19 Types of Garage Doors Perfect for Your Space & Design

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When choosing a house or building a new one, people tend to get confused when picking the right types of garage doors as there are many different styles available. Though all styles of garage doors promise to enhance the house's look and security, the choosing process is still frustrating.

So, how many garage doors options are there? Below are the different garage doors types available to you. We’ll talk about the types for people who prefer stylish looks and the types for those who prioritize materials.

These variations may confuse new house owners that want to install a perfect garage door for their long-cherished home. To end the confusion, here we'll explain all of the garage door options and features in detail.

19 Types of Garage Doors

Picking a suitable option from the different styles of garage doors can be pretty hectic if you don't have the exact idea.

So, if you are in the middle of constructing or renovating a house, hold your work for some time while you come to know the garage door types listed below, no matter the types of garages you're having built.

7 Common Types of Garage Doors

These are the most used garage doors in houses across the nation, even when you take into account the garage door alternatives. You may see these in commercial or industrial settings, but you'll find all of the main features available in residential garage doors as well. They may look a bit different, but they function the same.

Sectional Garage Doors

one of the most common garage door options is sectional garage doors

Sectional garage doors are the most common styles of garage doors you will see in most homes. Here, the panel design is sectional, attached with joints.

Vertically the door moves up, bends, and rests parallel to the garage ceiling when it is open. It is because there are joints between the panel sections that it can manage to slide along the curved track as it raises.

The spring-balanced motor in the cable controls all the opening and shutting mechanisms of the garage door. Also, the cables operate and hold the door when the door is partly open. For a low maintenance and easy-operating mechanism, this door is quite popular. They have carefully aligned garage door sensors for safety so that no harm comes to a person or vehicle when the door closes.

Roll-Up Garage Doors

if you have limited space and looking for suitable garage door types, you must try using roll-up garage doors

These garage door types are suitable for garages with less space. The steel-made panel rolls up and sits into the spring-loaded slide on the top of the door. These are very similar to sectional garage doors except there are way more panels and joints, allowing it to roll up tightly.

Since this door provides heavy-duty performance and requires less space to rest, it is now used in homes as well as for commercial use and industrial use. Anywhere there is a small garage or a large one with a ceiling height that's too tall, you'll find these being used.

There are pros and cons for these garage doors. The main issue is that they're really heavy, which adds to the security, but also adds to the cost. Their design also leaves little room to make it look like anything but an industrial door, too.

Swing Out Garage Doors

swing out garage doors

Side-hinged garage doors come with a hinged frame that opens the door from the middle, either on the left or right side. Think of it as a split door with two sides using typical types of door hinges.

You can find these different types of garage doors attached with steel frames. No worries, though. You don't have to change the existing garage door design to match the frames. The simple style allows easy installation in the existing structure.

Sliding Garage Doors

if you feel lost searching through garage door opening options, you can give sliding garage doors a shot

This garage door is quite similar to the sectional ones, but the opening mechanism is sliding. The vertical panels allow the door to slide to the left or right.

You'll not need to use extra springs as a built-in folding motor to operate the garage door. There is no need to concern yourself with any headroom to operate or install this door, either.

Moreover, it requires much more space and typical maintenance to operate. You can think of them as sectional garage doors turned on their side where the door slides against a wall instead of the ceiling, though many don't have sections, so you need twice as much horizontal space to fit the entire width of the door beside the opening..

Bi-Fold Garage Doors

bi-fold garage doors

The design of this door is similar to bi-fold types of closet doors. There are 2 types of bi-fold doors – There’s one that opens towards the inside, while the other one opens towards the outside.

You can choose the suitable type as per space requirement. It depends on where you can sacrifice the space to allow the door to pivot. Both types enable you to install an automatic functioning mechanism as well.

Tilt-Up Canopy Garage Doors

tilt-up canopy garage doors

When this garage door is opened, it spreads out like a canopy. You will find an opener attached to the ceiling that slowly tilts up the door until it rests parallel to the ceiling and floor rather than the front and back walls.

These garage door opening options can operate with remote control and requires headroom to open conveniently. It's much like a sectional garage door without the joints, so you'll need to provide space for it to swing outward and upward since it won't "bend" or fold at the joints.

