Where to Hang the Flag on the Front of Your House

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where to hang the flag on the front of your house

Displaying the American flag symbolizes patriotism and pride in one's country. It is also a way to respect the nation's founders and service members, who risked their lives so that citizens could enjoy freedom and independence. A key question is where to hang the flag on the front of your house.

Additionally, for many people, it serves as a reminder of the hard work and dedication of the military personnel who fought to protect the rights and values of Americans. Displaying the flag can signify hope for those facing difficult times, especially during natural disasters or social unrest. It represents strength and unity amongst citizens from all walks of life.

Displaying the American flag is a proud tradition seen in cities, towns, and even individual homes across the country. It’s important to remember to do it correctly, and this guide outlines the proper flag code for displaying the U.S. flag and where it should hang on your house.

Why Does It Matter Where You Hang the American Flag?

why does it matter where to mount the flag on your house?

The American flag is an enduring symbol of our nation. It represents the values of liberty and justice that define us as a people. Treating the flag with respect is essential because it represents our collective dedication to upholding these ideals.

Showing respect for the flag can help remind us to stay true to these core principles, uniting us as a nation. When we respectfully display the flag, we demonstrate our shared allegiance to our home country and its values.

The United States Flag Code is a government regulation that outlines the proper and appropriate ways to display, honor, and respect the American flag. It states that no other flag should get placed above or to the left of the American flag in terms of importance. Obeying these etiquette guidelines helps ensure that this powerful symbol remains intact and honored.

The essential part of displaying and respecting the flag is ensuring it gets done with reverence and pride. When placed with care, our flag reminds us that we are connected by more than just where we come from. We are united by what we strive for as Americans.

Guidelines for American Flag Hanging Placement

Although there is technically no right or wrong placement for the flag, here are some general guidelines for hanging a flag outside your house according to the Flag Code. It's not so much where to mount the flag on your house so much as how to do so properly.

The American Flag Goes to the Left of Other Flags

if you are wondering about specific rules on flag placement on your house, one of the main rules to keep in mind is the American flag goes to the left of other flags

If you plan to hang two flags from your porch, the American flag should always go on the observer's left. The Flag Code requires that the American flag be flown on the left of other flags to represent its importance and prominence when displayed with multiple flags.

This placement acknowledges precedence. The American flag represents the nation and should always get displayed at a higher position than other flags.

Express respect for the American flag by displaying it on the left side of any other flag, no matter what nation or group it may come from. The flag signifies that our country stands for justice and liberty and sets an example for all nations. It also honors those who have sacrificed and continue to sacrifice their lives in service to our nation.

The Union Should Always Be in the Upper Lefthand Corner

The Union part of the American flag should always be displayed on the left, from the observer’s point of view, when displaying the American flag. The Union in the American flag contains fifty stars representing our fifty states. By displaying the Union on the left, we express a commitment to defending these principles.

This placement also reminds us of our responsibility to continue upholding those principles, so they remain solid and meaningful. Furthermore, it demonstrates respect for those who have served our nation and sacrificed to keep these values alive.

Never Hang the American Flag Upside Down

we have covered up which side of the front door to hang the flag and one other rule to keep in mind is to never hang the American flag upside down

The American flag should never be hung upside down as this is considered a sign of distress, and is disrespectful to the country.

According to the United States Flag Code, “The flag should never be displayed with the union down, except as a signal of dire distress in instances of extreme danger to life or property.”

When the American flag gets hung in its proper form and orientation, it shows respect for our nation and all those who have served to defend it.

More Flag Placement Considerations

if you are wondering which side of the porch you hang the American flag, here are some more flag placement considerations

The flag of the United States of America is symbolic of the American way of life, so make sure you display it correctly. You now know where to hang the flag on the front of your house. Here are some other things to know when properly flying the American flag.

  • The American flag shouldn't be used for advertising or marketing purposes.
  • It should never touch the floor or anything underneath it.
  • If you choose to fly your American flag on a pole, it should take the uppermost spot above any other flags, no matter the flag placement on your house or independent pole.
  • Make sure you choose the correct size flag to display. The right size of the American flag will be between a quarter and a third of the height of the flagpole. For example, if your flagpole is 20 feet tall, the dimensions of your flag should be around 3 by 5 feet.
  • The American flag should always get kept looking fresh and neat. When your flag looks a little worse for wear, it should get washed or replaced.
  • Never drape the flag over a car, boat, or other vehicles.
  • Lower the flag to half-staff when the nation is in mourning and on commemorative holidays.
  • Never throw your flag into a garbage can when it is no longer usable and ready to be disposed of. The proper way to dispose of a worn American flag is by burning it, starting at the hoisting side.
  • The flag should only fly from sunrise to sunset unless illuminated at night.

These tips contain all the do's and don'ts of hanging an American flag. This will keep you from commiting any faux pas that your neighbors might become offended by. Make sure your flag placement doesn't block any retractable types of awnings or shutters, too.

FAQ’s About Where to Mount a Flag on a House

so far we have covered up everything about where to hang flag on front of house, here are some faq's about where to mount a flag on a house

We've discussed which side of the front door to hang the flag, but you may still have questions about how to display the American flag. Here are some frequently asked questions for more information.

Which Side Should the Flag Face?

When displaying the American flag, it should be orientated so that the Union (the blue stars on a white background) is uppermost and to the observer's left. That applies if the flag is hung in a window, as well.

Why Do People Put Flags on Their Houses?

Some people hang flags on their houses to show their patriotism and loyalty to their country. Others may display a flag to honor a family member who is serving or has served in the military or in celebration of a national holiday or event. Displaying a flag can also be a way to show respect for the nation's symbols and ideals.

Can the Flag Touch Other Surfaces & Items?

You are to never drape the flag over vehicles. While you can hang it from any types of deck railings, it's best to make sure the pole is long enough so that the flag isn't laying against the exterior of the house, on any types of shutters, etc. It should flow in the wind freely.

Are You Supposed to Take the Flag Down When it Rains?

It is recommended that the American flag should get taken down during inclement weather, such as rain, snow, and high winds. Additionally, it is vital to ensure the flag never touches the ground or water. If a flag gets left out in the rain, it should be thoroughly dry before being put back up.

Do You Have to Have a Light on the American Flag at Night?

According to the United States Flag Code, all flags should get illuminated if they are displayed outdoors at night. That includes the American flag. Proper lighting provides greater visibility and honor to the nation's symbol during darkness, which is especially important for night flag-raising ceremonies or memorials.

What Size Flag is Appropriate for the Front Porch?

Generally speaking, the size of your flag depends on the size of your porch. It doesn't matter which side of the porch you hang the American flag. But it shouldn’t be so large that it can touch the ground or too small to be seen. That will vary depending on where you plan to display it and how much space you have. For a more precise measurement, it's best to consult an expert.

That’s Where to Hang the Flag on the Front of Your House

Don't stress about getting every condition for proper flag display precisely. Sometimes the best way to show your patriotic spirit is by finding whichever spot in your yard works best.

Always keep the American flag on the left of other flags and display the Union in the top left corner. Keep it clean and well-lit so that those driving past can see it. Show off your colors with pride—we have plenty of reasons to be grateful for this beautiful country of ours. Now that you know where to hang the flag on the front of your house, do so proudly.

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