29 Types of Petunias to Bring Beauty to Your Garden

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types of petunias

Petunia is a genus of flowering plants that mainly have their origins in South America, although the different types of petunias are cultivated across the world. Petunias are divided into five main series, including Grandiflora, Milliflora, Multiflora, Floribunda, and Spreading (Wave)/Trailing, although there are several other varieties as well.

29 Types of Petunias

Each of these series then goes on to include numerous petunia varieties that you can take a look at below. If the first batch don't do it for you, we have an entire second list further down to deepen your journey.

Dreams Pink

dreams pink

This variety includes flowers of bright pink colors with the center pistil being yellow and white in color. This petunia has wide and few petals that give these flowers their distinct shape. These flowers usually bloom in the months of spring and summer and feature clusters of leaves. There's nothing more beautiful than identifying several types of ladybugs enjoying your petunia flower bed.



Belonging to the Multiflora series, this petunia plant barely grows to a foot tall. The flowers of this plant grow in purple, pink and violet colors. Some of them also have white stripes on each petal. The leaves of this plant are tiny and usually hidden behind the flowers.



Another plant from the Multiflora series, these petunia varieties feature the typical broad and soft flower petals that remain small in size. The pistils are usually yellow but can differ depending on the color of the petals. There are multiple colors that this type tends to grow in.

Daddy Petunia

there are different types of petunias, like daddy petunia, that have a darker central parts

This Grandiflora variety mainly comes in blue, lilac and light pink colors. No matter what the color is, the central parts of these petunias, along with their veins, are a darker shade while the petals are a lighter shade of the same color. These flowers love the sun.

Black Velvet

black velvet

These varieties of petunias are unique and noteworthy in the sense that they look completely black and are soft like velvet to the touch. They can grow up to a foot tall. Their actual color is closer to a rich purple, which can become visible in bright sunlight.



These types of petunias reach a height of around ten inches. Their flowers are also slightly larger than other petunias, although their appearance is still similar. The flowers are usually purple, pink, lilac and red in color, often featuring yellow and white central shades.

Ultra Star

ultra star

These petunias belong to the Grandiflora series. They usually come in red, blue, purple and pink colors with deep pistils. A distinctive feature of these flowers is that each petal has a thin or thick white line passing vertically through its central portion. I've seen these petunia types grown wonderfully well along side similarly colored types of allium flowers to great effect.

Shock Wave

shock wave

Belonging to the Spreading/Wave series, this petunia can grow up to a foot in height. The flowers bloom in the months of spring and summer and can come in various colors such as purple, raspberry, white, pink and red. They can also sometimes have splotches of darker or lighter shades. They can spread and create a dense flower bed that never needs deadheading.

Avalanche Petunia

avalanche petunia

Another variety of the Wave series, this petunia comes in several beautiful colors, including pink, lilac, white, red and lavender. You can grow multiple such colors together. The plant also has small green leaves and can grow to a height of about ten inches.

Purple Pirouette

purple pirouette

This is a lovely and unique type of petunia since it doesn’t feature the typical five-petalled flower. Instead, the flowers have multiple layers of petals that make them look like roses. The flowers tend to be purple and white in color, with white usually surrounding the purple.



Belonging to the Milliflora series, this variety is extremely tiny, growing only up to a couple or more inches in size. The flowers of this plant usually have singular and rich shades of purple, red, white and pink, although some can have a mix of light and dark shades too.

Carpet Petunia

carpet petunia

These Multiflora types of petunias tend to grow in colors like lilac, purple, pink, white and red, with many having darker central portions and veins. These tend to grow up to five inches in height and are also quite smooth, giving them a carpet or cover-like appearance.

Bravo Petunia

bravo petunia

Petunia Bravo petunia varieties are usually available in blue, lilac, lavender and purple colors and usually stick to these shades. The central parts of the flowers are darker shades of these colors that also extend into the veins to form intricate patterns on the petals.



These types of petunia flowers are usually purple and pink in color, although there can be several shades of these colors present in the flowers. The flowers have a combination of rich and light shades, with the richer shades covering the veins as well. They are also quite tiny.

Aladdin Petunia

aladdin petunia

Usually trailing and hanging out of pots and baskets, this type of petunia not only comes in the usual blue, purple and pink shades but also predominantly features orange and red colors. Some of these flowers have singular shades while others have dual shades of the same color.

Double Madness

double madness

These petunias have double layers of petals, giving each flower multiple blooms. They look like roses and come in colors like white, pink, burgundy, red and purple. Many also have splotches or streaks of white on them. These petunia types make wonderful neighbors in the flower bed with various types of azaleas.