Tilt-Up Retractable Garage Doors

tilt-up retractable garage doors

These types of garage doors are similar to the tilt-up canopy garage door but they open like a sectional door without a joint panel. You can withdraw the door back in the garage while it is opened. Due to the swinging motion, it's obvious that these garage doors require more space.

For this, you have to leave headroom in the garage and keep the areas in which the door swings through clear, in terms of tall vehicles or items mounted on the wall, with concerns such as how to store an extension ladder in a garage.

6 Types of Garage Doors By Style

Who doesn't like to bring a different look to their house? To do this, install one of these styles of garage doors. Here are the stylish garage door options to pick from:

Paneled Design Garage Doors

paneled design garage doors are one of the popular styles of garage doors

Most of these garage door types come with this style. The panels bring a different look to the garage door juxtaposed against a brick wall or any types of siding, and keeps the inside of the garage warm.

The panels tend to give a sense of visual depth to the door and hide the seams where the joints are. You could consider these the standard as they're easy to stamp out of metal and to insulate with types of fiberglass insulation.

Carriage House Style Garage Doors

carriage house style garage doors

Carriage style garage door designs works best for the swing-out garage doors. They give a classic look to the house. The carriage house style is suitable for homes with craftsman style with an aesthetic look.

French Style Garage Doors

there are different styles of garage doors like french style garage doors that are best for single and multi-paneled garage door designs

For single or multi-paneled garage door designs, this style is perfect. But it's not suitable for cold weather as it comes with less weather protection. They're suitable for barns or workshops, though, if you take security serious once they're installed.

Traditional Garage Doors

traditional garage doors

These are still on the popular list for house owners and have been for a long time. The panels of this door come in a consistent and classic design with symmetrical rectangles. You can use wooden or steel-made traditional doors to keep the garage environment warm.

Rustic Garage Doors

if you are looking for different types of garage doors that has an antique vibe, you must definitely try rustic garage doors

These types of garage doors are suitable to provide the house with an earth-like look. It’s perfect if you’ve got farmhouse types of houses. The design itself is a bit on the casual side, making it look appealing.

Modern Garage Doors

modern garage doors

This door works for a modern house as it offers a clean, crisp, and minimalist look. It requires regular maintenance to keep the look clean and smart. You'll find them made of shatter-proof glass or very transparent and thick plexiglass.

5 Types of Garage Doors By Material

Besides the styles and type, it's essential to pick a suitable material for a garage door to suit the environment and your standard garage size. The materials to choose from are:

Wood Garage Doors

wood garage doors

A wooden garage door brings a homey look to the house. But not suitable for rain and snow. It can be a bit expensive as well compared to others, not only during purchase and installation but with maintenance.

Aluminum Garage Doors

aluminum garage doors

Well, aluminum types of garage doors are pretty durable and perfect as low-maintenance garage doors. To use this door for a long time, apply a coating to avoid rust. They can be insulated sufficiently to keep you warm in the garage and keep your energy needs down. Those are just two of the benefits of insulating a garage, which includes the door.

Steel Garage Doors

steel garage doors

A steel garage door offers a durable and stylish look. This door is easy to maintain. Plus, since it’s robust, it can take lots of abuse and keep up for a long time to come.

Glass Garage Doors

some types of garage doors, like glass garage doors, can change the atmosphere of your house for a good budget

Though it is costly to maintain, a house with a glass-made garage door is suitable for those who don't have issues with the budget and desire a modern and minimalist look. These are only for the most modern of homes with exquisite security in place.

Wood Composite Garage Doors

wood composite garage doors

This door comes with fiberboard sheets with a wooden frame. Thanks to the fiberboard skin, the garage door is a great addition for outside applications. Plus, the door is known widely for its durability as well.

Types of Garage Doors to Nail Your Design & Size Needs

Picking a suitable garage door is essential because it will ensure the security of your vehicle and valuable belongings in the garage. A perfect garage door enhances your house's looks and provides easy access to the home. So, be smart in choosing one.

It can be confusing to choose from different types of garage doors. To avoid such confusion, think about the types, materials, and styles to decide what suits your needs the best.

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