18 Types of Bar Stools to Match & Enhance Your Decor

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types of bar stools

When you're planning to set up an open counter space or bar in your house, you need to pick the right styles of bar stools to create a comfy corner. And to make the right decision, you should have a clear knowledge about the types of bar stools.

Yes, these seating arrangements are made with different materials, designs and each variant comes with uniqueness. Hence, making the ideal choice won't be an easy task.

But don't worry; by the time you finish reading this write-up, you will become an expert in bar stools. Well, to find out more, keep going.

18 Types of Bar Stools

People have unique tastes when it comes to decorating their houses. Some may like to go for vintage décor (such as Cliff Bell, the guy who is said to have first pushed a bar stool up to the bar of a tavern in 1930), and some of us will prefer a sleek outlook. But no matter which style you go for, you can always get the right type of bar stools as there are plenty of varieties.

To keep things simple, we're going to discuss the most convenient ones that will go with any décor you've planned for your décor.

So without wasting much time, let's get to know these stools right away. And remember, depending on the height of your bar, you can venture into other types of chairs, too.

Adjustable Bar Stools

adjustable bar stools are most common bar stool types
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Adjustable bar stools will always be on the top when it's about convenience. These bar stool types come with levers; hence, you can easily adjust their heights.

So, if you have children around the house or when your family members have exceptional height ranges, this furniture will be an excellent addition.

However, while making the purchase, make sure your stools give you an optimal height boost. Most stools have a height range of six to ten inches, which is a pretty standard measurement.

Stationary Bar Stools

stationary bar stools are the favourite bar stool styles of homeowners
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These bar stools are mostly favored by homeowners who prefer minimalist outlooks. They come in different heights, colors, and materials. Therefore, you can give these stools top marks for versatility.

But the seats of this bar tool are fixed; meaning, you cannot rotate your body 360 degrees. If you can deal with that, nothing should stop you from getting these posh-looking bar stools.

Extra Tall Bar Stools

if you are looking for tall bar stool varieties, you can go with extra tall bar stools
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Just like the name suggests, these stools are extra tall and offer a unique outlook for your counters. If you're thinking about buying tall counters, you can go for these seats instead of adjustable stools.

These types of bar stools can be made with different materials, but people mostly prefer the wooden ones for a traditional outlook. You can get up to 40-inch high stools, which is admirable.

Backless Bar Stools

backless bar stools are minimal varieties of bar stools
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It is another minimalist design for those who are into sleek decors. If you want to get some space-saving furniture, these varieties of bar stools are the ones you need.

When you sit on this tool, you can turn in any direction you want by swiveling. Furthermore, they can be shoved under the counter when your party is over, so maintaining a top-notch interior will be effortless. Many come with a pedestal base that is low to the floor and won't cause tripping.

Depending on your decoration, you can get any material you want, from wood to metal. So, if you want to solve your seating situation with some sleek-looking furniture, these backless bar stools will be your best friend. These will look great against your bar, paired with the right types of wine glasses to get that high society decor going..

Armless Bar Stools

if you are looking for compact styles of bar stools, armless bar stools are just for you
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These bar stool styles are also compact and suitable for any small interior space. They have comfy cushioning like armchairs but don't have any armrests.

But yes, you cannot move your whole body while sitting on it, which can be a little problematic if you want to keep an eye on the crowd.

Bucket Bar Stools

bucket bar stools
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If we talk about the most common bar seating arrangements, we cannot end our discussion without mentioning these stools. You will see them in every bar or diner, and you can get them for your household too.

These types of bar stools are known to be super relaxing, thanks to their cushioning. And they are mostly made with vinyl covers, so you can easily maintain their top-notch condition. If there's any dirt and grime, wipe with a washcloth, and they'll turn into brand new ones.

Swivel Bar Stools

swivel bar stools
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Swivel bar stool varieties are the handiest ones as you can literally swivel when you sit on them. As a result, you don't have to stand up if someone taps on your shoulder while having breakfast on the counter.

But if you're determined to get this furniture, make sure you have enough space to spare. While arranging these seats, you have to keep enough space between each stool so you can revolve your position whenever you want, without any trouble.

Bar Stools with Arms

bar stools with arms
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These bar stool types are basically mini chairs with a sleek outlook and offer you amazing comfort. But they aren't suitable for a small counter space, which isn't good news for many homeowners.

