38 Types of Coleus to Beautify Your Garden & Home

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types of coleus

There are several varieties and species of plants included in the Coleus genus. Many of these plants are kept for ornamentation, bearing foliage of distinct and bright colors. But all types of coleus plants have beautiful growing flowers, which we will explore now.

38 Types of Coleus

To learn more about some varieties of coleus plants, you can go through the following list. We're featuring images for every type, so when you see a coleus species that catches your eye you can stop and read the short description below.

If you like the look of coleus flowers, I personally find them to be similar to the many caladium varieties and even to most types of poinsettias. Those my tickle your fancy as well.

A couple things to know is that coleus can survive winters outdoors if you're in the USDA hardiness zones of 11 and warmer (where the temperatures stay above 40 °F), and in zone 7 they can behave as annuals or even tender perennials..

Freckles Coleus

freckles coleus

This plant variety can reach a height of around two feet, sometimes more. The leaves tend to be orange, yellow and red in color, resembling fall foliage, the colors usually taking on spot-like shapes.

Henna Coleus

henna coleus are types of coleus plants that have teeth-like borders

Reaching up to three feet in size, these coleus varieties have leaves full of teeth-like borders. The colors include lime green, burgundy, pink and red, with the darker colors more prominent along the teeth or borders.

ColorBlaze Wicked Witch

colorblaze wicked witch

These coleus types from the ColorBlaze series tends to grow around four feet in size. It requires plenty of sunlight and bears foliage that tends to be dark burgundy in color, with the ends being lime green or yellow.

Picture Perfect Salmon Pink

some coleus varieties, like picture perfect salmon pink, grow in clusters

This variety tends to grow large triangular leaves that are light to dark green in color. They also have a salmon pink center that becomes darker towards the edges of the leaves. The leaves grow in clusters.

Wizard Jade

wizard jade is one of the coleus plant varieties that have cloud-like shape

The Wizard series includes the Jade variety. Wizard Jade’s leaves have light green borders, with the edges being curved and cloud-like in shape. The center of each leaf has a cream or off-white variegation in these types of coleus flowers.

ColorBlaze Golden Dreams

some coleus types have eye-catching colors and colorblaze golden dreams is one of them

Reaching a height of around three feet, this variety is a tropical shrub with leaves growing in rosette clusters. The leaves are golden-green at the base, with the veins having a red or burgundy color. It enjoys humid conditions.

Rustic Orange

rustic orange

This distinct variety features multiple leaf clusters that grow to give the plant a globe-like shape. The leaves are dark orange in color, often having light or lime green borders. They also include occasional red splotches.

Limelight Coleus

there are different coleus plants, like limelight coleus, that have smaller leaves than others

These varieties of coleus have smaller leaves as compared to some other plants in this genus. The leaves are entirely lime green in color. They have teeth along the borders and a rough texture. They grow in clusters.

Superfine Rainbow Volcano

some coleus species, like superfine rainbow volcano, have bright burgundy color

The Superfine series has the Rainbow Volcano coleus types with large leaves that are a bright burgundy color. The leaves grow together to form a bushy plant that grows up to 1.5 feet in height. Borders can sometimes be light green.

El Brighto Coleus

among all varieties of coleus, el brighto coleus is the most unique one with its zigzag edges and colorful leaves

This variety features distinct leaves that are usually light green around the zigzag edges. The center tends to be a bright red, burgundy or purple color, sometimes having all shades at once. Of all the different coleus plants, this one has the most color variations possible, it seems.

Big Red Judy

big red judy

This variety has textured leaves that can do pretty well in direct sunlight. The leaves are big and deep red in color, usually growing in layered clusters, making them a great base for any types of bouquets. The margins of the leaves are toothed.

Dragon Heart

some types of coleus flowers, like dragon heart, tend to grow in clusters

This plant reaches a height of around three feet. The leaves grow in clusters and in an outward direction in these types of coleus. They are green and toothed at the margins with the center and the veins being a flaming red to dark red color.

ColorBlaze Pineapple Brandy

colorblaze pineapple brandy

The leaves of this variety are yellow to lime green in color, with the edges usually having large jagged teeth, making them look like maple leaves. The teeth sometimes have a dark red or burgundy border.

Campfire Coleus

campfire coleus

These are annual coleus plant varieties of the coleus species that bear leaf rosettes, with each rosette being a part of an overall rounded shape. The leaves are bright red and copper in color, resembling a campfire.

Wizard Scarlet

wizard scarlet

This bushy variety grows up to a foot tall, sometimes a bit more. The leaves grow close together and are typically a bright to dark red color. The borders are yellow or light green along the teeth.



The FlameThrower coleus varieties can grow up to a couple of feet tall. It has bright red or burgundy (verging on purple) leaves, often with light green borders. The edges further have large and uneven serrations.