Surprise Lime

surprise lime

This plant can enhance the brightness of a space by featuring a bright yellow or white center and either a pale yellow or white color in the outer sections of the petals. Many are also entirely white or yellow. The leaves are dark green and cluster around the flowers.

Mirage Petunia

mirage petunia

The flowers and leaves of this plant grow in a way that can give the plant an overall rounded shape. The flowers themselves are coral, white, salmon pink, lavender and yellow in color, with most of them having darker pistils and veins.

Prism Sunshine

prism sunshine

Growing around eight or so inches in height, sometimes even up to a foot, these types of petunias come in bright yellow colors, with many of them also having faint and light shades of green. These flowers also have small green leaves.

Tiger Petunia

tiger petunia

Unlike most other petunias, this variety features only two colors, both of which are present on the same flower. Each flower has a bright red base along with a central orange-yellow color. The veins are also red in color, giving the flowers a striped appearance, just like their namesake. If you ignore the color, these resemble plumbago flower varieties quite a bit do to the more split-petal appearance.

Amore Petunia

amore petunia

Belonging to the Grandiflora series, this kind of petunia has distinct pink, cherry red, purple, yellow and white shades. Each flower usually includes one of these shades along with white or yellow stripes. Many of them also include yellow pistils and tiny green leaves, adding more depth to the plant.

Wave Blue

wave blue

This plant can grow up to ten inches in height. The flowers are a deep and rich shade of blue-purple, with many of them having multiple shades of this color. This can make the plant look like a wave. It also belongs to the Spreading or Wave series.

Fantasy Petunia

some petunia varieties, like fantasy petunia, remains close to the ground

This small Milliflora variety remains close to the ground even once mature. The flowers come in a variety of colors, with purple and lilac being quite common. Pink, red, blue and white are some other colors you can notice on the flowers, with many also having shades or streaks of white. As you can imagine, the fantasy petunia would match well with all the types of rhododendron flowers out there.



These Multiflora types of petunias can grow relatively big, reaching a height of up to 1.5 feet. They come in several colors, with most of them having several shades and variegations. Some standard colors found include yellow, white, purple, pink, burgundy and red. The veins are also sometimes darkened. One could almost confuse these with types of daffodils if they didn't know any better.



Potunia varieties of petunias have flowers shaped like a trumpet or bell since the petals tend to curve outward. This makes these popular sites for hummingbirds. There are numerous colors the flowers can grow in, such as red, orange, lavender, purple, indigo, brown and pale pink, among others.

Sweetunia White Merlot

sweetunia white merlot are types of petunia flowers that grows to a shape of a globe

These petunias usually tend to grow such that the plant is shaped like a huge ball or globe. They can grow up to eight inches tall and usually enjoy bright sunlight with a bit of shade. The flowers bloom in white and pink or purple colors.

Night Skies

night skies are the most unique varieties of petunias with their multiple specks of white on its purple color

Growing up to 1.5 feet tall, these types of petunia flowers are usually rich purple in color, with each petal featuring multiple specks of white. These make the white splotches look like stars against the dark purple night sky. The leaves remain small and light to dark green in color.

Kandy Kane

kandy kane

Growing up to a foot tall, these petunias look like actual candy canes due to their colors. The flowers are pink in color, with each petal having a thin white stripe running through its center. The pistils are usually yellow.

Limelight Petunia

some types of petunias, like limelight petunia, have different colors on its edges

These petunias remain within a foot tall. They have distinct pink or magenta petals. This color covers almost the entirety of the flower, although the edges of each petal tend to be lime green in color. The pistils are darker.

More Types of Petunias

If you didn't get your fill above and want to explore even more varieties of petunias, then look no further than the list below:

  • Glow Petunia
  • Supercascade
  • Storm Petunia
  • Debonair Dusty Rose
  • Bingo Perfectunia
  • Lambada Petunia
  • Classic White
  • Merlin Petunia
  • Sanguna Petunia
  • ColourWorks
  • Southern Star
  • Success Petunia
  • Cascadia Rim
  • Easy Wave Yellow
  • Dekko Petunia
  • Purple Wave
  • Blanket Petunia
  • Purple Vein Ray
  • Red Petunia

If that doesn't do the trick, then you're a real aficionado! You can find many, many more petunia varieties out there if you go on the prowl, and we hope you find what you're looking for.

Types of Petunias to Brighten Up Your Flower Bed

Those were some of the lovely yet entirely different types of petunias that you can source. You can then opt for one or a few of them and grow them in your own garden or home and enjoy the brightness that they can add to your space.

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