18 Types of Ketchup for a New Spin on an Old Flavor

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Imagine having fries without ketchup, totally bland, isn't it? Add up all the types of ketchup and it has become the most common condiment that can ameliorate the taste of your food, such as burgers, pizza, fries, etc. All the fast food without the combination of ketchup seems just dull and tasteless.

Many use ketchup in their breakfast items, such as sandwiches; and many even use it in their evening soups to get a more tangy flavor. What if I tell you that there are many different types of ketchup out there apart from the orthodox tomato sauce you are probably thinking of right now?

Yes, there are numerous varieties of flavors that are available, and they all serve a different purpose and change the overall taste of the food in many ways. Below we have listed some of the varieties of ketchup that you will find in the market.

18 Types of Ketchup

You probably heard about tomato sauce, catsup, or red sauce, (and rarely referred to as one of the types of pasta sauce) and might use it regularly. What are the chances that you will like a different zest of ketchup? The chances are high because we believe there is no harm in experimenting with the flavors, and you might soon end up enjoying a new savor.

Tomato Ketchup

the most popular and original ketchup types is tomato ketchup
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Let us start with the most desired of the ketchup flavors out there, the tomato ketchup. It is a staple condiment that goes with any fast food. The name suggests its main ingredient, tomatoes. This is, by far, the best selling of all the different ketchups.

Such condiments are known to go hand in hand with all kinds of meals, especially fast food. Apart from the main source of tomato, this ketchup also consists of salt, seasoning, vinegar, spices, etc.

You can easily use tomato ketchup to make your fried items more flavorful. If you are someone who likes simplicity, then your basic tomato flavors of ketchup has to be your pick. And when you inevitably spill it, come back here to learn how to clean ketchup out of your carpet.

Mushroom Ketchup

if you are looking for different kinds of ketchup that can bring unique taste to you mouth, try mushroom ketchup
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This ketchup serves best as a sauce or can be worked as a spread on top of your flaked goods. Unlike tomato ketchup, this condiment uses mushrooms as the main source, making it one of the most different kinds of ketchup out there.

Mushrooms kind of make the overall taste more savory. This kind of product suits best with grilled meat and sometimes can be used in soups.

Mushroom ketchup also includes salt, black pepper, cloves, vinegar, and other essentials. You can use any kind of mushroom to make such ketchup at home. It usually has a tangy and sweet taste but can be merged with other sauces to create a sweeter note.

Jalapeno Ketchup

if you are not afraid of spicy taste; you can try some spicy ketchup flavors like jalapeno ketchup
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If you purchase any orthodox tomato ketchup types, it's unlikely that it will turn out to be spicy. This is where the Jalapeno ketchup comes to play. As regular ketchup is sweeter, many people might not like the taste of it. For those looking for some spiky bite, use the Jalapeno ketchup to boost up the fiery zest.

Most Jalapeno sauces are gluten-free and have a spicy end. So those who love to relish their food with a spicy touch must give this ketchup a tryout.

Sriracha Ketchup

some kinds of ketchup, like sriracha ketchup can be your unchanging choice if you love spicy food
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Some of you people out there just love spicy food. I can't do it because I feel like it overpowers all other flavors (and makes me uncomfortable). Well, if you like it you'll be happy to know that there's sriracha ketchup out there.

Whether you want to dip french fries into other types of ketchup, forget those and slather this one on a burger as a condiment, or even use it as a marinade or BBQ sauce, the options are wide open. Obviously it's not just plain sriracha, so go into it with expectations to taste something new.

Banana Ketchup

there are different types of ketchup you can try like banana ketchup if you really want some adventure
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The name can make you a little uncomfortable. Who would even like banana sauce? Well, many people love the banana-flavored sauce. Take, for example, Caribbean people, who love to include this item in their food preparation. It's huge in the Philippines as well. It has no added sugar, rather the banana helps to sweeten the taste.

