Where to Put a Mirror in Your Bedroom (Feng Shui Tips)

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where to put a mirror in your bedroom

Are you trying to figure out where to hang your new bedroom mirror? You can't just put it anywhere you want. Well, you could, but that wouldn't be very "Feng Shui" of you. So... where to put a mirror in your bedroom arrangement? That's the question.

To figure it out, we'll take a look at some eastern philosophy and consult the time-honored tradition of Feng Shui to ensure we hang it right.

So, what are your options? Where's the best place to hang it without scaring yourself half to death or crossing the Feng Shui gods? Let's go through a few ideas that align with these traditional decor principles. This is all about feng shui mirror placement in a bedroom.

What Is Feng Shui & How Does It Work with Bedroom Mirrors?

what is feng shui & how does it work with bedroom mirrors? here you can learn feng shui mirror placement in a bedroom

If you've never heard of Feng Shui before, or you have, and you have no idea what it is, let us break it down for you. Feng Shui, meaning "the way of wind and water," is an ancient Chinese tradition of channeling energy in your living space. Basically, the idea behind it is that everything in your bedroom, or other rooms in the home for that matter, have an ideal placement.

By setting up your mirrors, bed, closets, dresser, and other items the right way, you allow for optimal energy flow in the room. So, what does that mean? Well, when you have a high-energy space with no "blockages," you get a better living experience. You go to bed and wake up feeling restored and fresh.

That sounds like a great idea, right? While there's no science behind it, setting up your room using Bedroom Feng Shui principles helps to alleviate feelings of depression, anxiety, and fear in your mind and life. So, it might be worth giving it a go.

Understanding Bedroom Feng Shui – The Commanding Position

understanding bedroom feng shui – the commanding position & where to place a mirror in your bedroom

Feng Shui has different "schools" of thought regarding its practice. For instance, in "BTB" Feng Shui, they suggest hanging the mirror facing the bed. This action helps correct the room's energy flow if the bed isn't in the "commanding position."

The commanding position for your bed is when you can see your door while lying in bed, but the mattress isn't directly in line with the door. This position gives you the best view of all areas in the room, allowing you to see anyone in the space, thus giving you "command" of the area and full control over your life.

Sometimes, you don't have the option of placing your bed in the commanding position; its layout might not permit it. In this case, placing the mirror on the wall in front of your bed offsets your inability to command the room. This is often where to place a mirror in your bedroom when you feel you have no other choice (and don't have a TV in that spot).

The mirror gives you a chance to see the other areas of the room, such as the door, when you're lying in bed, without moving from the mattress. An example would be if you have a short corridor in the corner of the room leading to the door, and you can't see it when you're lying in bed, but you can if you have a mirror on the opposite wall.

The Best Places to Hang Mirrors in a Bedroom

here are the best places for mirror placement in a bedroom

Let's dig into where to put a mirror in your bedroom. The best position for hanging the mirror is anywhere in the room where it doesn't reflect light. If your bed is in the command position, then Feng Shui guidelines say hanging it directly in front of the bed is not a good idea.

So, what other options do you have? By the way, here's how to hang a heavy mirror without nails if you don't want to make a bunch of holes in your walls.

For Small Bedrooms

The standard bedroom sizes, which many of us have when renting or sleeping in a bedroom in a home that isn’t the master bedroom, restricts your options, but there are still some very effective places to put a mirror.

Opposite Windows

Placing a mirror near a window in small, dark rooms allows you to bring more light into the room, making it appear larger than it is. We recommend using an unframed mirror if you're going with this bedroom mirror placement.

Avoid using mirrors with bulky, busy frames in small spaces as it has the opposite effect of the above, making the room feel smaller. Keep the mirror off to the side of the window and away from reflecting toward the bed to prevent the sun's rays from blinding you when you wake up. Also, don't put your bed against the window for this same reason.

Behind Doors

Another good option for smaller rooms is to place the mirror behind a door. This is a good idea for full-length mirrors, allowing you to utilize the wall space in the room for other objects, like paintings or shelving. Your room won't feel overcrowded, and you can still have a full-length mirror without taking up too much space.

Above Your Bed

You can always hang the mirror on the wall behind your bed if there's no door available. It pulls attention away from the wall and to the bed, making it a more attractive space. One of the biggest no-nos in Feng Shui mirror placement is to hang it anywhere in the room where it reflects a cluttered space.

