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how long does grout take to dry

Whether repairing or remodeling your bathroom, you must grout the tile. Grout acts as glue tying your tiled floor or wall together, and you must do it correctly. Homeowners often have questions about the best way to grout their tiles, but most often we want to know how long does grout take to dry.

Before it can do its magic, grout needs sufficient drying time, and rushing the process will only yield unsatisfactory outcomes. If you’ve been wondering about the general grout drying time? Here’s the specifics and how you can even manipulate it if needed.

How Long Does Grout Take to Dry?

The standard drying time for grout ranges from 24 hours to 72 hours. That might sound like a wide margin, but different variables impact the process’s drying time.

The time it takes to dry is dependent on the type of grout you use, but not the types of tile. Drying will take longer than usual if your room or environment has high humidity. Adding extra water to the formula will increase the waiting time.

Factors That Impact Grout Drying Time

Here are the two main factors that influence grout drying time.

Type of Grout

how long for grout to dry? that depends on the type of grout

There are several varieties of grout that you can use in your remodeling projects. Due to their unique chemical makeup, they dry at varying speeds. When you know the type of grout you’ll be using, you’ll know how long the drying process will take.

Note that you don't need to be concerned about whether you're using sanded or un-sanded grout as their drying times are equal. The main types of grouts include:

Cementitious Grout

Home improvement projects always call for the use of cementitious grout. In its purest form, the grout has a grainy, sandy consistency. Since the grout’s application necessitates mixing with water, its formulation must include a water-holding compound. The compound keeps it from soaking up excess moisture but slows drying time.

Furthermore, it would be best to seal the grout to prevent damage. Given the different variables, cementitious grout’s drying process can take 72 hours.

Epoxy Grout

The grout application is more difficult, and it’s also pricier. It has a longer lifespan than other grouts since it’s impervious to stains, oil, and climate fluctuations.

The grout contains no moisture absorber, so you don’t have to seal it, though perhaps you should. Is grout waterproof? This is the only type that is without a sealer. How long does grout take to dry? Epoxy grout's drying time averages around 24 hours.

Furan Grout

Furan grout is comprised of furfuryl alcohol polymers and doesn’t necessitate any sealing. It can withstand harsh conditions and stains. Furthermore, its application is tough, rendering it ideal for industrial use. It’s not common for home renovation projects. Drying usually takes about 24 hours.

Urethane Grout

A special note should be mentioned regarding urethane grout, which can take upwards to a full week to dry and cure until you can safely walk on it or expose it to water, such as in a shower. Though you aren't likely to be using this pre-mixed grout as it's expensive and the main benefit is you can save the leftovers for the next job, we still mention it just in case.

Humidity Levels

grout drying time depends on the humidity level

Humidity levels may dictate the time it’ll take for grout to dry up. Different rooms in a house have different humidity levels. For example, the bathroom’s moisture implies higher humidity levels than the rest of the house.

Therefore, the drying time for a bathroom’s grout will be longer than for a kitchen one. If you tile a closet, for instance, you can remove moisture from closets to speed up the drying process.

When comparing the effects of various climates, the drying time for grout is typically longer in tropical areas than in dry climates. Furthermore, how long your grout takes to dry might also be affected by the presence of plants in space since they release moisture into the air. That means grout needs more time to dry in areas with plants.

How Long Does Tile Grout Take to Dry Before I Can Shower?

Due to its closeness to water and humidity, you should consistently anticipate a shower grout to take the maximum time possible to dry up. You also consider whether the grout you’re using requires a sealant.

You should give the grout twenty-four hours to dry before proceeding with the sealing process, and maybe longer when tiling inside corners since the grout will be thicker and receded a bit more. It’s a good idea to have showering alternatives. It’ll be a lot less of a hassle to wait if you have other options for bathing and staying clean.

How Long Does Grout Take to Dry on Wall Tiles?

how long does it take for grout to dry on wall tiles?

How long for grout to dry on walls? The difference between drying time for wall tiles and floor tiles is minimal. How long a wall tile grout takes to dry is subject to the same factors that affect a floor’s grout. Furthermore, wall grout can take slightly longer to dry than floor grout since you’ll install it at a higher elevation.

The experience is relatively the same. However, it’ll vary depending on the following things:

  • Grout type
  • Humidity levels

Although it’s much easier to avoid touching the walls than the floor, you should still avoid using your bathroom until the grout has had sufficient time to dry up.