This serves best as a marination item. If you are marinating something, give it a try, and surely you will end up with a unique savory outcome. Always remember that this formula is not a straight replacement for ketchup or jalapeno ketchup; rather, it provides a completely different flavor.

Truffle Ketchup

if you love to taste different ketchups, you must try truffle ketchup
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With a thick consistency and a delicately spiced flavor, this sauce is known to be more expensive and uncommon in the ketchup industry due to the inclusion of various types of truffles in it. You might have not even heard about it. Let us tell you that this is a flavorsome item and will give a unique and scrumptious taste to your food.

Truffle ketchup flavors are known to have an earthy taste, unlike the traditional ones. It can work well as an addition to different sauces. With truffle ketchup, you can enjoy burgers, meatloaves, any types of fries, etc.

Tomato Free Ketchup

if you are having trouble with tomato, there are other types of ketchup like tomato-free ketchup for you to try
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When you hear about ketchup, the word tomato comes to your mind. People with have tomato allergies, so they would prefer a tomato-free substitute. This is where tomato-free ketchup helps.

Such ketchup is made without tomatoes but includes balsamic vinegar, carrot, beetroots, balsamic, etc. Tomato-free ketchup is mostly gluten-free and most people can utilize it without issues.

Sometimes this ketchup tastes so similar to tomato ketchup that you might not even realize it. Give it a try and see the difference yourself.

Curry Ketchup

if flavors of ketchup is really important to you, then you must try curry ketchup
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Do you need something tangy, sweet, and spicy? Try out the curry ketchup. It is unique because you are likely to find flavors of tamarind, garlic, turmeric, sugar, and many other things in one bottle.

These types of ketchup are traditionally used on bratwurst and french fries. If you are looking for a distinctive flavor that shies away from the traditional tomato sauce, then curry ketchup can be a wise pick.

Keep in mind that different manufacturers will have varying ingredients. So always check the ingredient list to see if you are allergic to something or not.

Bacon Ketchup

bacon ketchup
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It is a combination of two of the most common food sources, tomatoes and bacon. This condiment is a prime pick for those who love to consume bacon and similar food items.

The main aroma of this ketchup comes from bacon bits and tomatoes. It also has spices, lemon, and vinegar to add some twists to it over other types of ketchup.

When it comes to pairing it with food, We suggest you try it with sandwiches and cheeseburgers or hamburgers. It might not be as tasty when you try it with fried items. You'll end up putting too much on your food (it's that good) so make sure you know how to clean tomato sauce out of carpet.

Peach Ketchup

peach ketchup

The flavor of peach ketchup varies depending on what brand you buy and what types of peaches they use. It has versatile flavorings and can be salty, sweet, sour, or spicy. The main source of ingredients is peach, tomatoes, clove, shallots, lemon juice, salt, spices, etc.

So, where can you use it? Well, peach ketchup works best with potato fries, chicken, and pork dishes. It might not be similar to tomato ketchup, but the taste of peach can be a game changer.

Oyster Ketchup

oyster ketchup
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If you are a seafood lover and like to visit seafood restaurants, you've probably come across the oyster sauce. These ketchup types have been a go-to sauce for the British colonists and has gained popularity ever since. It has a taste that is a balance between soy sauce and fish sauce.

It is syrupy and thick in consistency. You can use the oyster sauce on chow mein, shrimp dishes, dumplings, and even on any types of oysters. The taste is not completely sweet, rather the tangy bittersweet oyster flavor is what makes it unique.

Apple Ketchup

apple ketchup
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As you all know, apples are a sweet fruit, therefore, the ketchup is also on the sweeter side. Not everyone prefers sourness, and therefore, apple ketchup can be a lifesaver for many. It also has the tangy taste to go on with the sweeter notes.

These types of ketchup also include vinegar, mustard powder, black pepper, onions, honey crisp, and other things. You can use apple ketchup with foods like meatloaf, sausage rolls, pork belly crispy, etc.

