27 Types of Poinsettias for a Vivid Garden Experience

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types of poinsettias

When it comes to attractive and vivid plants, you might have come across several different types of poinsettias. Shying away from the reddish glow of flower plants like roses, many people tend to pick a leafier alternative that is equally eye-catching.

It might not be the most fragrant plant out there, and many say it has no odor. Sometimes Poinsettias emit an aroma with ocean notes and mushroom notes if cultivated in a healthy environment.

Poinsettias have many different variants apart from their common red color. If you are fond of these flower plants, this article will help you dig into the wide ranging poinsettia varieties. Get ready to be surprised, let us unfold the diversity of these florae.

27 Types of Poinsettias

Poinsettias are a traditional Christmas flower that was discovered in the area of the city Taxco in Mexico and in the valleys of southern Mexico. The Aztecs, who called the plant Cuetlaxochitl, began using it as a symbol of new life and to dye their textiles.

The poinsettia is a perennial plant that can live for years and years without dying out. The flower's blooming depends on a short day and long night exposure. Moreover, the main appearance of this plant is not the flower, but rather the top end leaves that exhibit striking colors. You will be wrong to judge that these plants come in one color. This is why you should learn about the extensive variants of these species.

Marco Polo

marco polo

Let's start with something that is not bright red, rather the Marco polo poinsettia has a sweet shade of salmon color. The leaves are dark green which simply complements the light top.

Ice Punch Poinsettia

some poinsettia varieties, like ice punch poinsettia, have white inners

This particular poinsettia variety has a touch of marble effect to it. These types of poinsettia have white-ish inners on the petals and bright red trims on the outside, making it stand out from other flowers.

It comes with leaves that are dark green, simply making the most beautiful contrasting effect altogether. The bright red and star shapes can be balanced out by the more pastel colors you find in various types of hyacinth.

Mars Pink Poinsettias

mars pink poinsettias

This one is for the people who love pinkish hues. Mars pink poinsettia is one of a kind, with darker pink tones in the middle of the bloom and lighter pink notes on the outer side. The green leaves on it simply make the color pop out even more.

Glace Poinsettia

glace poinsettia

More on the lighter side, the glace poinsettia is not truly white but has a creamy white tone to it. It looks elegant when in full bloom. This one is for people who love light tone flowers with a super elegant look.

Christmas Season Pink

christmas season pink

Here's another of the pinkish types of poinsettias in our list. This kind is a bit different from the others because of its long bracts with dark green leaves. It boasts an eye-catching pink color with light green edges.

Valentine Poinsettia

some poinsettia variety, like valentine poinsettia, resembles love with its dark red color

Just like the name suggests, it resembles love and affection through the color red. The top is dark red and has curling foliage which looks extraordinary. The leaves are dark green, thus the red and green combination is something to die for.

Poinsettia Pink

poinsettia pink

This variety has gained a lot of popularity in Europe and around the world because of its exquisite pink bloom. Moving from the orthodox red and green combination. This one has a light-pink shade and dark green leaves on the bottom.

Marble Star Poinsettia

marble star poinsettia

Have you ever come across marble texture designs? If not, check out the marble star poinsettia. It has a salmon-red center with textures that complements the creamy outer edges. This holiday plant can be stacked beside other red poinsettias for stunning decoration. If you like these, then check out all the caladium varieties, which I think look a lot like poinsettias in a way. I think you'll see the similarities, too.

Sonora White Glitter

sonora white glitter

This is a poinsettia that resembles glitter sprinkles. The main color is red, and the inners have sprinkled glitter-like white markings. This particular type of poinsettia makes a wonderful holiday plant.

Mars White Poinsettias

mars white poinsettias

The holiday season is incomplete without white floral blooms. What better than the mars white poinsettia? This plant has creamy white blooms on the upper end, which is its hallmark. On the bottom, it consists of dark green and light green hue leaves to complement its beauty.

Peppermint Twist

peppermint twist

Having speckled bracts and dark green leaves, the peppermint poinsettias are another crowd-pleaser. Simply because it is not orthodox red, people use the appealing light tone more conveniently as it is easy on the eyes.

Prestige Red Poinsettia

prestige red poinsettia

The prestige red poinsettia is a common poinsettia species when it comes to holiday plants. What makes it so special is the eye-popping red top and dark green bottom leaves. It simply makes a flowering landscape stand out.

