7 Washer & Dryer Pedestal Alternatives You Probably Already Have

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washer and dryer pedestal alternatives

These washer and dryer pedestal alternatives can make the chore of doing laundry a lot more peaceful and comfortable without breaking the bank.

This might be the only time when putting something on a pedestal produces great results instead of backfiring. Washers and dryers on good pedestals contribute to better ergonomics, no doubt.

You don’t have to bend over as much if there is a stand that places the machine at an comfy elevation while you do your laundry. It's even more useful for a front-load washer and dryer due to the lower height of the doors.

Sometimes, however, pedestals add to the noise made by washers and also occupy space. They aren’t even cheap goods that you can experiment with. So what to do?

7 Washer and Dryer Pedestal Alternatives

Well, we had the same dilemma and started looking for washer and dryer pedestal alternatives. Here’s what we found. And they are cost saving, too, which was a restriction on our side at the time. You can get the same washer and dryer pedestal benefits from a careful selection from the options below, and a proper setup.

Coffee Table

a coffee table or two make the perfect washer pedestal alternative
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This is an easy washer pedestal alternative. Spare or old coffee tables are a great substitute because they often have a second shelf with storage space. It is great to keep all the loose items like your substitute for laundry detergent, dryer sheets, and dryer sheet alternatives in one place close to the washer and the dryer.

It's also a great way to use a coffee table that you are not putting to good use. The problem of extra furniture gets solved and you didn't even have to go pedestal shopping.

Now, if it is a wooden coffee table, you can paint or stain it in different colors and patterns to match the decor of the laundry room. But there are a couple of things to look out for. If you have a rickety old table, you are in trouble and will need to stabilize it some or possibly add a new leg in the center.

If the washer or dryer slips from it, it may break. That'll cost you a lot more money, time, and effort compared to buying a pedestal. You might not be able to find a coffee table that is exactly the size you need it to be to match the washer and dryer dimensions.

If you find something smaller like some of the coffee table alternatives, the machines are at risk and if it is bigger than needed, it’s a problem in the laundry room. But usually magic happens and we have the right size or can find it cheap in the used ads.


bricks can be a great front load washer pedestal alternative but you need to make sure they're level

These are relatively easy to procure and place in the laundry room. You can get them in many shapes and sizes. So you don’t have to worry about whether or not the washer and dryer will fit.

You can also construct individual pedestals for the two items. These are inexpensive and you have an abundance of choice. Bricks are incredibly sturdy and stable.

They last long if they are not exposed to water due to leaks (and even then they last forever) from the washer or otherwise. Most of them don’t break that easily and if there is an imbalance you'll know right away and can fix it.

If you have to move the washer and dryer, it can be done easily. You can also dismantle the bricks and move them around one by one. Their weight isn't a concern either. But, a couple of things to think about before getting bricks.

Too many bricks stacked vertically can be unstable and dangerous. They can scratch the surface of the appliance and the floor. This'll cause even more damage if you try to move the setup. The rustic look is not always a hit, either.

But stacking them a few layers high is no problem. They'll absorb vibrations and you can place them on top of a mat and even place a mat on top of the bricks. Problem solved! These are a good, cheap front load washer pedestal alternative, for sure.


benches make great washer and dryer pedestal alternatives but you may need as many as four of them
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Sturdy. Stable. Standard. Benches have a lot of good qualities. They can be custom built so size and fit is not an issue. You don’t always have to get wooden ones made. Which means there are other materials for you to choose from.

Some of those materials are more durable than wood. If you change your mind about how to elevate your washer and dryer, you can remove the bench and use it in another part of the house.

You can choose to construct storage spaces underneath. And you can design them however you want. You can also leave it open and empty so that it's easy to clean. Just be aware that you could need as many as four benches to create enough space to set your washer and dryer on.

Now for the points of contention, if applicable to you. These are not very decorative. You need to get a new bench and not repurpose an old one so that you can rest easy so that it won’t collapse under the washer’s weight. Or you can reinforce the legs and horizontal wood slats.

Sometimes, benches can be too high or low. That makes it difficult and painful for your back. But with a little looking, you can find the perfect height one or adjust it so that it fits your needs perfectly.

Wooden Crates or Pallets

wooden pallets are perfect pedestals if you don't mind the look, but you can paint them and decorate them to make them more attractive.