Beer Ketchup

beer ketchup

Those who like the taste of beer can incorporate it to make ketchup. Yes, it is possible to make this in your home or purchase ready-made beer ketchup from the store. It is great ketchup for foods like brats, smoked sausage, hot dogs, and similar food items.

You can create your beer sauce using tomato puree, mustard, beer, vinegar, pepper, garlic, nutmeg, agave syrup, and clove. If you add alcoholic beer, make sure you use the ketchup responsibly.

Balsamic Ketchup

balsamic ketchup
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The main source of this ketchup is balsamic vinegar, tomato, spices, and sugar. If you are someone who loves the kick of balsamic vinegar, then this particular ketchup can be your favorite choice from now on.

In comparison to normal ketchup, balsamic ketchup tastes very strong and will give you extra sharpness to deal with in your food taste. Among the different kinds of ketchup, this may be one of the most complex in terms of taste. Many might oppose the vinegary taste, but some people love it way too much as an alternative to the regular tomato puree.

Black Pepper Ketchup

black pepper ketchup
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If you want another variant on the spicy ketchups, look no further than black pepper ketchup. It can add a punch to any dish as a condiment, marinade, or dipping sauce. It is still tomato-based ketchup but with a lot of black pepper mixed in.

Sure, you could squirt some ketchup on your plate, shake pepper on it, stir it together and have the same thing, except here you'll have the pepper distributed uniformly with the perfect amount for the best taste. Some things are best left to the pros!

Country Ketchup

country ketchup
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You won't necessarily find this ketchup type from the biggest brands, but still it isn't too hard to find (especially not online). One way to think of country ketchup is that it's far less processed. It's closer to the result you'd have if you tried to make ketchup at home instead of in a factory.

The ingredients these types of ketchup have are more natural, with less high fructose corn syrup (or none), and not strained for seeds. You won't be able to squeeze it out of a bottle either. You'll need a knife or dipping types of spoons to slather it on like you would mayonnaise out of a jar.

You'll find that each brand uses different spices in their unique country ketchup flavors and may chop and blend it to different consistencies, use different types of tomatoes, and so forth. So even in just this one type of ketchup you can explore the different brands and get new experiences.

Sugar-Free Ketchup

sugar-free ketchup
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While not the most interesting ketchup option out there, I want people to know that there is sugar-free tomato ketchup out there. I went a long time eating mustard as my top condiment even though I prefer ketchup because most types of mustard has no calories and ketchup can add up real quick.

However, once you remove the sugar from the recipe, the amount of calories drop drastically from all kinds of ketchup, not just the standard kind. And it makes it a good option for those needing to watch their blood sugar and insulin levels, etc. These ketchup types are still pretty tasty, in my opinion, too.

Organic Ketchup

if you want to taste original and organic types of ketchup, there are not many options other than organic ketchup
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Many are happy to invest the bit extra into organic food options. Those people will be happy to know that an organic ketchup exists and is available from most any company that offers ketchup in its product lineup. In fact, you can find organic versions of many different ketchups.

What you're getting here is food that was grown without being sprayed by pesticides, basically. Check yourself to see if there's a label that indicates the tomatoes aren't GMO tomatoes, too. What's nice is you can find these easily as it has become a popular enough option to be stocked right there in your regular grocery store.

Types of Ketchup You Must Try Out

We have seen people wonder what flavors of ketchup to use in their food or what condiments to pair up with their favorite burgers and fries to make them more delicious.

We prefer you experiment with the flavors rather than sticking to the traditional ketchup taste. Yes, tomato ketchup is the most common and super delicious, but what's wrong with trying out different aromas?

You might even like the change. Try out the Jalapeno ketchup if you cherish a fiery taste. For sweet tooths, we suggest the Apple ketchup or the banana ketchup.

This article covers the most essential and different types of ketchup and their crazy variations. We suggest you pick something that complements your food and personal taste.

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