Furthermore, you won't access these styles of bar stools quite easily. However, they will add elegance to your interior, which is important for some people.

Pub-Style Bar Stools

pub-style bar stools
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These stools are not for the faint-hearted; we must warn you. And this furniture won't go with most interior styles, so pick them only if they suit your décor.

When you're seeking stools for your home, these won't be a great choice, to be honest. But for pubs and bars, this seating arrangement will make the interior super chic; there's no doubt about that.

To make this furniture low-maintenance, you can go for the vinyl ones when choosing the material. In this way, you can easily clean the seats, and your surroundings will be sparkly all the time.

X-Back Bar Stools

x-back bar stools
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For any traditional interior, these stools are perfect without any doubt. These seats come with a criss-cross design on the back, making them eligible for any place, from pubs to apartments.

These types of bar stools have an aesthetically pleasing outlook. Therefore, if you want to enhance your decoration without much trying, go for this furniture without a second thought.

My sister has some of these against her coffee bar and even bought some Keurig alternatives to get the color matching. It looks great.

Woven Tall Bar Chairs

woven tall bar chairs
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These bar chairs are made with solid wood frames and woven seats. When you place this chair into your bar space, they will add an eco-friendly vibe to that section.

As these bar stool styles don't come with an armrest, you can easily access them in any situation, and they can be placed in any space. For this reason, it is one of the most user-friendly bar stools you can get.

Comet Shaped Bar Stools

comet shaped bar stools
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Do you want something out of the box that will impress your high-flying friends? In that case, you can take a look at the futuristic comet-shaped varieties of bar stools. These chairs are super cozy, short in height, and will make your décor stand out, which is all you need.

With metal frames and vibrant colors, these bar stool types can make your interior pop. Hence, if you got bored of plain and simple things, try these innovative seats for a change.

Solid Back Bar Chairs

solid back bar chairs as stools
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You have seen these bar chairs everywhere, yet they haven't lost their appeal. With tall and sleek construction, these stools come with a solid back so you can enjoy some quality time around the bar area.

Sitting in backless bar stool varieties can be dangerous if you have kids in your house. In that case, these chairs will save you from unpleasant accidents, and you can easily place them without any space issues.

Bistro Style Bar Stools

bistro style bar stools
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These tall stool designs are inspired by French cafés and are perfect for any vintage or European-style décor. But if you're going for a contemporary look, this won't be the ideal choice for you.

Though these chairs can be made with any material, the wooden ones are super popular. And from your kitchen to a professional bar, this furniture goes with every place, making it more wonderful than they already are.

Distressed Metal Stools

distressed metal stools
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Well, these types of bar stools aren't everyone's cup of tea and are not eligible for every household. But yes, if you have plans for decorating a rustic interior, you can surely go for these scuffed, pastoral, metal-made stools without any hesitation.

And remember one thing, after sitting on them, you won't be the most relaxed person in the world. So keep that in mind. If you go with these, pair them with "less fancy" types of drinking glasses, plates, and silverware to keep it casual.

Upholstered Bar Stools

upholstered bar stools
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When looking for a combination of elegance, comfort, and functionality, you will stumble upon these upholstered bar stool styles for sure. They will look great on any modern outlook, so you can get these bar chairs if you want to be the talk of the town.

Plastic or Acrylic Bar Stools

if you are looking for affordable types of bar stools for your house or business, you can go with plastic or acrylic bar stools
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Some of you may think that plastic and modishness cannot get along, but you're not right at all. Plastic bar stool varieties can also be good-looking and durable; you may already know that by now.

These stools are super affordable, durable, and available in many colors and shapes. And they can withstand awry weather conditions; thus, you can use them outdoors without any issue.

Folding Bar Stools

folding bar stools
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If you live in a shoebox apartment and want to set up counter space to have your meals, folding bar stools will be your savior. You can use these seats whenever you want and fold them when you're done with the task.

As they don't take much space, you can keep these bar stool types in your broom closet or behind the doors; it won't mind. These are typically always four-legged stools rather than the three-legged designs you see in other styles.

However, these styles of bar stools have a tricky mechanism, so it would be better if you didn't allow kids to open them up. Their fingers can get trapped into the mechanism, and you don't want that.

Types of Bar Stools to Craft the Perfect Home Design

As you can see, there are plenty of types of bar stools, so making the right choice for your interior won't be the breeziest task. But now that you know about the options you have, picking the right one won't be an issue anymore.

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