Winter Red Rose Mini

winter red rose mini

If you plan to get a tabletop plant that looks gorgeous, try out the winter red rose mini poinsettia. It can be fixed in a container and set on tables or window planes. The red color on the upper layer with crumbled texture simply makes it look like roses. Pop in some white colors by growing it alongside the right types of myrtle for a beautiful scene.

Icy Crystal Poinsettia

icy crystal poinsettia

These poinsettia varieties are a flowering plant that somewhat resembles the snowy outlook. No, it's not white like snow, but the weathered design, such as cream whites on the center and red-orangish flaring sides kind of gives it a weather-worn look.

Cortez Burgundy

cortez burgundy

With rich ruby color on the leaves, it is straight-up pleasing to the eye. When put beside other light-colored or vivid plants, the Cortez burgundy will make your garden or doorways more attractive.

Mira Red Poinsettias

mira red poinsettias

The Mira red poinsettia has a unique leaf design on the top end. Rather than the conventional poinsettia shape, it has a more century leaf shape. The color tone is bright red and has dark green leaves, which look great, in my opinion, next to the colorful types of verbena available to us. It can exhibit beauty during the winter like no other.

Cortez Electric Fire

cortez electric fire

The electric fire poinsettia has a blazing look to it. Well not literally, but it is an eye-catcher because of the orange hue on the petals and dark green bottom leaves. These variants can last in the winter and fall seasons.

Cortez Early Red Poinsettia

cortez early red poinsettia

These types of poinsettias are similar to the Cortez Electric Fire poinsettia but has a slightly different tone. It is bright red instead of orange. Another feature that separates it is the smoothness of the leaves. Put the early red poinsettia in your eyesight, and people will be awed by its presence.

Early Orion

early orion

Another similar looking poinsettia compared to the last two we mentioned. It is one of the first poinsettias of the seasonal bloom and is a viable option to adorn verandas and even windows shades.

Wine Burgundy

some types of poinsettia, like wine burgundy, have dark red color - making them extremely eye-catching

As the name implies, this poinsettia has a wine-like color. The leaves are a tad bit apart from the center flower seed. The appearance is very sophisticated. When put beside red, pink, or white poinsettias, it will certainly make the landscape more charming.

Poinsettia Autumn Leaves

poinsettia autumn leaves

Also known as poinsettia gold, it has leaves with combinations of colors such as peach, pink and yellow. The threeway tone makes it unique from single-hued poinsettias, and this makes an excellent thanksgiving plant.

Early Monet Poinsettia

early monet poinsettia

These beautiful poinsettias have peach-toned bracts fused with pink marginal textures. In some cases, yellowish petals can be observed as well. In the middle, there are small flowers that balance the overall outlook.

Euphorbia Aries Red

euphorbia aries red

The Euphorbia Aries red poinsettias have red blooming petals and green bottom leaves. This variety of plants is best suited to your favorite types of planters and containers.

These kinds of poinsettia plants are mostly used to decorate tables, window sides, and other indoor spaces. They complement succulent plants very well.

Euphorbia Rinehart Code

euphorbia rinehart code

This is a poinsettia variety with upright stems that are very sturdy. The Euphorbia variant has many colors, from bright red to white petals (code 619). These plants can be grounded on containers or garden floors. They are destined to last for many years if you take good care of them.

Polar Bear Poinsettia

polar bear poinsettia

The polar bear poinsettia has single color upper leaves (creamy white) with dark greenish foliage. It has yellow flowers that bloom in the centerpiece making it look delicate through and through.

Euphoria Envy

euphorbia envy

This is another eye-catching poinsettia, simply because of its lime green upper leaves and dark green bottom end. For people who like white flowers or lighter shades, this is it. This poinsettia can be placed beside other Christmas flower plants to enhance the beauty of your landscape.

Visions of Grandeur

if you are into colorful types of poinsettias, visions of grandeur are just for you

The visions of grandeur poinsettias have emerald green leaves and petals that resemble roses. They come in colorways of yellow, pink, and cream. The best combination to put these gorgeous plants is to set them up beside plants that have winter white hues.

Types of Poinsettias for Bright Colors & an Easy Growing

You have to realize that poinsettias are not flower-dominant plants; they have very small flowers in the middle. There are distinctive poinsettia varieties with individual characteristics.

We have highlighted each of the categories of this beautiful flower in the writeup above. Pick out the different types of poinsettias that you feel connected to and make your garden stand out.

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