The Best Colors for Closets: More Than Just Paint!

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best colors for closets

Colors have a tremendous influence on people, and that's why we can't just randomly pick one color for our closets. There are several aspects to consider before deciding on specific colors for closets.

Choosing the perfect paint colors for closets can make or break the interior design of your residence. Besides, the color coordination of a room can make a big difference in people's minds.

People typically choose light color palettes, but you may opt for bold and dark tones if you want to do some experimenting with the color tones. In this article, we are going to share some amazing tips and tricks on selecting the best colors to transform your closet.

Which to Choose Between a Dark & Light Color for Your Closet?

which to choose between a dark & light color for your closet

Nowadays, more and more people are painting their closets to refresh and revitalize their space without completely gutting the entire area. Painting the closet area is a cost-effective way to spruce it up while adding considerable value to the process.

Choosing the color is a tough job. And when it comes down to choosing between light and dark color shades, it may cause more confusion. Light shades are usually a popular choice to paint any closet.

Especially if the closet is small and closed, painting them with a lighter shade will add some extra brightness to the area. And it will eventually make it look bigger than its actual area as well. You can help bring more brightness by choosing a lighter colored flooring for closets too, especially something with some reflectivity like tile.

Whereas painting with a dark shade in a small closet will make it look way smaller than it actually is. That's why, if you want to experiment with the dark shade, you need to consider a few things.

A large closet with ample light will enhance the beauty of dark shades without decreasing the visibility level. However, the dark color, combined with inadequate lighting even in a smaller standard closet depth, makes it impossible to see what's inside. In these cases, a light and neutral color will work the best for you.

What are the Best Colors for Closets?

what are the best colors for closets

You can choose a safe option or go all crazy while painting your closet. Here, we have listed some color tones and closet painting ideas which are classic, timeless, and modern at the same time.

Let us help you decide what color to paint your closet. If you haven't confirmed your closet color yet, then the below segment will surely help you. So, without further ado, let's dive into some of the best colors you can pick for your closet.


gray closet color scheme

Gray is a gender-neutral color that anyone can choose to color their closet. These closet colors bring a sophisticated contemporary look to the interior with subtle elegance. This color can be applied to walk-in cabinets, kitchen cabinets, kitchen pantry's, bedroom closets, etc.


white closet color scheme

White is the classic and the most popular one when painting the closet. A full white closet creates better visibility while looking for an item. The clothes usually pop more against a white wall, most types of closet doors, and ceiling.

This hue draws attention to the closet and makes the room appear larger. Just don't scuff the paint with your hangers as you take them on and off the racks. Shades of white are probably the most widespread closet paint colors, especially for kitchens and non-bedroom closets.

Earthy Tone

earthy tone closet color scheme

The earthy tone is a broad color pallet that relates to the colors found in nature. The most commonly known earthy tones are beige or tan, brown, reddish brown, dark brown, light green, dark green, etc.

This earthy tone works well with both monochromatic themes and a combination of different shades. The dark shades give a warmer tone to the ambiance, while light shades of earthy tones provide a cooler tone. If it matches the rest of your room, these colors for closets can definitely work out well.

Dark Tone

dark tone closet color scheme mke for great closet paint colors

Dark colors might be difficult to incorporate into a closet, but if done well, they can stand out. While painting with a dark color, the ceiling should be brightly colored and well-lit.

Using strip lights inside the organizer will also improve visibility. For a private closet, this dark color looks posh and masculine as well. The finishing on the floor and door also plays an important role. The color for closet doors especially important.

Any semi-glossy or full-matt complexion brings a great texture to the dark hue and can create a stunning interior.

Jewel Tone

jewel tone closet color scheme

Decorating a closet with a jewel tone is extremely challenging, as the colors are usually bold and vibrant. Jewel tone refers to the colors you find in gem stones. Jewel tones usually have color variations similar to ruby, amethyst, emeralds, and more.

These colors create a royal and aristocratic look to the ambiance. And to make these colors stand out even more, you can add some golden shades or borders to the closet upholstery or doors. A jewel colored closet is majestic if you can pull it off.

Pastel Shades

pastel shades are wonderful paint colors for closets

To give a closet a less saturated look, there is no alternative to pastel shades. Pastel shades are light colors that go with the retro-inspired interior. These shades have always been in style, and currently, designers are combining this color with other color pallets as well.

Mixing some whites with the pastel shade will make the closet pop even more. For example, a white accent wall with pastel doors will make the closet more appealing.