This placement will add to your stress, making you feel like spending less time in the crowded room. Placing it in an uncluttered area of the room gives the impression of creating more space. Or you could, you know, just clean your room. Mirror placement in a bedroom becomes so much easier when it's not a mess.

For Large Bedrooms

Most of the placements mentioned for small bedrooms also work with larger bedrooms. However, larger rooms give you more options for hanging your mirror. For instance, you don't have to worry about hiding your full-length mirror behind a door when you have a large bedroom and more options for where to hang it.

Next to the Bed or on Closet Doors

You could place the mirror beside the bed but not facing the bed. Or you could hang it on the outside of any types of closet doors. This is a classic place to mount a mirror if you don't have room for a free-standing full-length mirror to view yourself after dressing. Obviously if you're using closet door alternatives like hanging bead curtains, this isn't going to work.

Above the Dresser

If you have the space, hang the mirror above whatever types of dresser you have. This placement gives you somewhere to check your makeup in the morning when you're getting dressed. The idea is to set up your dressing table where you have good light entering the room, allowing you to reflect the light to get a better view of your face when making yourself up.

Places to Avoid Hanging Mirrors in Bedrooms

we have covered important details on where to put a mirror in your bedroom, here are places to avoid hanging mirrors in bedrooms

We're asking where to put a mirror in your bedroom, but what about the opposite? According to Feng Shui principles, there are several places in the room where you should never hang a mirror. If you don't want to upset the energy flow in the room, avoid setting it up in the following areas. This advice goes for mirror alternatives as well.

On the Ceiling

Hanging the mirror on the ceiling facing down towards your bed was a 1980s trend that people got into at the time. However, it's a horrible idea. You'll find this placement makes you feel uncomfortable, like someone is always watching you.

Plus, can you imagine the horror of waking up in the middle of the night feeling sleepy, staring up at the ceiling, at seeing a murky figure staring back at you – it might take some getting used to.

Across From the Bed

You get a similar effect of someone watching you if you hang the mirror directly across from the bed. You'll feel like an uninvited guest is watching you, which is a bit creepy.

A mirror facing you directly while lying in bed might make it hard to relax and unwind, keeping you subconsciously on edge. As discussed, the only time you should hang a mirror across from the bed is if the mattress isn't in the commanding position in the room.

Facing the Bathroom

Don't hang your mirror on a wall that faces the bathroom door or bathroom door alternatives. You won't appreciate it if you look in the mirror and see the toilet reflecting back at you.

Facing a Blank Wall

Don't hang the mirror facing a blank wall. It's okay if it has something in the background, like a pot plant or a picture on the wall. A mirror facing a blank wall gives an impression of a boring, sterile environment.

Why Does Feng Shui Suggest I Cover Up My Mirrors at Night?

no matter what did you do with bedroom mirror placement, why does feng shui suggest you cover up your mirrors at night?

Some schools of Feng Shui believe you must cover up all mirrors at night. If you don't cover the mirror, it will affect your sleep, causing you to wake up at night or fail to achieve a deep, restorative sleep state.

The rule states that a mirror brings energy into a room, enlivening the space. So, if you don't cover the mirror, the room remains in a high-energy state, making you toss and turn in bed at night. If you have a mirror in your bedroom and you find it difficult to get to sleep, try covering it up at night and see if it makes any difference. Maybe the placebo effect will kick in.

Also, you should fix your broken mirrors or replace them, as this doesn't fare well for you either in terms of Feng Shui. Ensure you have the right size mirror for the room. Avoid hanging big full-length mirrors with frames in small bedrooms. It’s all about balance of weight, size, and symmetry.

What Happens If I Don't Follow the Feng Shui Guidelines?

Nothing. Feng Shui suggests that if you don't follow its guidelines, it won't bring bad vibes into the room. They're merely guidelines to help you optimize the energy flow in your living space. Some people may find these tips help them feel better about themselves, while others might not notice any difference.

And That’s Where to Put a Mirror in Your Bedroom

At the end of the day, even if you don’t buy into all the Feng Shui energy stuff (I don’t), it still provides some very solid furniture arranging advice. Your decor will feel more balanced, purposeful, mature, and thought out if you follow most of the principles.

Of course, you can discard any of it you don’t like, too. Let it guide you in regards to where to put a mirror in your bedroom and then go from there, making any adjustments you need or want.

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