What Happens if Grout Receives Moisture Before Curing?

If you begin subjecting your grout to water before it’s completely dry, several problems may arise. It usually causes the grout to become brittle. Moreover, it starts crumbling and may even come out entirely.

Even worse, water can seep between the tiles because the grout isn’t performing. Once that happens, the glue holding the tiles in place may fail, making them loose and falling off. It’s possible to fix the issue, but you’ll have to remove the grout and then begin regrouting the tiles to attain a stylish appearance.

Is There a Way to Reduce the Time for Grout to Dry?

How long does it take for grout to dry? Being patient is your only option when it comes to drying grout. Interfering with the grout too soon could ruin your hard work.

Since the curing process relies on chemical reactions, no magic force can speed up the time by any more than a couple hours faster than the typical grout dry time. If you live in a humid region, you can do a few things to make your bathroom’s humidity manageable.

Ways to Reduce Humidity Levels in the Bathroom

since humidity affects grout dry time here are some of the ways to reduce humidity levels in the bathroom

The curing process is a natural one that can take some time. However, if you follow these tips, you can ensure that your grout won’t take long.

Getting Rid of the Plants

Most individuals tend to overlook the role of indoor plants. If you want to lower your bathroom’s humidity, removing the plants is a good idea because they’re continually emitting moisture into the air. Put them somewhere else whenever you’re grouting your bathroom floor or walls.


You can maintain your bathroom by buying and operating a dehumidifier. A dehumidifier is valuable if you have trouble keeping your home dry due to high humidity. How long does grout take to dry? Well, longer in a humid environment.

Foregoing this investment may be more cost-effective if you reside in a drier environment. However, the decision is ultimately up to you. A dehumidifier does have some disadvantages you should know about.

Use a Fan

If you need to speed up your grout’s drying process, consider installing a spinning types of fans in your bathroom. While it might be helpful, a static fan won’t be as effective as a spinning one. Because it draws air out of the room, your bathroom’s exhaust fan may efficiently reduce humidity.

Safeguard Your Grout From Weather Exposure

If you’re installing grout in an unfinished house, it’ll need protection from the weather. Snow, rain, and sun might affect how long your grout dries. It may save you a lot of trouble in the future if you use a tarp or some other type of protective cloth.

What Is the Distinction Between Drying & Curing Time?

since we have covered every detail on how long does grout take to dry here is the distinction between drying & grout cure time

Dry time is precisely what the name suggests. It refers to the time it takes for the grout to dry to the touch. Nevertheless, the fact that it feels dry to the touch doesn’t indicate it’s adequately cured, which is the primary objective here.

Curing is the process through which bonding compounds undergo a molecular change and gain strength. When you’re installing tiles, many components need time to cure. After mixing grout, most manufacturers recommend waiting 10 minutes before proceeding. But as far as the full grout cure time, expect at least 72 hours for the most part, including the drying time.

Since a grout tile’s components absorb water at varying rates, the small break before proceeding ensures that each component soaks up enough moisture. Consequently, they bind to one another, leaving no air pockets behind and forming stronger bonds.

It takes a while for the grout’s crystals to grow after application, but it’s worth it because it guarantees a strong bond. If you hurry up the curing process, you’ll have some structural issues.

How Long Before I Can Walk on Newly Grouted Floor Tiles?

There are distinct grout options for floor tiles. However, waiting about 24 hours before stepping on the tiles is best. Whereas it’s possible to walk on the floor after 2 to 3 hours, you risk damaging the grout if you don’t cure it. You should avoid it, particularly in locations with heavy foot traffic.

If you want the grout to last for years, you must give these areas plenty of time to cure. Make sure you consult the manufacturer’s handbook for curing times.

So, How Long Does Grout Take to Dry?

The time it takes grout to dry is contingent on several variables. Your tile installation will improve if you give the grout time to dry. Problems like cracking, weak joints, and mold might develop if you don’t do it correctly. Furthermore, the grout application process demands patience and accuracy.

If you try to save money by taking shortcuts, the entire house will suffer the consequences. However, your bathroom’s grout will be attractive and sturdy if you understand your materials’ requirements and are patient. We hope our article answered the question, how long does grout take to dry sufficiently?

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