Mudroom Bench Dimensions for Comfort & Style

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mudroom bench dimensions

Do you have a mudroom at the entrance to your home? Do you use it? Adding a bench to the mudroom allows you to remove your shoes and boots comfortably without playing a balancing act as you take them off. But what mudroom bench dimensions are appropriate?

If you’ve thought about placing a bench in your mudroom but don’t know what size you need for the space, this post is for you. Mudroom sizes vary by home, but there are a few standard sizes for mudroom benches to consider.

Mudroom Bench Dimensions

mudroom bench dimensions for comfort and style

Here are our choices for the best mudroom bench dimensions.

  • Length: 36” to 48”
  • Depth: 14” to 18”
  • Height: 15” to 18”

Fitting a mudroom bench into the area saves you from falling over when trying to remove your footwear, and it also offers storage for coats, scarves, boots, and shoes. There’s no more haphazardly balancing on one foot as you attempt to pull on your snow boots and prepare for the outdoors.

Mudroom bench shapes vary depending on the size of the mudroom and the type of bench design you want. Most mudroom benches have standard sizing measurements allowing an easy fit to any mudroom. If you're building one into the walls or that runs the entire width of the room, then you can ignore the length dimension above.

What are the Average Mudroom Dimensions?

average mudroom dimensions

Typically, mudrooms are around 49 square feet (7’ x 7’). However, these dimensions are not set in stone and vary depending on the size of your home. For instance, the mudroom in a 3 bedroom home will be smaller than one in an eight-bedroom farmhouse. These types of rooms vary based on the luxury conditions, you know.

Some mudrooms are rectangular and narrow, while others are square and spacious. Building a mudroom into your home design might add anything from $6,000 to $18,000 to your property’s construction cost, depending on its size.

Other storage options don’t work as well as a bench in a mudroom. Typically, mud benches are only suitable for larger mudrooms with more width and space available to accommodate the bench while allowing free movement around it. The depth of a mudroom bench matters more than anything, in my estimation, followed by the height (both matter the most for comfort of use).

Having a small one is like having a small floating shower bench. Yes, you can say you have one, but you won't be comfortable sitting on it and it'll become a flat surface to stack things on rather than being used for the intended purpose of sitting.

Mudroom benches are customizable and available in a huge variety of designs to suit any space. You could even design and build one if you have carpentry skills.

Fitting the Bench to Your Mudroom

fitting the bench to your mudroom can be an easy task if you know how much is your mudroom bench depth

Before you click the order button and buy your bench, consider the mudroom's length and width and the functionality you want. The last thing you need is to order the bench and receive a model that doesn’t fit properly in the mudroom. This is why there's no standard mudroom bench dimensions, because for these types of benches it's all based on your specific room.

Measure the mudroom and plan a mockup of your ideal bench before ordering. Measure the space you mocked up and look for suitable designs to fit that space. You’ll also need to consider the height and width of the doorway before ordering your bench.

Choosing the wrong size for your bench means you’ll struggle to angle it to allow people to use the door without it getting in the way. Like the pros say -measure twice, cut once. OR, in this case, measure twice- order once and avoid an annoying return and refund process.

Planning and preparing the space for the bench saves you plenty of frustration and the headache of sending the bench back if it doesn’t fit the area properly.

Mudroom Chairs or Mudroom Bench?

you must compare standard bench height in a mudroom to decide on mudroom chairs or mudroom bench?

You could always consider buying a chair instead of a bench if you have a smaller mudroom. You’ll get the same functionality out of the chair, but you’ll have to share it with other people one by one. That’s not such a big deal because the mudroom probably won’t accommodate two people in it anyway.

All you need is something to sit on when donning and removing your footwear, so any types of chairs that can be cleaned easily can take care of that. It's best to use one without cushions and fabric so they can be wiped down quickly. There’s no need to clutter a smaller space with a big bench if you don’t need to; chairs are a perfectly viable option for your mudroom.

Some models are even foldable, allowing you to unfold them and put on your footwear, folding them up out of the way when you want to leave the room. This design is a great way to save on space in the mudroom while maintaining a highly functional, multipurpose space.

The Different Types of Mudroom Bench Models

different types of mudroom bench models have different mudroom bench height

Mudroom benches come in different designs, and you’re sure to find one that meets your needs. Some are short, and some are tall. You have options for models with built-in storage drawers and others with overhead racks attached to the bench.

The size of your mudroom bench depends on the type of bench design you settle on for the room. Some models look like ordinary benches. They don’t have defining features other than a flat surface to plant yourself while donning or removing your footwear.

Most models come with under-seat storage but offer few other amenities. Others might have a cubby underneath the seat for your house or car keys and other EDC essentials like flashlights or knives. Drawers and cubbies add to the weight of the bench and prevent it from being a portable or folding design.

