, too, is next to minimal. It can run for 15000-20000 hours, depending on the miniature LEDs within.

LED Industrial High-Bay Lights

led industrial high-bay lights

Due to long-lasting and durable construction, high-bay lights are mostly preferred and used in different industries. They take down the electricity cost and can also run for a lifetime of 100000 hours. With more than 25000 lumens, these types of LED bulbs can generate incomparable brightness.

LED Street Lights

led street lights are the most popular types of led lights to lighten the streets due to its long lifetime

Keeping the streets full of light has become more important than ever, and this is where LED street lights have proven themselves highly useful.

With a lifetime of more than 12 years, these lights can sustain any kind of weather in the first place. On top of that, brightness and efficiency both are top-notch in them.

Types of LED Lights for Every Possible Purpose

Almost everything we see around today has come to this stage through evolution. LED bulbs are nothing incredible, and the different types of LED lights are proof of so. We bet you, too, didn't know there were so many of them. So, which one you'd love to get for yourself?

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