Colors for Closets Without Doors

what color to paint closet when desiring a colored closet

One thing to consider is if you don't have a closet door, but simply an opening or some closet door alternatives like a hanging beads, perhaps even without any decorative framing or trim work. In these cases you'll want to consider the color choice you make because it will become a part of the larger interior design of the room.

The easiest thing to do would be to use the same color of paint for the closet as you used for the walls in the bedroom, kitchen, or laundry room the closet is in. This is a fool proof option that will not steer you wrong, though you may find it boring.

Another option would be to consider treating it like an accent wall, using a darker paint color or even perhaps going with certain types of wallpaper. Just don't get overly attached to having a design very visible since you'll have clothes hanging and stacked and possibly shelving blocking the view.

Another tip would be to consider what flooring you have installed and the general color of that closet flooring. You'll want to choose a color that meshes well with the color of your hardwood flooring, carpet, or even stone or tile if you went that route. That will be equally as important as matching it to your wall colors outside of the closet, too.

What Paint Finish You Can Pick for a Closet?

what paint finish you can pick for a closet colors

While talking about colors, we also need to talk about paint itself. And a major part of the painting process is picking the right finish. There are so many factors involved in utilizing color in the appropriate form.

The first thing that impacts the finish you choose is your personal preference. The paint finish was not a major concern for the homeowners when there were only one or two options available.

But nowadays, you will have plenty of options left while choosing the perfect sheen. So, what are the options now? Let's discuss the best paint finishes for closets and let your closet paint ideas go wild.

Flat Paint

Flat paint has no sheen to it. This type of finish works well with all shades, especially pastels and whites. As a no-sheen paint finish, it doesn't show any reflection on the surface.

That's why it hides the imperfections of a surface. Aesthetically, a flat finish looks really nice. It absorbs light and doesn't bounce light off, so it gives a soft finish to the closet area, no matter the closet color.

Matte Finish

A matte finish is shinier than a flat finish, but it is not so shiny as to highlight all the imperfections. So, with this finish, you can still get away with the walls being completely perfect.

Usually, the matte finish is not mildew repellent, but now brands are coming up with moisture-resistant matte finish products as well. So, before putting anything in any part of your closet, check the properties first.

Satin Finish

The satin finish is commonly known as the eggshell finish. The sheen on this type of finish is closer to that of the matte finish, perhaps slightly shinier.

It reflects a little light without making any part of your closet look over the top. The subtle character of this type of sheen helps to create a regal look for the closet, of course combined with the right colors for closets.

Semi-Gloss Finish

Semi-gloss is the most common sheen you will see in closet designs. It increases brightness and creates better visibility in a gloomy space. As far as durability is concerned, this finish is extremely durable.

And because it has a shinier sheen, the imperfections are more visible. However, a semi-gloss finish is usually water resistant and easy to clean as well.

High-Gloss Finish

For obvious reasons, high-gloss paint is the shiniest of all types of finishes. This finish makes the closet a statement element of your interior and reflects an adequate amount of light as well.

A small closet with high-gloss paint can have a grand look. However, as this one has the shiniest finish, the visibility of imperfections is also the highest.

Should Closets Be the Same Color as the Room Walls?

there are many options as colors for closets; however, you can still choose to paint it with the same color as your walls

How to use and combine closet colors in your room and closet is a matter of huge discussion. The closet is usually a small area with at least one overhead light.

This cave-like area of a room can add so much dimension and texture to the interior if colored correctly. Typically, we use lighter shades on the walls for greater light exposure.

Painting the closet the same color as the room always makes sense. Because if your eye isn't stopped at a color transition between the walls and the closet, then your eye will keep moving and think there is more space than there is.

But if the room's walls are decorated in a darker color, then the idea of painting the closet the same as the room might go wrong. However, you can experiment with color contrast and add more texture to the room.

If you do use the same color paint, make sure you use paint from the same batch or can, or mix half of the old paint together with new paint so the shades are as close to the same as possible. Sometimes the shades can differ slightly even if they're using the same color codes, and paint can also dry darker or lighter than it appears when laying down the coats.

Colors for Closets as Creative as You!

Color preferences will differ from person to person, especially when it comes to the best colors for closets. What we see as conventional might not seem the same to you. If you are planning to renovate or remodel the closet by painting it with new colors, then paint the room as well.

Because the difference between fresh and old paint can make your room look like a mess. There are no limitations and certain rules when it comes to paint colors for closets. People are doing it in an unorthodox way and still getting nice feedback. So, it's your call if you want to follow the tradition or make a unique combination of your own.

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