You also have options for deluxe mudroom benches. These models come with a rear panel hosting shelves, drawers, and even hooks for hanging coats and scarves. These models also usually include under-seat storage, making them ideal for homeowners that want storage space for everything they carry outdoors.

Then there are the materials for your mudroom bench. Most models come in hardwood designs, varnished and polished to visual perfection. They create a warm, rustic visual aesthetic for the room. You also have options for plastic materials that are lightweight and easy to move around.

Plastic benches are available in several color options to suit your décor and design aesthetic. Plastics are also moldable, so they come in various configurations to suit your room, size, and décor.

Key Takeaways Regarding the Proper Mudroom Bench Dimensions

here are the key takeaways regarding the width or length of a mudroom bench

Let’s summarize what you should know about the depth, width or length of a mudroom bench, plus other considerations that we’ve covered so far.

  • The size of your mudroom is the deciding factor on which bench or chair suits the space.
  • Mudroom benches come in a range of standard dimensions to suit the size of the room.
  • Mudroom benches offer a convenient way to remove your footwear without the need to balance yourself as you disrobe or get ready for the outdoors.
  • You have options for benches or chairs, with folding designs available to save space.
  • Mudroom benches come with simple or advanced storage designs to cater to your requirements.
  • You have several options for selecting customized mudroom benches. Order a custom bench from a manufacturer, and choose your setup.
  • Benches and chairs come in several options for materials to suit the look of the mudroom. You have options in wood or plastics.

As you can see, there’s not really a standard. It’s all based on the size of your mudroom itself. You do want enough length and a proper mudroom bench depth for comfortable seating, but beyond that it comes down to catering to your needs and aesthetic concerns. After than, all you have to do is keep your mudroom clean and organized.

FAQ’s Regarding Mudroom Bench Dimensions

faq's regarding mudroom bench dimensions

When we start talking about things like the standard height of a mudroom bench, so many other common questions arise. Let’s cover those now in case they’ve popped in your mind, too.

Why Does My Mudroom Need a Bench?

Your mudroom will benefit from a bench. It makes donning and removing footwear easy, giving you a place to sit while you battle with your boots. Benches also offer you options for storage to keep your "every day carry" items readily available – you’ll never misplace your car keys again.

How Do I Measure a Mudroom Bench?

Consider the following design considerations when buying a bench for your mudroom.

  • Height clearance from the ceiling
  • Bench height from the floor
  • Do you want a cushion for the bench?
  • Do you want back support for your mudroom bench?
  • What kind of storage options do you want for the bench?

It’s not overly complicated. You’ll just consider the features you want and make sure it’s comfortable, and you’re good to go. If you're not building your own, just make sure the mudroom bench dimensions will fit along the wall you'd like it to be placed against.

What is the Best Wood for Manufacturing a Mudroom Bench?

There’s no wrong answer to choosing wood for your mudroom bench. We recommend going with hardwoods as they offer the best scratch and ding resistance. Oak, maple, and cedar are all great materials for a wood bench.

You have options for a raw finish or stained. Ensure you get a varnished bench as you might drag insects into the room unawares, and they might destroy the bench. Or you might have wet boots from the snow, and the moisture might rot the wood.

Plastic is also a viable option for your mudroom bench. It might not be as glamorous as wood, but you have more color options and plenty of molded designs to suit any space.

Can I Make a Cushion for My Mudroom Bench?

Sure, you can make a cushion for your mudroom bench to pad your rear when sitting on it. If you have sewing and haberdashery skills, plenty of designs are available to choose from online. Or you can order a pre-made cushion from an online vendor.

We recommend going with a foam-based cushion with a thin profile. This design offers plenty of comfort for your rear without being overly bulky, causing you to slip off the pillow. They’re also easy to find online, very affordable, and come in various designs and patterns to suit your décor needs.

How Tall Should I Make My Mudroom Bench?

Most people prefer their mudroom bench height at around 15 inches away from the floor, considering you’re bending over to deal with your shoes. You have models ranging from 15 to 18 inches and a few in the 20-inch range. Taller mudroom benches often have an additional height to accommodate under-seat storage.

Storage may or may not be a priority for you, depending on the size of your mudroom and what you want from the functionality of your bench. Some benches come with high backrests, and others come with storage units on the rear panel, so check that they fit the room, especially if it has a low ceiling.

Mudroom Bench Dimensions Can Vary Based On Your Desires

Regarding any standard bench height in a mudroom, and especially a depth or width, those will come down to your preferences and the design of your mudroom itself. Your bench may cover the entire width of the mudroom and be connected to the walls, or it may be a standalone. The height may include cubbies to place your shoes. The options are yours when it comes to mudroom bench dimensions!

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