This variety is called Watermelon because of the leaf colors, which are dark green and deep red, with the green being along the borders and red in the middle. The margins are also evenly curved or toothed. Consider growing these in any types of planters so you can enjoy them indoors and outdoors on your patio, too.

Wasabi Coleus

wasabi coleus

Wasabi is an edible plant that has a lime green color, which is why this variety is named after it. The leaves are a similar lime green color and usually have slightly rough textures. The edges have sharp triangular teeth.

Wizard Coral Sunrise

wizard coral sunrise

The Wizard series includes the Coral Sunrise variety with leaves having rounded teeth along the edges. The margins are light green, followed by a dark brown layer, with the center being a light pink.

Wizard Red Velvet

wizard red velvet

These types of coleus plants grow around 1.5 feet in height and feature multiple leaf clusters that are red velvet in color. There are teeth along the edges that you can identify through the light green border.

Wizard Rose

wizard rose

These look similar to the Watermelon varieties of coleus, featuring rounded teeth along the margins along with an outer green and inner pink-red color. The pink is also surrounded by a bit of white or cream.

Fishnet Stockings

fishnet stockings

The leaves of this plant grow in a uniform manner, being medium in size and generally looking the same all around. The leaves have a lime green base with the veins being distinctly marked with a burgundy color.

Le Freak Coleus

lefreak coleus

This plant is unique in the sense that it has interesting teeth along the margins. The teeth are present as three slightly rounded spikes along with the main central peak. The leaves are green and red in color.

Trusty Rusty

trusty rusty

This perennial variety includes even and slightly rounded teeth throughout the margins. These margins are also green-yellow in color, while the center has a rust-red color and a smooth surface. Trusty Rusty coleus fares will in any types of vases as a gift or dinner table decoration, without drying out too soon.

China Rose

china rose

This plant is full of leaves with a rough sandpaper-like texture. The leaves themselves are triangular in shape, with the edges having sharp triangular teeth. They are all burgundy along the edges and pink in the middle in these coleus varieties.

Stained Glassworks Kiwi Fern

stained glassworks kiwi fern

This plant is interesting in the sense that it has long and slender leaves, each of them having curvy patterns along the edges with wide and deep gaps. The leaves of these different coleus plants are purple-burgundy in the middle and green along the edges.

Chocolate Covered Cherry

chocolate covered cherry

These types of coleus plants can grow up to a couple of feet tall. It has triangular, sometimes curved leaves that have even and rounded teeth along the edges. The edges are mint green, followed by burgundy-brown and finally pink colors.

Kong Rose Coleus

kong rose coleus

Kong is another series of this genus, with the Rose variety having rounded teeth marked by a light green color. The central part of this coleus species has pink and burgundy colors, often extending to the veins of the leaves too.

ColorBlaze Chocolate Drop

colorblaze chocolate drop

This plant can grow to a height of 1.5 feet. It has relatively smaller leaves that grow in clusters to form a bush. The leaves are light to dark green along the margins, while the central portion (along with the veins) is chocolate brown.

Wizard Mosaic

wizard mosaic

These bushy coleus plant varieties largely features lime to light green colors on the leaves, with the center having splotches of red or burgundy, making it look like a mosaic.

Trailing Plum

trailing plum

The leaves of this plant are also fairly small. They grow in multiple groups and have toothed margins that are almost white in color. The rest of each leaf is burgundy and plum-purple in color.

Kong Red Coleus

kong red coleus

The leaves of this variety are large and have similar dome-like teeth across the edges. These ends are light green in color while the center is red surrounded by burgundy.

Burgundy Wedding Train

burgundy wedding train

Remaining around a foot tall, these varieties of coleus creep or trail along the ground, like a wedding train. The leaves are small and have teeth marked by a green color. The center is burgundy in color.

French Quarter

french quarter

The leaf margins of this plant have fine teeth. They are green in color with the center being pink-red and deep red. The leaves are a bit long too.

Superfine Rainbow Festive Dance

superfine rainbow festive dance

The edges of each leaf of these types of coleus flowers are green, making the teeth prominent. This is followed by burgundy, with the central portion being orange-red and flaming outwards.

Black Dragon

black dragon

These coleus types have deep burgundy centers, with the edges looking almost black. The edges also have long teeth like the spikes of dragons.

Twist & Twirl Coleus

twist & twirl coleus

The margins of the leaves of this plant have big lobes. The leaves themselves are a combination of green, red and yellow splotches.

Premium Sun Crimson Gold

if you are looking for types of coleus that can make your flower bed special, premium sun crimson gold is just for you!

With smooth edges, the leaves of these coleus varieties have gold-green borders and crimson centers. It makes for an incredible visual spectacle to see in your flower bed.

Types of Coleus Plants to Spruce Up Your Garden

It's clear that there are various types of coleus plants, many of which you can easily obtain from a nearby nursery or store and start growing on your own. These coleus species can spruce up your surroundings by adding a pop of color while also purifying the air a bit.

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