These are a great idea if you can procure them. Wooden crates and pallets come in many colors, sizes, and styles. So you have plenty of choices in terms of design.

If you turn them to the other side, you'll get storage space under the washer and dryer. This helps everyone with a small laundry room where you've already filled up any shelf space on the walls.

Crates come in different sizes so you can pick one that works with your washer and dryer or get two separate pedestals for both the appliances. Wooden crates also have pretty good height so it works well for you ergonomically.

Just make sure you get good wood for the sake of safety and durability. You also need to make sure the floor of your laundry room is dry all the time. Otherwise, you risk molding. Again, make sure these are strong and stable.

If you just want something to get your appliances off the ground then look into wooden pallets. They're not extremely tall but they'll serve that purpose. Their design is also great for an overheating dryer that really needs to dissipate heat since there's more air flow within a pallet than other options.

Furniture Risers

furniture risers are great, durable options and you can use as many as you want to stabilize your washer and dryer when used as a pedestal
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Sometimes the safest option is the best option. Hire a professional or buy a professionally built product. So the best thing to do is to pick a relatively inexpensive furniture riser.

They're easy to find as they are available in most stores. You can pick one that works for both washer and dryer. They're very strong and yet very lightweight. This makes them a great choice if you are likely to move your washer and dryer.

It's also great if you are looking for durability at a decent price. These washer and dryer pedestal alternatives can also be stored easily in case you change your mind at a later stage.

But remember, we're talking about heavy appliances and not all furniture risers are sturdy. So shop carefully and look at how much weight the risers are rated for.

Any vibration caused by the machine bounces off a furniture riser, too. So there is a balance issue here. You can store objects under the furniture riser but it is not storage space the way drawers provide.

DIY Platform

DIY washer pedestal alternative

Okay. Even if you are not good with your hands, there are a few things you can try to do. And when you make a platform, you'll be able to do a lot to customize it exactly how you want it.

You can make something which matches the decor and color scheme. You can do patterns or solid colors to match the room or the rest of the house. You can add drawers and other storage spaces for laundry add-on materials. You can also build a platform that is of the perfect size.

Maybe you can build something with adjustable height. You can pick materials that make it sturdy and tough. You can even make it weather resistant, which prevents damage to the machine if there is water leakage.

It also won’t take more space than you want it to. You can control the budget of the platform too. This is the ultimate in washer and dryer pedestal alternatives if you have the time and skills to put it together. You can make attachments to hold your clothes wringer alternatives too in the case your dryer breaks temporarily.

Durable Mat

durable mats don't act as a pedestal so much as protect from spills and reduce vibrations on your washer and dryer
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This is another great and inexpensive option. And if your washer leaks a little, it'll take care of the water without bothering you. That also saves the integrity of the metal next to the machine and keeps it from getting rusty.

Mats last a long time and are flexible in the way they can be used. They're literally built for you to stamp on them so the weight of the washer or dryer is not something to worry about.

They're meant to withstand wear and tear so there’s that problem out the window. They're comparatively cheaper and do a good job of protecting the floor from machine-related damage.

Size isn’t an issue either. If it's bigger than what you need, you can cut it easily. If it is smaller, you can get another one and work it out.

If there is any imbalance, a mat can actually help you even it out. And it is super flexible when it comes to style. Of course, there are a couple of glitches.

A mat under the washing machine is a hard look to pull off. If water sits under the mat there is the fear of mildew or mold. They work great for washing machine alternatives that'll be moved about though.

If you're looking for height, this will not satisfy that need. If something gets stuck to the mat it is difficult to untangle the appliance and you don’t get any extra storage space. But still, it'll keep your appliances from walking across the room as they operate.

Washer & Dryer Pedestal Alternatives on the Cheap!

There are many substitutes to the classic washer and dryer pedestal. You no longer have to stay enslaved to one corporation to help you run and maintain the appliances.

In a pedestal, you will most likely look for something durable that is of the right height. It shouldn’t leave stains on the floor or the appliance. It should be sturdy and be able to handle the weight of the washer and dryer while they are at work.

These are qualities many other structures have. All you need to do is find the one that works for your laundry room. This is the world where Apple products can be duplicated and improved upon. Finding washer and dryer pedestal alternatives is a piece of cake.

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